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Cheiron Berameus

Nabu Cheiron Berameus

A very powerful mage of the Enaian Mage School, who is Peiara Sheiret's most vocal opponent. He has already survived two assassination attempts which he believes were arranged by Peiara Sheiret. He is incredibly hurt and disappointed that his daughter has thrown in with Peiara Sheiret and stubbornly he refuses to communicate with her any further.   He is one of the few who has reached the rank of Nabu (a member of the High Council )and understands what holding a Magefire Gem means. He thinks the creation of the gems were a great injustice and would like nothing else but to see them all destroyed. Though it must be said, he has not destroyed his own.


Family Ties

Current Location
Cerajine Palace
Year of Birth
728 AA 154 Years old
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Enaian Mage School
Other Affiliations

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