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Ashentine Mage School

The Ashentine are one of the Daurellian Mage Schools that created the Arikhel Accords to end the Mage Wars.   They are organized in a militaristic hierarchy. The Grand-Master heads the school, supported and elected by a Council of Marshals. Next are the Master Knights, from who the Marshals are chosen. A Grand-Master is often chosen from within the Council of Marshals but it is not unheard of for a Master Knight to be elected Grand-Master instead. Below the Master Knight tier are the Knights. These are often support the Master Knights when they are sent on missions. Generally those who are newly finished their training as Squires but do not have a lot of experience. Finally there are the Squires. Each Master Knight, can take a squire to train. That Squire will spend over a decade serving the Master Knight. Each "Squire" must be approved by the Council of Marshals.   The Ashentine Mage School currently has knowledge of 9 spells, most having to do with combat of some kind. Over the centuries though, like with all the spells of the Mage Schools, these spells have been getting weaker and weaker as well as becoming harder to cast.   Some of the most prominent spells of the Ashentine are;  

  1. Kailtos (Iron Skin) - The First spell all Ashentine Mage Knights learn. Used to harden the skin, often around the hands and arms, making them immune to cuts and slashes and even enabling them to catch an opponents blade with their bare hands. Masters can even use it to harden the skin of their entire body, making it fireproof or lightningproof for a short time. It also gives them a boost to strength.
  2. Triat Dienos (Three Blades) - A powerful spell that enables two swords to mirror the´╗┐ sword the caster is wielding. If the caster is skilled enough, he/she can manipulate each sword to function independently. Not every Ashentine is able to cast this spell.
  3. Aimos (Fire Stream) - A spell that creates a stream of fire that snakes along the ground towards a target. Masters are able to split this stream of fire towards multiple targets. This spell cause the mage to weaken quickly though.

Guild, Mages
Alternative Names
Mage Knights, Mages of Kojiere
Parent Organization
Mage Schools
Abbey of Kojiere
Controlled Territories

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