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Road to Justice

That is quite a lot of mud.

General Summary

The party traveled west to their home city of Aquitaine . Home is quiet. Most folks are hard at work every day in fields or on ranches, raising the next year’s food. Nobody has time for side ventures like pie-eating contests or legal trials. They are glad to see The SNAFU Guild safely back home, and a few townsfolk show up that evening at the Rusty Dragon Inn to hear stories — especially, who is that cranky fellow you have tied up? Who are these two young ladies? Why is the one wearing a thick veil?
And, of course: Did you bring anything for this year’s Swallowtail Festival? We are starting our preparations for it, you know! Only a month away!
Chaliimriia is not here. Darly Quince has not seen the priestess since last she saw all of you. But no one has heard any reason to worry, either. Darly has some fairly crude ideas on what is keeping the elven woman away … ideas she won’t share if she knows Zhang Sephia is in hearing range.
Somehow, last night, Miro Teague solemnly promised the bakers of Puffins Pastries and Bakery in Aquitaine that he will bring back a full bushel of rutabagas AND no less than three bottles of "Essence of Lemon". Eliza Puffins entrusted to his keeping a necklace of cavansite stones (cavansite is believed to be petrified shell from some kind of dragon) to pay for these future baking ingredients. She hopes Miro can get them a good deal, and not spend all the stones; these are an inheritance from great-great-grandmother, and have long been the bakery's good luck charm. If he can bring back more than half of the necklace AND everything they need, Eliza has promised him the first of EVERY KIND OF BAKED GOOD prepared for the Swallowtail Festival. EACH ONE. First cinnamon roll. First cheddar biscuit. First chess pie. First bowl of chicken-and-dumplings. First rhubarb tart.
The next morning, off you all went to travel the Warden Road north, bound for Morodar. You have a fresh team of donkeys to pull each vehicle. You have Magus Tillon tied up and tied to the railings of the open-topped cart. You have Mungo the very bitey weasel familiar gnawing on the thick bars of the pet carrier which Marcos Galvos hastily constructed during his night in Aquitaine. You have food and camping gear stored in the covered wagon. You have Jana and Sally Demay driving the covered wagon.
It’s still the first half of summer. It rains more often than not. So long as you stick to the hardest-packed parts of the road, everything should be just fine.

from the GM:

You all traveled for 15 days through mostly rain, which Miro loved; and mud, which Miro did NOT love. You had one open-topped cart and one covered wagon. You let Magus Tillion ride in the covered wagon during the rain, with Chibi. The weasel got stuffed in an empty barrel in the open-topped cart until that overnight stay in Aquitaine, when Marcos had access to tools and a workbench. Fortunately everything had oilskin covers. And the three "statues" don't need covers, do they?
  1. Dwarven paladin Sir Borek Earthshield
  2. Jess Shire, caravanmaster's daughter
  3. Ian Williamson, town "bad boy"
Non-statue NPCs:
  1. Jana Demay, younger sister, Artiste, budding chemist (self-taught), cursed to have important efforts never quite come out right
  2. Sally Demay, older sister, minor mage (self-taught) specializing in illusion, medusa, cursed to have important efforts never quite come out right
  3. Magus Barhvell Tillon the Blue, elderly mage, looking for one big score to set up his retirement, blackmailer, alchemist
  4. Mungo the very bitey female weasel, familiar to Magus Barhvell, angry about not being in Barhvell's beard, angry about this pet carrier, angry about the rain, determined to bite
Chibi again got under the covers and did not come out for more than fifteen minutes, the entire trip, because, again: THIS IS GROSS.
Xifeng was a little better about it, willing to occasionally go out for purposes other than hunting dinner, but only in a LIGHT rain. Certainly not in a thunderstorm!
Items in the vehicles besides statues and personal effects:
  • Unopened shipping box
  • 2 doses of Stone Salve, maybe Gringlebrush Faegon can help us make more?
  • Extra tarps and rope
  • Trail food
  • Donkey chow
  • Quilton's Letter to Sir Borek Earthshield, hopefully not exposed to the rain
On one of the camping nights, when about at the same latitude as Kobold Tower, KOBOLD SNEAK ATTACK starts with a magic item's last charge of "Put Everyone To Sleep". The Kobolds use it during a shift change.
Everyone wakes up. It's been an hour since anyone was awake. The campfire is down to coals and will definitely need more firewood if it's not to go out soon.
Oddly, there are rose petals in everything.
The critters are all still asleep.
You feel great! As if you all rested a full night! Even those who have been awake for a watch shift already tonight.
Where is your stuff?
  • The wagons are gone.
  • The tents are gone if they were unoccupied. Sleeping bags are also here only if someone was in it.
  • Weapons are gone. Ammo is gone. Shoes are gone. Sunlight Rods are gone. Critter gear is present, the harnesses for the donkeys and the saddles for your mounts.
  • Magus Tillon is here. Mongo is gone.
One kobold statue is here, at the door to the tent where the Demay sisters were sleeping. The Demay sisters themselves have been taken, probably after seeing what happened to the kobold who checked their tent.

Rewards Granted

Outcome: 4800 XP total / 1200 XP per PC

Character(s) interacted with

Korovus Chief of Shanktooth

  • husband of Gorg
  • father of late Forg, Shaman and Chief of Black Skull
  • responsible leader (in the Kobold perspective) of Shanktooth Clan
  • Kobold Master Trapper level 5, concerned that if the business of running the Clan keeps him from working on his skills, Gorg may outlevel him and then dump him in favor of a solo career of vengeance
  • Gorg Champion of Shanktooth

  • husband of Korovus
  • father of late Forg, Shaman and Chief of Black Skull
  • berserker currently in mourning
  • Kobold Blade level 4 at this time, working his way toward Barbarian class
  • Izgig Shaman of Shanktooth

  • wise woman of the clan
  • cauldron stirrer in the metaphorical sense
  • might as well be a Skeksis kitchen witch
  • Flame Shaman level 4
  • Chef

    Xerad 22 - Knaqod 11, 578
    Report Date
    11 Nov 2017
    Primary Location

    Cover image: by CB Ash


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