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Medean Mage School

One of the four Mage Schools that created the Arikhel Accords which led to the end of the Mage Wars. They are based in Talindis and have a good relationship with it's ruler, Belijandra Nardianes.   The Medeans are ordered into seven ranks and tattooed according to their rank (and each rank is called a "bhan"). Medean students start out as Novices and they spend four years as a novice, their only job is to learn and assisting servants with chores. After each year the novice will get a small circle tattooed upon their forehead, until at the end of their fourth year they graduate to "Apprentice" and get a downward facing crescent tattooed above their previous trio of small circles. These Apprentices will still be learning, but will also become trusted assistants to one or more of the full Mages. They will serve as apprentices for a further two years after which they will graduate to full Mage, and get a Star tattooed on their left cheek. At this stage they will be left to their own devices though they will be expected to contribute to training new novices. After 10 years, they will get a second star tattoo, this time on their right cheek, and they will become known as Masters. Finally after 30 years a Master will get their seventh and final tattoo beneath their left eye, and become known as a Savant. Some Medeans have wondered whether there was once a lost 8th rank, but no one really knows.   Over the centuries their numbers declined until they currently consisted of only 7 all up, (1 second year novice, 1 Apprentice, 2 Mages, and three Master Mages). As part of the Arikhel Accords, the Medeans were only allowed to recruit new Mages from north of Askanda which has severly limited their recruitment efforts. In an effort to rectify their decline, Omicah agrees to allow Ieshara to travel north (and break an even older treaty with the Court of Stars) to seek new recruits. At her first stop in Wayare she gathers Rowain Daliesyn and Morwena Vallach, two with the potential to be very powerful sorcerers and she cuts her expedition short to return in triumph.   Meanwhile the Enaians and the Ashentine have attacked the Kathari Mage School breaking the centuries old treaty, and the last Kathari Mage has fled, with his daughter in tow, to request sanctuary from the Medeans. The Medeans know it is only a matter of time before the Enaians and the Ashentine attack them also.   The Medean Mage School currently has knowledge of 10 spells, often dealing with the manipulation of mind and life. Over the centuries though, like with all the spells of the Mage Schools, these spells have been getting weaker and weaker as well as becoming harder to cast.   Some of the most prominent spells of the Medean are;  

  1. Confuse - A spell that enables the caster to cause confusion in it's target. Often either forgetting whatever was on their mind at the time or even making them clumsy and tripping over things.
  2. Persuade - A spell that enables the caster to persuade the target to do as they want. If Mage is powerful enough they are even able to "persuade" deadly enemies.
  3. Speed - Increases the caster's speed for a short burst. It effects both mental and physical speed, and even enables them to make great leaps. The more powerful the mage, the longer the effect lasts, though the longer the effect lasts the more exhausted the Mage is when it wears off.
  4. Drain- This spells drains the strength, endurance, will, energy of the target and transfers it to the mage refreshing them. The more powerful Mages can even use this to heal wounds.
  5. Clear Seeing- This enables the Mage to see when something is hidden, even if it is when someone is lying. This is the first spell all Medean novices learn.

Founding Date
Guild, Mages
Parent Organization
Mage Schools

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