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The Last Letter of Isadore

The last written words of a lost leader

The last letter Isadore Ravenswood ever wrote before he and the Court of Isadore mysteriously went missing in 1362 ADF. The letter is a very famous historical document in Dysvoll and especially in Kanden. The letter was penned with Isadore's well known pen called Mahla, the Eternal Fountain Pen.  
The letter was reportedly found by citizens of Neklian when they finally ventured into Isadore's study, a few days after his disappearance.   The letter hadn't been delivered to the intended person and seems to have been written moments before something disturbed the leader and he promptly disappeared.

The Mystery of the Missing Leader

The letter's contents have nothing to do with his sudden and unexplained disappearance. It's simply a request for a Lavatory Cleaner to come and fix his lavatory, which was in a sorry state at the time. Many have found this letter to be quite comical later, calling it a comedic tragedy that these are known as his last written words. Especially because he was such an important and respected figure and many wished his last correspondence to be more refined or perhaps even mysterious.  

Conspiracy Theories and Overanalyzing

Though the vast majority of people agree that the letter has nothing to do with Isadore's disappearance, some still insist on reading into the letter.   Some individuals do it to such a degree that they believe they find a connection between the disappearance and the contents of the document.
Text, Letter
Authoring Date
1362 ADF

Vanishing of a Leader
Myth | Jul 10, 2021

A prophecy first told when Neklian was still in its earlier years, seen as fulfilled due to the vanishing of Isadore Ravenswood and his court.

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Aug 1, 2021 03:21 by Avalon Arcana

ah yes, this sounds exactly like normal conspiracy theorists. latching on to things that probably mean nothing, but they might mean something :)

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
Nov 28, 2021 21:55 by Kaleidechse

That letter is very charming! I loved the bit with naming the rat family members, and the assumption that the lavatory cleaner would be especially busy during the feasting season. I really like what I've read about Isadore Ravenswood so far. Great work!

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