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The Asteriae are the high ranking Council Mages that rule the Enaian Mage School. They are usually headed by a Mage whose job is supposed to be more about keeping order and finding resolutions when the Asteriae disagree (known as a Majenna). With the rule of Peiara Sheiret as Majenna over the last 25 years, she has gathered a lot of power into her own hands and instead of being a peacemaker and keeper of order as the Asteriae make decisions, she now makes the decisions and the Asteriae rubber stamp them.   When a Mage becomes an Asteriae, they will get a Magefire Gem as a symbol of office. This gem can be set into a ring, necklace, tiara or even an earring. Because of this, the Asteriae are informally known as "Masters of the Jewel". Most Asteriae have no idea though what the Magefire Gem really is or what it can do.

Magical, Professional
Alternative Naming
Masters of the Jewel
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