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Riders of the Whistling Skull part 2

General Summary

Grolm 12, 578
about 7:00 AM
Waking up at Braunvieh Farm is a different experience than any the SNAFU Posse has had so far this adventure. The place needs more than just a touch of neatening up, it needs some real cleaning. Funny how a farmhouse with no residents can get grungy from disuse.
Still. The beds are fairly clean. The well pump works. The chickens have had a rough time of it but the old horse and the four donkeys are doing so-so -- barn needed mucking out, everyone was glad of fresh water. The resident animals are all suspicious of Topiary Rex, but then, they are all suspicious of rabbits. And of celery.
Lee Chung puts the kitchen to rights in the course of preparing a late supper for the Posse and guest stars. By morning, he can whip up the breakfast of his choice while also baking up as much of his Rose Wafers as he can find containers for them to travel in.
1) Are you really going to try out the exorcism-via-Rose-Wafer plan on the Hesters?
2) If you succeed in driving those demons out of the Hell Hands, where are said demons going to land?
3) Is the plan still to pack up the Beer Wagon and head from here to the theoretical location of Miss Melinda's Private Workshop?
4) How does the SNAFU Posse plan to take on an enemy force likely to include
4c) at least one duo of Hell Hands
4d) that one young steer Bruthazmus, Lee, and Chef saw with the crown mark on his head?

Rewards Granted

Things inside the chest:  
  • 1 pot, not full, containing 3 quarts of Myrrh in Oil
  • notes and sketches from a study of something called "The Cult of the Whistling Skull"
  • notes about the past settlers in this region, from families that either moved away or else died out
  • What great bedtime reading as y'all camp out in either the Green Room or else the Brown Room!   I am sure you will also greatly enjoy how there is literally not a single solid door to be closed between wherever you will be and the Mystery Doorway in the Pisky Room.   Unless you're in the bathroom cabinet in the Brown Room, I mean.

    Missions/Quests Completed

    The Bows of Purgatory Gulch
    Lee Chung
    -Level Monk 6
    Jesse Devonshire
    6-Level Druid
    Zhang Sephia
    6-Level Ranger
    Bruthazmus Kele
    Nodin Bugbear
    6-Level Ranger
    Miro Teague
    7-Level Sorcerer
    Player Journals
    20210131 Finding hostages under every rock by Jesse Devonshire
    20210213 Storming Sarsaparilla by Jesse Devonshire
    Report Date
    30 Jan 2021
    Primary Location
    Secondary Location

    Cover image: by CB Ash


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