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Mage Schools

After the fall and fragmentation of the Imperium of Mjidian, the Imajhai also fragmented. Various Mage Schools grew up across the lands of the former Imperium.   As the Daurellian Imperium slowly reclaimed the lands of old Mjidian, these Mage Schools started to come into conflict with each other over influence in the new Imperium. Eventually they went to war with each other. This war almost destroyed the burgeoning Daurellian Imperium and lasted for over 80 years.   Eventually the powerful Hekata Mage School and Osaido Mage School merged into the new Enaian Mage School. Then four of the most powerful Mage Schools created the Arikhel Accords in which they allied against all the Mage Schools. Together these four schools, the Enaians, the Ashentine, the Medeans & the Kathari destroyed all the other mage schools, even the Skyllan Mage School who had been the most powerful of all Mage Schools. Finally, all that was left was the four Mage Schools of the Arikhel Accords and they referred to any sorcerer who was not a member of these four Mage Schools as "Sidiri" (renegade).   Each Mage Schools only remembers a small number of spells from the time of the Imajhai, and the spells they do remember tend to be significantly weaker as the correct pronunciation and phrasing has become corrupted over time and their genetic distance to their Thitan ancestors become longer.   Over the centuries the number of mages has grown fewer and their sorcery became weaker. The numbers of the Kathari Mage School eventually dwindled until there was only three. The Enaians and the Ashentines then declared the Kathari "sidiri" and attacked them to wipe them out. The last Kathari Mage, fled to Talindis and the Medean Mage School for sanctuary. The Medeans though have also declined, to the extent where they only have 5 full mages and two apprentices and the Enaian and the Ashentine Mage Schools are sensing weakness.

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