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Kelvor's Thicket

Located on the other side of the mountain range from Frarhir, Kelvor's Thicket is about a four days journey through the perilous mountain pass from the northern most hold. The small Hamlet is nestled within Dreki Thicket, among the Drekfall bluffs. Kelvor Thickwallow settled here nearly 70 years ago in his youth after fighting for the Isjarl's guard for the better part of a decade. Due to its ideal location for crops, and natural stopping place for those traveling by foot to Frarhir, Kelvor's thicket has grown to a modest size in the last several decades. They are still on the frontier however since the nearest settlement is a two full days journey away towards Aldhon. Along with providing a consistent supply of crops for the greater Elturian Kingdom, Kelvor's Thicket provides water from the nearby Raekfal Lake. One of the most sought after liquids to use in potions.   Adventurer's often find their way to Kelvor's Thicket in order to search out local drake eggs or scales, or to guard the town's shipments of Raek Water. Lately, there has been trouble with the local wildlife attacking livestock and farmers. The people believe something is egging them on.


The people of Kelvor's Thicket are loosely governed by a council of elders (that don't necesarily want the job). Small decisions are made by the council, consisting of Kelvor and Serina Thickwallow, Morly Antis, and Felbu Akalan. When large decisions need to be made, a town hall is called where each member of town that attends gets a vote. 

Points of interest

While the town is small there are a few points of interest. The local tavern is The Strutting Elk, while the local general store is wrapped up with the ferrier in the form of Horse Shoes & Hand Axes. There is no specific church or place of worship, however many people have personal alters in there home and there is a prominent shrine to Arrast not too far out of town.   The Strutting Elk: A small but lively inn, The Strutting Elk is run by one of the only Humans in the town. He is known for telling a quick joke and an exaggerated tale. Rooms here are a moderate cost, and the ale is strong if a bit pricey. Several mountain guides can be found here, as well as Elturian soldiers on their way to Frarhir.   Horse Shoes & Hand Axes: Gulfin Moragir is the town's Ferrier, while their wife Hulgir runs the town's general store. They run the store out of their home. Here, weapons, armor, and general supplies up to 25 gold pieces can be found.

Founding Date
67 A.F.
627 (80% Stonekin, 10% Human, 5% Dwarves, 5% Other Races)
Owning Organization

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