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Sacred Land Scars

Sites of Godly Devastation

Mountains are nice and canyons sure are pretty, but there just isn't anything that makes me go "wow" like the Sacred Land Scars do. Gazing upon the after effects of The Seven Day War... it just hits differently.
— Geologist
  The war that saw all 14 gods reduced to mere husks left its impact on the world of Cathedris in more ways than one. While near extinction of every other species on the planet may have been the main result of the battle, there were massive scars left in the landscapes all across the globe left behind as well. These landmarks are known as the Sacred Land Scars; the geographic leftovers of The Seven Day War.  

At the scale of gods

These massive blemishes are so called "sacred" land scars because of the way they were formed. The gods, during the height of their strength, wielded incredible power. Some were capable of producing massive blasts, energy beams, or spontaneous creation and destruction of matter. Additionally, each god had with them a signature weapon, all of which were made by the smithing gods of Codod and Farad.  
Even the act of moving about and confronting one another often caused incredible damage to the surrounding environment. Some scars, like the Heavystep Ponds, were created through careless heavy footsteps in soft ground, while the gods argued before escalating into physical violence.   For the most part however, the scars were formed when stray energy blasts or explosions missed their target (in some cases continuing right through), or from their signature powerful weapons striking the ground.
Welcome to Razorcliff Canyon! Formed during the fighting between Avartarian and Qetzel. If you look closely, you can still see the striations from when Avartarian ground Qetzel's face against the cliffside.
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Varzen tour guide

Verification as Sacred Sites

Cathedris is home to incredible geographic landmarks all across its surface, from incredible mountains to terrifying underwater canyons; yet, not all of them are known as Sacred Land Scars.   In order to be confidently labelled as sacred, these sites must be cross referenced with data found within The Comprilith. Data on each gods power and attacks must be checked to see if they could produce the geography present, and this must be checked against the God-husks nearby as well, as it's thought that most God-husks haven't moved far from their point of death.
Natural Wonder

All Known Land Scars

Est. Chronologic Order
(With assumed involved gods)  
Apathae crater
(Qur and He’an)
Razorcliff Canyon
(Avartarian and Qetzel)
Heavystep Ponds
(Miyu and Rak’tos)
Caed's Island
(Qur and Caed)
Broken Peak
(Miyu and Tatete)
Bellrose Island
(Miyu and Dimiti)
Heartbreak Cave
(Xiuthan and T’kalia)
Kazcallen Desolation Plains
(Xiuthan, Codod, Farad)
Apae Interior Ocean
(Sharenskus, Codod, Farad)
Scar Park
(Avartarian and Sharenskus)
Blasted Peak
(Qur and Miyu)
Lost Island
(Qur and Avartarian)

The Scars

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Apathae Crater

As far as we know, the very first instance of a Sacred Land Scar -- the first action during The Seven Day War, when the assassination of He'an is said to have occurred. If Gideon Hale, professor of history at the University of Russin is to be believed, this scar was formed when Qur attempted to hide the evidence of his wrongdoing by sending He'an's body into space.  
It's thought that in his panic, Qur misjudged the power he was about to use, massively underestimating the impact it'd have on the world. The result was that yes, He'an's body now resided within space -- however the unintended side effect was that the continent of Apathae was now split in two by a massive crater, additionally sending massive waves circling the globe.
I bet the real reason Qur freaked out so much was that He'an was the first God-husk, and their undead form still moving caused him to panic.
— Speculation

Heavystep Ponds

These ponds are on the "smaller" scale, when it comes to the Land Scars. It's a series of 18 good sized ponds, with each nearly able to be classified as a small lake. The ponds are devoid of natural life, despite numerous attempts to populate it with species of freshwater fish and other animals. No grasses or aquatic flora grow within or around the ponds either, much to the dismay of local biologists attempting to bring life to these desolate bodies of water.   The ponds are located on the north-western tip of the continent Vir Tenera, where Rak'tos and Miyu crossed paths on their way to the site of the massive explosion that ripped Apathae into two halves. All 18 ponds are found within a single square kilometer.   Miyu was the goddess of combat; quick on her feet and reactive. It's thought that she'd use her excellent fighting skills to out-speed and out-step Rak'tos, who despite having power over the domain of space, would have trouble keeping up with her more mobile opponent. This conflict of quick moving and unaware is thought to have produced the heavy footsteps that'd leave massive indentations in the soft ground on this part of Vir Tenera.

Heartbreak Cave

It's like time itself stops for you when you enter the cave, as every missed connection and lost love in your life runs through your mind over and over. I'd admire this one from outside, if I were you.
— Cave Goer
  Near The Comprilith, not far from where T'kalia resides even now, is a cave thought to have been formed by the very spear that's run through T'kalia himself. The cave entrance takes the shape of half of a heart, and it's theorized that the cave was formed when Xiuthan threw T'kalias spear back at him in frustration after their encounter on the fourth day of The Seven Day War.

Kazcallen Desolation Plains

A massive blemish across the country of Kazcallen, left as near lifeless stretch of barren land, stripped to bedrock by incredible forces. The scar takes on the appearance of an incredibly large cone, with the point of it initiating at where Xiuthan in husk form now resides.  
Within the cone of desolation, near the origin point of it, there are two "shadows" that remain as small vegetation covered hills. Historians and Geographers speculate that these two hills were the locations that Codod and Farad were standing, when Xiuthan unleashed her attack. It's unknown how they managed to survive, but it's theorized the forge gods had some sort of shielding to protect them.
As for the location that Xiuthan now resides, some slight signs of struggle still show, though they're thought to have been worn down by thousands of years of Xiuthan pacing slowly around in the same location.   Modern efforts to seed vegetation and reroute rivers has allowed for some expansion into the desolation, creating harsh yet livable environments for people to call home.

Scar Park

Welcome to Scar Park! Please have your ticket ready, as without one you will not be granted admission.
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— Scar Park Employee
  At the heart of the City-state of Russin lay Scar Park; created when Sharenskus's matter deleting sword plunged into the ground as Avartarian attacked him.   One of Sharenskus's four arms is thought to have caught the sword before it fell to the center of the planet, leaving only a massive angular hole nearly 100 meters deep in the center of Russin. The sides of the hole are smooth, taking on an almost polished quality.   Scar Park is likely the most commercialized of all the Sacred Land Scars. You can see the scar from outside the park easy enough, but gaining admission to see the scar up close costs money -- and if you want the tour inside the scar, you must upgrade to the deluxe pass.

Lost Island

This Land Scar is the subject of the majority of debates regarding the scars. It's more of a myth than a land mark -- a tale that sailors like to tell one another, or brag about finding.   Lost Island is the supposed location where Qur and Avartarian ended the war; the place where Qur used his power to bring about his and Avartarian's own end, ushering in the era of humanity. It's thought that any blast powerful enough to simultaneously kill two God-husks would also be strong enough to deal incredible geographic damage -- yet, no such scar exists. Thus the theory is that this attack happened on an island out in the middle of one of the planets oceans, and the blast was strong enough to "sink" the land upon which the gods once stood.   The island has become something of a treasure hunt to many sailors, tourists, or would-be explorers. Somewhere along the way the idea that some fantastic artifact or treasure might be found within the sunken island, though most historians dismiss the idea.

Other Godly Sites

More landmarks shaped by the gods exist upon Cathedris's surface than just the Sacred Land Scars -- however, most of the other landmarks appear to be intentionally created. Examples include remaining mountain ranges carefully crafted by Qur, metal obelisks built by Codod and Farad, or jagged peaks from where Avartarian sharpened his sword. Some accidental landmarks likely exist as well, though at a scale small enough to not be attributed to the fighting during the War.   Additionally, any large scale destruction or landmarks created by the gods after they've been reduced to husks do not count as any sort of godly site. These locations are more akin to devastation caused by natural disaster.    

Cover image: Edited by Stormbril, base image by Zongnan Bao


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
1 Jan, 2022 18:05

It's very interesting to see more details about the fighting that went on during the seven day war. I like the way you've organised that, going over each mark and talking about the gods involved and speculations about what happened.   Regarding the heavystep ponds, can people swim inside, or would that kill them for some reason? There must be something particular about them if life still does not occur there while people have managed to reclaim a bit of the land Xiuthan destroyed - I would have assumed it would be more difficult given that she was the goddess of decay...

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5 Jan, 2022 00:19

Thank you very much! It was fun imagining how each one might've formed during the fighting :)   People can swim inside, so long as they don't ingest any of the water! I think that likely during the fighting, the gods broke open a spring deep underground that filled these ponds, and that spring is fed from some heavy metal contaminated source, making it impossible for life to live in the water. Or something... not too sure xD   It's definitely very difficult to reclaim the land Xiuthan destroyed though! So far they've only been able to make the very edges of it habitable, but there's hope that they can push further in to the plains.   Thanks for the comment :)

2 Jan, 2022 23:10

I really like how the order and locations help tell the story of how the war went, and each of the locations is varied but with good cause.

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Thank you very much! It was fun to write this after doing the actual war article earlier in the month :)

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Sometimes I feel that the strong evidence of a developed (almost modern) tourism in a world where you are lucky if you stay alive seems a bit strident, but those articles are so imaginative that it would totally be a shame to cripple them with a doubt so silly :D Please keep doing the good work!

5 Jan, 2022 00:20

Thank you Luca! :D   I like to think that by this point, the humans of Cathedris are used to the danger and death, and thus are simply determined to make a living out of it xD

Luca Poddighe
5 Jan, 2022 21:06

That's a very good point!!!

26 Jan, 2022 08:07

Loved reading these details on the world after reading about the war! It really fleshes out the world thousands of years later and the details are so much fun to read about and fitting with the war!   Now this is just my writer brain rambling but I wonder if there are strange sites/places around the world that while they might fit the description or criteria of a Scar, they just don't fit many stories of what is known about the war (from myths and accounts) and are actually a mystery to current historians?

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26 Jan, 2022 21:07

Why thank you!   There definitely are! There's even likely some debate among geologists about which landmarks are actually Scars, which were created before the war, and which are just quirks of natural geologic processes. At some point I'd love to explore some more myths regarding them!

28 Jan, 2022 06:59

Aaahh! That's so cool! I love seeing worldbuilding unfold like that and can't wait to read more myths and history surrounding that ^_^

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A natural consequence of the war that I hadn't even considered— glad you did!

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It's super fun to think about what sorts of damage would be done by these giants fighting, haha

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