Stormbril's WorldEmber 2021 - 4/ 23 prompts completed | World Anvil

Stormbril's WorldEmber 2021
4 of 23 prompts completed

Stormbril Progress Report

The Seven Day War

A dramatized retelling of the short, brutal war, that ended the gods and nearly killed all life on the planet

2960 words


A delicate mushroom growing on the beaches of Russin. It slowly turns to glass as it grows, before shattering to spread the spores.

1664 words

Sacred Land Scars

An overview article on the unintended geographic damage done during the gods' fighting in the Seven Day War, remaining as incredible landmarks.

2596 words

Rumours of the 15th

Rumour has it that the Legion are attempting to construct a new god -- an artificial being under their control. How are they attempting to do this, and what evidence exists to prove it?

1634 words

Stormbril Progress so far

8854 words 88.54% completed!

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I'm fairly new to writing, but I've always been creative at heart. My early years were spent drawing, doodling, designing and imagining. Then, my interest was caught by Pathfinder. I dove head first into the world of tabletop RPGs, consuming as much as I could.   Finally, I designed and wrote my own campaign, complete with it's own world! I've been using World Anvil to fully realize my design, and plan to continue using it until long after the Pathfinder campaign has finished.   Along the way I've realized I quite like this whole writing thing. I might have to do this a bit more!

Premier League

Interests & Hobbies

I'd love to travel more, the bit I've done (Korea + Japan) have really sparked my interest in travel. I like taking pictures, and trying new and delicious food. I also enjoy cooking.

Favorite Movies

Three flavours cornetto trilogy, Thor Ragnarok, Inception, Dr Strange, Grand Budapeste. The Prestige, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, How To Train Your Dragon, Big Hero 6, LotR (extended editions).

Favorite TV Series

Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders, Bojack Horseman, Full Metal Alchemist, Erased, Log Horizon, One Punch Man, Supernatural, Westworld, Avatar (TLA + LoK)

Favorite Books

Red Rising Trilogy, KingKiller Chronicles, The Expanse Series, The Reckoners trilogy

Favorite Writers

Peter Clines, James S. A. Corey

Favorite Games

Minecraft, Legend of Zelda, Binding of Isaac, Celeste, Dark Souls, Sekiro

Latest Loved work

A Crow in Kirinal: Black, White, and Red

The Forever Storm

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