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Elendor The Component Cast Homebrew Setting


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Welcome to Elendor

  Welcome to the homepage for The Elendor Chronicles, A community world building project for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. The World of Elendor spans 2 major continents and 15 major states. In this world anvil you'll find all the information you need to set a campaign in the world.   If you wish to download the latest version of The World Map for Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator you can do so here (Updated April 2021)      

The World As We Know It

The Plane of Elendor as we know it today was birthed in an era known as The Rupture. The Rupture was a time where winds of arcana bellowed through the seams of the planes, eroding its mantle and resulting in a convergence of the inner and outer planes. With the opening of this new realm, The Gods of every plane sent their armies to vie for control on this new plane. The first to breach the mantel between realms were those of the Elemental Planes. Behemoths of Fire, Water, Earth and Air battling their age old struggle, forming land and skies in their wake. As the path of the titans cleared, the creatures from the deep dark pits below, the demons saw their latest opportunity - A new land to corrupt. Abyssal corruption seeped across the mantel. Malfeasance following in its wake. Sensing a spike in their power, Asmodeus made his own breach and sent forth his devilish horde. The Blood War that had raged as long as the two mortal foes of Devils and Demons had existed now continued on a new battlefield. Finally those of truer heart from the Astral Dominion finally arrived on Elendor. Armies from Celestia, Arvandor and may others were sent forth. Whether they were staking their claims or attempting to return to a status quo it did not matter - The stage was set for The War of the Heavens to begin.
After 4000 years of war and bloodshed, A Hero emerged of a race before unseen. This hero fought not for the planar armies but for the innocent inhabitants of Elendor. Its mortal races brought by these planar armies to work and die as cannon fodder. He brought the gods to bear witness to their sins - good or evil - they were all brought to the table. In what we now know as the First Year, The Great Summit was held and the fate of Elendor was decided. The hero gave the divine an ultimatum - The God's could choose to leave amicably, being pardoned for their crimes or they would be forced out. Those god's who chose to leave amicably were allowed to keep contact with their servants and followers who settled in Elendor. Those who were banished lost their connection to their followers, the source of their power on the plane and remain locked in behind the rupture as it closed.   Many of the settled races wanted to make the Hero their new ruler, under a unified world. The hero that gave them their freedom however humbly turned down that title. The Hero proclaimed that they would not take the place of the corrupt gods that were only recently deposed. Instead, the hero walked the land which they had helped set free, from end to end - surveying the world they had helped birth before disappearing forever.   Some people believe the hero ascended became a god themselves - known simply as the King-That-Never-Was, for their name was lost long ago. Many of the worlds kingdoms and nation states now claim to be the hero's spiritual successor, many claiming their capital to be the place where the hero finally ascended. Others rejected the Hero, and remained loyal to their old gods and ways. Many of the settled races slowly formed communities, then cities and finally nations - each vying for control like their Divine forefathers.  

The Main Setting

  The game worlds setting year is 1421 Post Summit, 100 years into a new era of technological development and discovery known as The Development Age. The Continental wars and nation building has stabilized to an extent, yet war is forever on the cards and the world balances on a political knifes edge. On the continent of Longreech, The Behemoth nations of The Reanian Empire and The Eladrin Empire poise to attack one another should either encroach on their fragile ceasefire. The Dutchy of Legierungsland sits isolated and prosperous, delving headfirst into technological advancements unlike any other which are coveted worldwide. The Kingdoms of Nardethel are the opposite. Their political infighting and the attachment to their older ways leave them weaker on the world stage and prone to fracturing. The Sjøhjemme Isles isolated by the roaring sea live every day to survive the harsh environment.   As for those on Solorum, Many of the states remain either isolated and solitary or completely enveloped by anarchy. The nations of Distaria, Bumnumdum and Zagrab are only nations in name and are more akin to Wastlands of varying variety and menace. The great Kai-Tengian Empire, Whilst a marvel of Cosmology, Magical Learning and Philosophy, struggles internally with a rigid class system as well as fighting back the vicious wildness and wildlands at its border. The Triumvirate of Atria whilst the worlds oldest nation state, it is debilitated by an archaic government and political machinations. The Caliphate, The once great desert gem lies enfeebled by an icy curse. The Durradin Dwarven Kingdom is encapsulated in a bitter war for with the Underdark - Its above ground colonies looking for fighters and supplies for its ongoing conflicts. Principality of Korzak piles its wealth greedily, profiting from the violence surrounding them it is a corrupt land where money is power and power is everything. Finally the Vistilian Theocracy zealoty clings to its ill-gotten games in the name of King-That-Never-Was - land that was once the Caliphates.  

Mission Statement

  The Elendor Chronicles aims to create a vast and varied D&D material plane, with a varied and in depth lore. We eventually would like to produce the setting officially - both as a D&D show, as well as created supplements for the world to invest into the project. The process for which has already begun! You can check it all out on our Mission Statement and Info Page: About

Joining the Project

If you are interested in joining the project, whether you are a writer, artist, creative get in contact with us. Join the Component Cast Discord and make your interest known! You can catch this world in action over at