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2024 Resolutions, Reflections & Reading

Happy New Year everyone!

  This is my third month on World Anvil! Thank you to everyone who followed me or liked my articles and generally made me feel welcome!   This year, I would like to get involved in the community so it is great to start the year with a reading/ commenting challenge. I have liked some articles and followed a few worlds but I haven't commented much or even replied to the comments on my articles. I hope to change that going forwards.  

Reading Challenge


TJ Trewin's Immersive World Introduction

Goldbrook Annual Guild Fair
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 31, 2023

An immersive introduction to the world setting and the folks who live here.

This article is on several people's reading lists and with good reason. It guides the reader through a fairground, introducing them to the locations, characters and magic of the world. I'm not usually a fan of things written in the second person, but here it works to create a wonderfully cosy and welcoming vibe.   The world, JOY, is filled with many wonders and mysteries that I'm looking forward to reading more of throughout the year. Also, the stamps collection journal is awesome! Such a fun and imaginitive idea.   The article made me reflect on my own Introduction which is currently very prose-like and possibly more of a prologue than a world introduction. Perhaps this year I will make a more worldbuilding/ adventure-y one.  

Elspeth's Macran Ethnicity

Ethnicity | Jan 1, 2024
There are so many articles that I like in Vellikka and enjoy watching this world develop. This is a great article that manages to pack a variety of detailed information including their history, traditions, food and organisation into quite a short, easy-to-read article.   I've been struggling with which article template to use for my main community (and currently have an ethnicity, a species and an organization template for them!). Elspeth's article helped me get a better understanding of the differences between the templates and how they connect together.  

Melissa's Escapist Fantasy Starship

The Escapist's Fantasy
Vehicle | Dec 31, 2023
  The Escapists Fantasy is a family sized starship filled with cool technologies like a super computer and a garden. The article cleverly weaves drama and a beautifully sad story into the article without losing focus on the vehicle.   I take a lot of inspiration from The Dragonstar Sagas world. It is a well connected collection of articles supporting a novel. I also adore the midjourney images on each page, they make me want to spend more time on images for my world.  

Blue Fairy 74's Goblins

Âdocôdix - Goblin
Species | Dec 31, 2023
  Speaking of beautiful worlds 'E L A Q I T A N' is filled with stunning images and beautiful page lay outs. I also really like how the world has different colour themes for each section.   This article is a lovely take on goblins which I haven't seen before. It encourages me to not be afraid of presenting a different take on well known fantasy creatures. This is something that I hope to take forward into my fantasy world (when I get aroung to writing it).  

Morgan Biscup's Magic and Technology

Technology / Science | Dec 30, 2023

As the universe and its people changed, so too did their understanding and application of magic.

This is a comprehensive overview of the different types of magic in the world. The article introduces many different types of magic and their impact on societies, history and the world itself. The short text sections with links to other articles gives enough information to spark curiousity, without being overwhelming. It is something that I would like to strive towards for my new world.  

Lilliana Casper's Overview of Magic

Overview of Magic
Generic article | Mar 3, 2024

An overview of how magic appears in the galaxy, written in the form of a lecture on the subject.

This article is another magic overview but this one is presented in the form of a lecture about magic, including a slideshow. This is a really interesting way to present the magic system. The slideshow provides excellent visual summaries for how the magic system works.  

Chase's Primer Adventure

In the Eyes of the Mystic
Generic article | Dec 31, 2023
This is the first article in a choose your own adventure style introduction to the world. The images are stunningly beautiful and everything is well linked, making this a truly immersive adventure. I'm looking forward to seeing how this world develops.  

Mochi's Forever Storm

The Forever Storm
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Apr 17, 2024

A storm raging around Temperil for the last million years, only getting stronger and stronger.

A semi-sentient storm cloud is such a cool concept. There is also a 'survival tips' section which is a nice touch that I might think about for my Storm Cloud.  

Tillerz' Bridgeport Shops

Dandan's Dragon Store
Building / Landmark | Feb 24, 2024

Imported wares from Han. Mostly.

This article is for a fantastical shop filled with many wares and secrets. I especially like the mystery and drama that including items that aren't sold openly adds. All of Tillerz' building articles I've read whilst exploring Bridgeport have been fantastic. I like the short descriptions of key items, events and mysteries that relate to the place. It adds so much depth to the world without overloading information.  

Lia Felis' Reading Challenge

Evera 2024
Generic article | Jan 20, 2024
I've been browsing other people's New Years' Resolutions for recommendations and I was so excited to see one of my articles recommended here! I'm new to worldbuilding and this reading challenge has been hard because its shown me how much there is to learn. Seeing this review was a great confidence boost and a fitting way to round off my reading challenge. Thank you!

2023 Reflections & Achievements



I joined World Anvil and made the first steps to building the world around a story I was writing for NaNoWriMo.   I really enjoyed the Worldember Prep month. It worked well in combination with the beginners guide as an introduction to world-building.   Took part in #UnofficialMapVember. Although my map remains unfinished, I learned a lot during Wordigirl's challenge.  


I'm impressed that I could write over 10k words of world-building for Worldember. I've now got a better understanding of how to use World Anvil, BB code and have laid some basic foundations to this world.   First World-building article
The Dome
Settlement | Jan 8, 2024

Built by the Founders before the Beginning, the Dome is a jewel of civilization amidst this toxic earth.

Liked Worldember Entries
Plot | Jan 11, 2024

In a world of climate disaster, pollution and decaying cities, there is hope. People who use their shared adversity to unite them in a common purpose: survival.

Ghosts, Mutants or Myth? Is There Life Beyond the Dome?
Myth | Dec 21, 2023
Organization | Dec 12, 2023
Personal Favourite
Toxic Plains
Geographic Location | Jan 7, 2024

Barren wastelands of decaying cities, trash piles and acid burnt tree stumps cover most of the known world.

2024 Plans & Resolutions



  • Take care of my mental and physical health - If any other plans/resolutions/goals conflict with this, then I resolve to change, postpone or drop them entirely.
  • Get involved in the World Anvil Community by commenting on articles and participating in challenges.
  • Finish half-started writing projects.
  • Regularly check in with goals and celebrate progress, even if its minor.
  • Learn the basics of CSS (especially how to change fonts and page backgrounds; how to get the sidebar to be static when scrolling on the main page).


Edit 'Beyond the Dome' into a final draft: Whilst I am proud of my NaNoWriMo draft and world-building creations in 2023, I have a lot of editing to do.
  • (In progress) Complete final draft of novel to publish in chapters on Medium.(Ch. 1 done)
  • Write a world building/ adventure style world introduction
  • Sort out the Dome Community (ethnicity, organisation, species etc) template jumble
  • Finish off the timeline
  • Improve images/ theme
  • Clean up / combine or delete stubs and unnecessary articles
  • Edit articles so they aren't just planning notes
  • Try out map-making again
  Start writing for 'Title TBC: Fantasy World': I've had this idea in the back of my mind for several years but never focused on. This year will be its time to shine.
  • Write at least 25k words, perhaps during Camp NaNo in April
  • Lay the foundations of the world by figuring out the magic system; writing the Meta and deciding on main species & ethnicities


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Jan 10, 2024 21:20 by Elspeth

Thank you so much for your kind words about Vellikka! I'm glad you like the Macran article, and it warms my heart to know that you got something from it. <3   Good luck with your goals, both the general and specific ones. I particularly love your first general resolution, it is perfection! Also, I'm feeling you on the half-started writing projects. XD

Jan 11, 2024 03:25 by Melissa

Thank you for sharing my article! I'm so flattered by your positive feedback! I'm glad folks are enjoying my quirky little sci-fantasy world. I've just started exploring The Dome and have many of your articles on my reading list. The artwork I've seen so far gives me a sense of wonder about the futuristic society in the dome, but I'm also curious about what you've got planned for the wild lands beyond. Best of luck in all of your endeavors for 2024. :)

Jan 17, 2024 19:12 by Chase

It's good to prioritize your health before all other goals. I wish you luck in completing them, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I'm glad you enjoyed my primer adventure. Happy 2024! Much love!

Jan 17, 2024 19:15 by Zero Sum Games

Welcome to World Anvil! Thanks for giving my New Years Resolution article a like. Appreciated! I enjoyed reading your New Year's Resolution article as well. I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing.

Jan 20, 2024 13:21

Thank you so so much for your lovely feature and your kind words for my world, this means really a lot to me. I wish you all the best to reach your goals and here’s to a year of fluent writing!

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