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Draven "Finger-Munch" Holowitz

I have a real problem for the backstories I start with getting worse for each character over time before it basically becomes misery porn how do I stop this?

Created by "Dr Jimothy". Inspired by edgy black-wearing characters with sad backstories everywhere. Also just realised there are some HP Dursley vibes off of this guy's relationship with his aunt and uncle, with a difference of the HP aunt and uncle spoiling their kid while DH's aunt and uncle have used their children as drug mules.
Well, here he is. The "main" character to the set of books I'm currently working on (and due to it having the most time dedicated to it it's become the most complicated): The Great Terrorist War.

Fun meta fact: in the first books I was writing, Draven was gonna be a vampire as a leading member of a monster army that was trying to break through giant walls made of silver which humans built around their territory... he's transformed quite a lot since then but has managed to keep his pessimistic outlook on life, the presence of a sad backstory and being an utter badass.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Underfed and scrawny as a result. Strong for his size but still comparatively small. Usually sleep-deprived and tired.

Body Features

Scars are always fun. He's quite pale because New New Paris is a pretty smoggy place on a cloudy and rainy part of its planet. Usually always has lovely ol' bags under his eyes. Very unkempt and messy hair.

Facial Features

Slightly long nose, whenever he blushes his paleness makes it a tonne more noticeable, thin lips, looks likes he's considering the possibility of murdering everyone around him most of the time or like someone had just blown up his house in minecraft but he had a 32k sword, ears are pretty well hidden under his hair but he can wiggle them, is able to cross his eyes both inwards and outwards.

Physical quirks

Out of habit he regularly looks around him whenever he walks, one of his eyebrows goes lower down than the other by a very slight bit whenever he furrows his brow, left handed.

Special abilities

Technological and strategic madman, very good at street fighting.

Apparel & Accessories

Wearing that black, all the time, everywhere. He's an edge lord who can't afford anything else.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

His grandmother was a product of the Population Program (the CHG making lots of clones that grow inside tanks in simulations. A disaster happens in the simulation in which the simulated family dies and the child, who is asleep when removed from the simulation, is put into an orphanage. It gets real jazzy when the child's puberty vaccines (speaking of which vaccinate your kids because this is the 2000s not the 2600s) contain nanobots that make them ultra-fertile (both bois and gorls but there were a lot more gorls) by messing with the number of eggs/sperm produced etc) and as a result had 17 children. Wow.

But it gets real jazzy since the children, grandchildren and so on of those produced by the population program also get their fertility shots (all of it is hella secret these people are being told they've just got unlucky genetics) and this included Draven's mother and all of his aunts and uncles. Unsurprisingly keeping track of 17 kids is kinda difficult and so Draven's mother and the aunt who raised him are among those who weren't kept track of.

Draven's mother joined the Defense Force and it was due to this that she met Draven's father, a Red Army soldier. This is how they got snazzy with one another and became a couple, helped along by "bruh we did it once with a c*nd*m that didn't even break how tf am I pregnant with twins?"

4 years later, they both, along with Draven's twin, died thanks to a Hive Transporters accident. Draven was reassigned to his youngest aunt and her husband, who already had 8 children. This would prove to be a problem.

Simply put: his aunt and uncle didn't want him around but couldn't actually get rid of him without also having their own children taken away from them and so did the next best thing: neglect and finance-incentivised abuse.

"Sell his kidney, left lung, bottom ribs, legs, eyes and tonsils and pretend gangsters took them to then take advantage of a charitable organization that goes through the painful and expensive (for them) process to regrow those organs without charging those who they make new organs for? Seems good to me!" (to be specific, a criminal organization paid them to let them take the organs. Draven's aunt and uncle aren't actually capable or well-equipped enough surgeons to remove organs intact without killing those they take the organs from).

"Use him to transport drugs? Amazing!"

As much as they did economically use their own children, this was far more extreme (and profitable) with Draven as they didn't actually want to put their children in significant danger. Eventually, however, there could be no organ-selling without Child Protective Services looking into it and probably removing Draven's cousins and so they had to fall back on making him deliver drugs and take items from the Rich Tips, a giant pile of "garbage" except the garbage is the garbage of the insanely rich in New New Paris , to sell.

On one occasion he was on his way to the Rich Tips when a kidnap attempt was made on him. Due to the kidnapper having their hand on his mouth, Draven was able to bite the man's finger off and run away. Less than an hour of running away later, Draven vomited up the finger after realising he'd swallowed it and this attracted the attention of a rabid dog, who mauled Draven's arm before Draven could stick a piece of a broken gaming device into its eye (causing it to run the hell away). Once he got to a hospital, one of the nurses had to volunteer to treat him without payment to prevent him from bleeding out buuut this was a nurse rather than a fully trained doctor and so, despite the advanced medicine of the late 27th century, Draven's arm is utterly covered in scars from the mauling.

Meanwhile, Draven manages to get himself a VR Helmet thanks to it being given to him by the government on the basis of difficulties getting to school and him managing to keep it hidden from his aunt and uncle. Thanks to this, he goes to virtual school for most of his time in which he becomes a very advanced engineer. This motivates him to hide and keep some of the items he gets from the rich tips to mess around with electronically, further enhancing his skills, and he then sells the new gadgets he makes for higher prices while keeping the money to himself and secret.

Draven formed the plan to save up his money to go to a different planet and work as an engineer, probably in ship construction, and worked towards it for some time.

Oof. F. RIP. The Great Terrorist Organisation strikes and he's taken hostage, put into massive debt and, from within the VR Net, ends up having to agree to being used as an organ farm by Organs R Us to avoid starving to death in a hospital bed while he tries to find a way to escape from the VR Net before the discovery of how many times someone can regrow and lose organs before they die is made.


A little bit of regular school and TONNES of VR school.


Well he's a little stuck but his work in the VR Net is extremely varied, usually including violence of some sort.

Accomplishments & Achievements

I mean he sure survived some crap on that day when he bit the finger. Also being as highly educated as he was despite the obstacles against him. Lots of stuff in and after the VR but no spoilers.

Failures & Embarrassments

LMAO he thought that just cos the game didn't cost entry money that it was actually free oh the fool! Also lots of stuff in and beyond the VR but no spoilers because miss me with those and so I'd assume you'd also like to be missed with them.

Mental Trauma

Literally all the things that come from being neglected, being used as an ORGAN FARM and having to fight off a kidnapper and a scary doggo.

Intellectual Characteristics

Aside from being good at maths, sciences, etc, he's also very good at analyzing situations to get by, which was vital to him not dying when being sent to deliver drugs and money on multiple occasions.

Morality & Philosophy

Take normal morality but make revenge A-okay. Starts out with a strong belief in self-reliance to the point of never wanting help from others buuut *sprinkles glitter* the power of friendship might change that.


Generally against unnecessary violence, with violence against furry NPCs being considered to always be necessary. However he's a very big fan of proportional revenge.

Personality Characteristics


Not dying an organ farm and getting away from New New Paris .

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Not very social or good at putting up with annoyances from others. Overly blunt. Not actually that good at sword-fighting as it's mostly just in the fact that he's left-handed, pulls dirty tricks all of the time and hordes potentially useful items worse than my grandmother, aunt, dad, brother, myself... I doubt that hording is hereditary but this is no coincidence.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Wearing black, apparently. Being edgy as hell. Sour food. Dark humour to the point where it becomes an obsession. (pretends not to) being hugged etc.

Dislikes: socialising, his aunt and uncle, ideologies being pushed onto him, overly sweet foods, being stuck in massive collections of simulations with annoying artificial intelligences/non-player-characters, spicy food, people coming up with terrible plans.

Virtues & Personality perks

Extremely intelligent and good at analysing the situations around him before acting. Despite his anti-social behaviour, he's quite empathic.

Vices & Personality flaws

Considering how easily he got addicted to a certain something in the VR, it would appear he's got a weakness for addictions that's just waiting to be tapped into. Generally rude without realising, usually due to being overly blunt. Once he starts understanding how socialising works he immediately falls into dark humour, not least because he loves it, and this means that only cool people like him.

Personality Quirks

The speed at which those eyebrows move man.


Used to use school showers for his hygiene but since he's lying in a hospital bed his hygiene depends on the willingness of nurses to clean him. Luckily for him, despite the human nurses being outnumbered by over 500 to 1 by people trapped in the VR Net, the robot nurses are not.


Contacts & Relations

Many VR buddies are made.

Family Ties

Yeah those aren't gonna last. His aunt and uncle dislike him at best and the only one of his cousins that he was able to befriend refused to speak or hang out with him due to fear of repercussions from her parents.

Religious Views

Athiestic. Believes that, if there were a god or gods, that it or they created the universe and intelligent races for its or their entertainment and is or are by no means benevolent. This is an opinion he doesn't like to bring to the table as it will usually result in him being on the receiving end of 4 simultaneous speeches about how god/gods make life suck because it either doesn't and we just don't appreciate anything or because it somehow makes life better.

Social Aptitude

Hahahahahah he's a nervous wreck who hides behind dark humour and can only forget his anxieties when things that intellectually stimulate him come up or when he feels physically threatened.


Finger tapping on his leg. Bites the inside of his lip. Often scratches the outside of his nose when it's the inside that's itchy. Scrapes his tongue against his molars. Bites his cheeks. Wiggles toes. Usually does these things when nervous, bored or trying to keep himself from strangling the person in front of him.

Hobbies & Pets

None, but I get the feeling he wouldn't be getting a dog. Too soon? (wait what order are these in on read because that might be a little bit of a spoiler if it comes first)


He's prone to voice breaks due to his good friend puberty in real life but not in VR since it kind of filters out that kind of stuff. Extremely blunt and doesn't usually use big words unless either talking about science, being sarcastic or when he's flexing his brain parts... also doesn't know many big words as he learned sciences and went to a bad school.


Fenrir Torsken

Wake-up call -> friend (Important)

Towards Draven "Finger-Munch" Holowitz



Draven "Finger-Munch" Holowitz

Rival -> very secret crush -> friend (Important)

Towards Fenrir Torsken




Fenrir didn't like being told what to do when Draven came up with plans and so deliberately broke off from them with his own ideas, ones which he hadn't thought through, and ruining said plans.

Commonalities & Shared Interests


Shared Secrets

Nobody talks about what happened to Flavour Town.

Wealth & Financial state

Well it all got stolen by his aunt and uncle after some dudes busted into his room to take him to the hospital and he's also in massive debt, being paid via being used as an organ farm, thanks to the terrorists borrowing money in his name. He didn't even get to keep any of the weird gadgets he had hidden in his room as his aunt and uncle sold them all.
Current Location
Year of Birth
2870 CurlyWurly 103 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Parents met due to a military background, became a couple, woops out comes a baby, oh now we're dead and he's an orphan off to his neglectful aunt's care.
Circumstances of Death
Hasn't happened yet but it's probably gonna be getting cut on his own edge.
Newer Cheltenham.
Current Residence
New New Paris.
Presented Sex
He got pp.
Let's just say he gets a whole lot more nervous when it's a girl that has just popped out of nowhere and is already trying to engage with him in conversation, especially if said girl is particularly cute.
Gender Identity
He identifies as a nervous train-wreck and has a doodle with him in his pocket at all times within the VR Net to prove it.
Light grey
Blackest black to ever black. Usually quite greasy due to the magic of child neglect.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale boi
5'9 at adult.
120 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"A vital step to our success will be the recruitment of a massacist."
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
The classic Franco-English of New New Paris. Take it or leave it. The VR Net helmets translate whatever people say across languages so it's impossible not to understand someone to the point where they could've been talking what counts as nonsense in their own language and it still would come out as whatever the person meant to say, and there are advanced translation devices that can be used in daily life. Why bother with a universal language when you already have the means of universal understanding?
Character Prototype
Oh, wow... hmm... Can I get that younger version of Aizawa from My Hero Academia, change the eye colour to grey, make his face look a little more like Dabi's but without the purple skin, and make him shorter.

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