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Chaliimriia Goiki

Elven priestess of Zla Lngan Ma

Chaliimriia Goiki

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lean, lithe, with calluses on her hands from the longbow and from leatherworking. She can't do long-distance running and she can't lift truly noteworthy weights, but she has the basic arm, back, and thigh musculature to match a chandler or carpenter.

Body Features

Medium slate gray skin, pointed ears whose tips are occasionally visible through the hair depending on hairdo

Special abilities

Clerics can Channel Energy for a few different effects, depending on the god they serve. If Chaliimriia announces that she is going to "bless" someone, the target had best cease their behavior or else check what on them is flammable.

Apparel & Accessories

Chaliimriia likes to wear rich colors found in the mountain stone of her home, especially quartz: dark red, lazulite blue, the sea green of chrysoprase, of course smoky gray through, and on special pieces (especially warm weather pieces) she looks for the colors of rose quartz or ametrine.
Despite being months away from Samakar's borders, Chaliimriia chooses carefully when replacing her clothing to keep the layered styles familiar to Samakarii, with snug-fitting soft pyjamas as the base layer and flowing gowns of various lengths over them. She likes to have two pairs of socks under her boots, one for wicking away moisture and the other for padding and protection against water or mud that might seep through the leather of the boots.
In the cooler months, Chaliimriia is covered from ankle to jugular to wristbone by the day's pyjama layer. Her innermost gown comes down to mid-calf (usually in a zigzag hem pattern) and the uppermost gown is usually beyond knee length, bell-sleeved to be able to cover her fingertips, and probably wool, and possibly waterproof.
In the hotter months, which she considers to be everything from the spring rains until the first autumn frost, Chaliimriia's pyjama layer usually stops just above knees and elbows, and the only one or two (probably sleeveless) gowns will be of a thin, translucent material more useful for blocking insects than for any weather effect.
At all times, the outermost robe (short of rain gear) is Chaliimriia's clerical vestments: a sleeveless, collarless tabard-like vest made of yak fiber wool, hanging to just above her hipbones around the sides and just above her knees in front and back. It has leather trim arounds its edges and helping to shape the pectoral area; it is fastened by leather laces attached through the leather trim. It has symbols of the faith stained deeply into the fabric, especially red lightning bolts or hail-showers. It also, because function is elegance, has inner pockets in the top area for small items like spare arrowheads, hair ties, or the priestess' flint and steel.
Chaliimriia might not wear her weapons during the course of an ordinary day in Aquitaine, but she always has a leather armguard laced onto the inside of her left forearm because it feels odd to not have anything there. She also is always wearing her holy symbol (a dagger pendant large enough to be a small knife, on a thick chain), and if she is leaving the Guild House then she wears her overbelt with its pouches and the two (shrunken, petrified, formerly undead) gnoll skulls dangling near her left hip.
(Yes, that usually disturbs people on first meeting.)
(Yes, that is something expected of an Orisnuc, not a Samakarii.)
(Yes, it looks as though at least one skull died of a lightning strike. Go ahead: ask the elven woman about it!)
Whether her hair is left loose, or piled up in an efficient bun to keep it out of the way, or twisted into several rope braids for dusty travel or pollen-heavy spring days, or even wrapped in a thin scarf due to weather hazards, Chaliimriia keeps her hair out of her face when she goes outdoors via a metal circlet with slivers of gemstone worked into its surface. Other than her holy symbol, it may be the only piece of jewelry she owns. On first glance, it does not seem like a stylistic complement to the overbelt's decorations, nor to the pragmatic durability of the clerical vestments. Yet together with the armguard and the dagger-like holy symbol necklace, they display the Samakarii blend of artfulness with prudence.

Specialized Equipment

Daily wear special items:
When working/adventuring/expecting travel:
  • Studded leather armor in dark red with matte gray trim, leather quiver low on right hip (sometimes twisted around to rest against her lower back), Longbow of the Wood in quilted cover and longsword in leather scabbard strapped over right shoulder for travel (scabbard and strap get dropped on the ground next to the bow if she has to draw the sword, for retrieval after the fight).
  • 3 Starlight Arrows grouped together in quiver

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Julienne, young priestess of Zla Lngan Ma, age 145, hit the point in her career where she had a duty to explore the World Beyond the Mountains; to learn good and useful things of the world which could be brought back to Samakar, the society of the mountains; to share good and useful things with the World Beyond the Mountains, that all Spirits of the World may thrive.
She encountered those who choose to be impolite to the dead.
She encountered many earnest and well-meaning people.
She found tasks to be done in the Geldar Republic. Many of the traditions in that nation overwhelmed her with their highly questionable cultural decisions.
In the course of that work, she developed her skills and her learning past the point where a new life-cycle began. Her name in the current life-cycle is Chaliimriia, which a Human might (quite imperfectly!) translate as "the rock-solid soul at the heart of the tempest". But then, humans seldom make a study of the mountains, much less of the storms that can wrap around a mountain's heights.
(A Steelforge Dwarf would probably translate the name more along the lines of "chaos-spewing boulder" which is. Undignified and objectionable. But, on purely technical terms, difficult to argue. . . .)

Gender Identity

adult female (which is a different gender than "adolescent female" in Samakarii society and in Fa'lain, not to mention "matron" or "venerable dowager" in Common, Chaliimriia expects to be "she/her"

Intellectual Characteristics

Reserved, sharp-tongued, somewhat prissy


Contacts & Relations

For the past few years: Kavi ot’Maninga Sukir Arroweye has been exchanging letters (and, occasionally, tokens of esteem) with Julienne/Chaliimriia. They mostly write to one another in Common, though she has learned enough Noru to describe in it some of the sights she has seen, and he has learned enough Fa'lain to discuss in it some of the people he has met.
Kavi was charmed when Julienne sent along as a token part of the skull of a fallen druid she had fought, plus the wickedly sharp claws of one of the druid's creations, all neatly wrapped and packaged so they would arrive on the plains in the same state of disrepair as she had sent them.
Chaliimriia was delighted when Kavi picked up on the subtleties of her name change: not only did he immediately start using it, but he congratulated her on a personal triumph.
Kavi was gladdened when Chaliimriia wrote an appreciative response to his poetry.
Chaliimriia was overjoyed when she read about his lengthy political maneuverings for his hunting team, the Kwi’Sakdi, to claim the honor of attending the diplomatic events at the Great Fair -- specifically so that Kavi and Chaliimriia can spend time together in person.
For a long-distance relationship, so far this is going very well!

Wealth & Financial state

84 gp, 5 cp

Adult female Samakarii elven priestess of Zla Lngan Ma, with medium slate gray skin and a longbow hunter's calluses on her hands. She has long silver hair with red-purple undertones and wears layered gowns over pyjamas styled to suit the weather.

Current Location
missing since 1 Xerad 578
Neutral Good
Current Residence
long, silver with red-purple undertones
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
medium slate gray
Quotes & Catchphrases
I'm not touching that!
What an excellent choice.
— This line ought to come with "sarcasm" tags, but her tone is portentious and vague.
I will now bless--
— sound effects of hailstones and lightning
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Fa'lain and the sign language version Fa'lain Omat; Aptupian; Celestial; Common; Euffemi; Noru. She is working on learning the nuances of Minosh because that is the dialect most of the citizenry in and around Aquitaine speak, but she is not working diligently at it.
Character Prototype
the body language and sense of movement of Michelle Yeoh around the time she filmed Super Cop 2

  missing since Aquitaine Great Fair of 578

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