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GHG Session 18: Only the Chaotic Survive

General Summary

Month 9, Week 2, Year 918
  Displeased by Ryuna's behavior as host of Ivasar Acres, the Fortunate Five decided to leave as fast as possible by confronting the master of the house directly. They deduced that his study was up on the highest floor of the east wing's tower, taking their time to clear the staircases of enchanted webbing while exploring the different floors and paintings along the way.

Bubbles and Ys discovered a reading room for Ryuna's young daughters while Argus and Windred questioned his wife Andela in one of the staircase paintings, learning that Bianca was using something that 'not even Rakkans would worship' as the source of her power. The ghostly versions of the daughters stepped through the painting in the reading room to attack the party, nearly killing Ys in the process before the spirits could be defeated. Phaedra convinced one of the girls to stop fighting, but this resistance was not taken kindly by whatever force controlling her and she was destroyed just seconds later.   The party took a moment to regroup and share their intel, but things took a turn for the worse when Ryuna Ivasar appeared in the reading room's painting. Phaedra saw this as an opportunity to moon the racist elf, initiating a fight that nearly killed half the party. Bubbles stood their own against the spirit, rescued from the brink of death countless times over by Windred's EMT work. Zan'kiri and Argus raced upstairs to investigate Ryuna's private study, the bugbear carrying a near-unconscious Ys on his back to escape the wave of necrotic energy emanating from the reading room. There were hundreds of notes and pages to sift through on his desk, but Zan'kiri was thrown into a rage at the sight of schematics for the horns used to enslave his people.   Seeing Ryuna as another slaver of the Gith, Zan'kiri leaped downstairs into the fog to help in the chaotic fight (in just a matter of seconds Phaedra had lost all of her hair and summoned a massive fog cloud). Upstairs Argus discovered a baby picture of Ryuna, dissipating his aura of necrotic energy by destroying the portrait in a holy ritual. This proved to be the boon needed to put an end to Ryuna's tyranny, Phaedra delivering the killing blow with one last laugh of her 'Vicious Mockery'. As she floated upstairs under some quirk of her wild magic, Zan'kiri dispelled the chaos sown by Phaedra's powers by knocking her unconscious with some magic missiles of his own. Windred tried to stop him from doing worse, but then Zan'kiri had his familiar Varshi fly upstairs towards the yuan-ti...  

Missions/Quests Completed

Character(s) interacted with

  • Ryuana Ivasar - the spectral owner of Ivasar Acres and collaborator with Bianca Avon 
  • Andela Ivasar - Ryuna's wife, reluctantly roped into his conspiracies
  • Eirela - Ryuna's eldest daughter
  • Eirana - Ryuan's youngest daughter, who broke free of his corrupting influence with Phaedra's help

Report Date
20 Jul 2021
Primary Location
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