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Peiara Sheiret

Majenna Peiara Sheiret (a.k.a. Lady of the Whispers)

Ancient sharp-tongued Majenna (Head) of the Enaian Mage School. A subtle but master manipulator who is determined to break the Medean Mage School and discover their secrets. Though her rank already bestows a Magefire Gem upon her, she actually [illegally] holds 9 Magefire Rings, and is totally aware what these rings are, how they were made, and what they can do.   She rules her Mage School with an iron fist and is said to hear any whispers of discontent which has resulted in the nickname "Lady of the Whispers". An elderly lady with withered skin and extremely long fingernails.
Current Location
Cerajine Palace
Year of Birth
711 AA 171 Years old
Biological Sex
Short, Black
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization
Enaian Mage School
Other Affiliations
Character Prototype
Jill Scott

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