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(Overgrown) Freya 3

Ever heard of Celeri plant? Yes? You lying piece of garbage you've never heard of it I made it up for this article you lying piece of garbage you.

Anyhow: Celeri plant grows insanely quickly and murders every other plant it encounters by making the roots of the other plant into the Celeri plant's roots... then killing those roots to put actual Celeri plant roots there.

Celeri plants are native to Freya 3 and the inhabitants have a wonderful time dealing with this plant that somehow manages to get just the tiniest bit of itself past all the defenses of the settlements and proceed to overgrow all over everything. The only consolation is that Celeri plants are extremely edible so hooray endless food.


The oceans have been turned from wet to moist by this plant getting in there and gobbling up all of that water and the very tallest of mountains are being ripped apart by celeri. There are no longer deserts because celeri went beneath them to access underground water and collapsed the world above into that water, creating lush areas full only with celeri.

Fauna & Flora

Celeri and the many, many species that it eat and one another. The celeri is even eating rocks and is expected to one day make up a large portion of the planet's matter.

Natural Resources

Celeri is edible but otherwise there's not much of interest.
Alternative Name(s)
Overgrown World, Plant World
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Dec 31, 2019 00:15 by Thicc Shrek

"Celeri is edible"... I don't want any vegetals.

Jan 5, 2020 17:51 by Jimmy Shrekson

*Shoves celeri into your mouth* "EAT THE VEGETALS OR I USE THE AIRPLANE TRICK"