Summer Camp 2020

Summer Camp 2020 - as I put this article in place I’m really not sure how I will approach the challenge of 33 more or less completed articles in 31 days. My intention is to use it to flesh out the Drakiss cultures of Senteru and Morton which I've touched on in WorldEmber and some of this year's work.


So... unless I decide otherwise when the prompts come out, where the prompts refer to your world, I’ll take that as being the Drakiss cultures of those two locations.


Broadly speaking, my objectives for this year's Summer Camp are:

  • To write around 20,000 words (limit myself from last year, to try to put some focus on the looking at other people's work)
  • To develop the culture of the drakiss.
  • To encourage others. Constructive feedback to at least 30 articles.
  • To stretch my use of World Anvil for formatting and presenting. To inflict my poor art on the community and to dip further into CSS.
  • To have fun while doing the above.

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Prompt Article
1: Write about a myth or legend relating to a famous, long-lost item. The Lost Egg
2: Describe a valuable historical or ancient artefact in your world. The Egg
3: Describe an important religious leader in your world. How has their character changed the status quo? Vigrepar "Longnose"
4: Write about an apex predator in your world. How does it hunt and survive? Senteran Eagle
5: Describe a condition in your world caused by a drug or medicine. Eumilnor's Jitters
6: Decribe an important celestial body or constellation in your world. Ardiphore
7: Describe a counter-culture in your world, something outside the mainstream culture of the place. Eggheads
8: Write about a rank or title that represents order in your world. Burrowken
9: Write about a building that has been reused and repurposed from its original design. Sbrithnir's Roost
10: Describe a commonly found document in your world - what's in it and what is it for? Lineage
11: Describe a common item that is used as a secret symbol in your world. Calling for the Footman
12: Describe a vehicle in your world that brings joy wherever it arrives. Gethitug
13: Describe how birthdays are celebrated in a particular culture of your world. Birthdays for Drakiss
14: Write about a secret code or cypher in your world: who uses it, and for what purpose? Closewrit
15: Describe an elite or highly specialised military unit in your world Third Sanitary Section.
16: Write about a material that is considered sacred or culturally crucial in your world. Drakiss Egg Shell
17: Describe a common old wives' tale or consipracy theory from a region of your world. Does it hold any truth? The Duke and the Devils
18: Write about the events of a devastating natural disaster in your world, either past or present. The Devastation of Naros
19: Describe a location in your world that is brimming with diverse or bizarre flora and fauna. Duke Cadrill's Marvellous Menagerie
20: Write about an organization in your world that has become so powerful it's above the law. The Tarrapskin Family
21: Describe a profession in your world that has always been, or recently became, illegal. Spaekiss
22: Write about the headquarters of an organization in your world. Kisshome
23: Describe a settlement that is famous for a particular resource, product or item created there. Far Hurston
24: Describe a law enforcing organization within your world and how they operate. The Talon
25: Write about a food-focussed event in your world and describe how it's celebrated. Mogullab
26: Write about a technology from the history of your world - is it lost to the ages, or did it shape the world today? Heat Pumps
27:Describe any condition or disease for which a cure has recently been developed. Shellscab
28: Write about the history of a settlement that was almost entirely wiped out and was then rebuilt. Gra
29: Write about a species in your world that is bred or farmed for a high-value resource. Taruvian Cave Snail
30: Write about an unassuming character who secretly controls things from behind the scenes. Samivor Nollicon
31: Describe a material in your world that is used as a source of fuel or power. Gethu Dung
32: Write about a famous agreement, contract or treaty that shaped the history of your world. Treaty of Durranmouth
33: Describe the events of a conflict that started due to unusual or unforseen circumstances. Snowballs at Dawn
  If a glutton for punishment, you may be interested in last year's efforts - check out Summer Camp 2019 or WorldEmber 2019


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