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Enaian Mage School

The Enaians are one of the Daurellian Mage Schools that created the Arikhel Accords to end the Mage Wars.They were formed from the merger of the Hekata & Osaido Mage Schools.   They are organized with an elite ruling council at the top; known as the Asteriae. Below them are the Mages, below them are the Adepts, and below them are the Novices.   Currently the Enaians have a very close relationship with Neheira ji Peleiades, Majestrix of the Daurellian Imperium due to the machinations of Peiara Sheiret. Together with the Ashentine Mage School they have attacked and destroyed the Kathari Mage School and are about to do the same against the Medean Mage School.   The Enaian Mage School currently has knowledge of 14 spells, often dealing with the manipulation of earth and stone or light. Over the centuries though, like with all the spells of the Mage Schools, these spells have been getting weaker and weaker as well as becoming harder to cast.   Some of the most prominent spells of the Enaian are;  
  1. Earth Spikes - The Enaian can summon a huge spike of stone from the earth to impale their target. Some of the more powerful Enaian Mages can summon multiple at once.
  2. Glow - A spell that gives the Enaian Mage an aura of light which can be used to light up an area around them. The more powerful Mages can use this to blind or even dazzle enemies.
  3. Hold - A spell an Enaian can use to hold a target in place. It stops them from moving, though if the Mage is not strong enough it can just slow them down. The more powerful Mages can use it to stop someone breathing, though only two Mages are known to be powerful enough to do that.
  4. Cloak of Many Colours- A rare spell that takes multiple Enaians to use that transforms the appearance of a someone, usually a Mage into that of someone else. It is notable that though it is a difficult spell to cast, it's effect seems to be permanent.
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