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Mapping out The Dome

Getting started with my Worldember Prep, I found the Unofficial MapVember Challenge created by Wordigirl. It's a collection of 30 map related prompts which I thought I would use to get a start on planning out The Dome in my world. For NaNoWriMo, I am writing a novel about the world Beyond The Dome but haven't thought much about The Dome itself. These prompts have been great to jump start some thinking about how that city might be organised.  


Where you do things
Eat Sleep Play Fight Love Work Learn Grow Speak Move
Where you find things
Keys Pet Valuables Clothes Answers Words Direction Bargain Courage Hope
Where you feel things
Fear Joy Sorrow Anger Cold Heat Shock Nostalgia Urgency Relief


The Dome

Reflection (28th November)

This has been an interesting challenge. I’ve enjoyed thinking about my city differently, but I haven't found making maps a fun experience. I use a small laptop and to see the full editing page on both World Anvil map editor and Dungeonfog, I have to zoom out to at least 67%. This makes the text small and hard to read. I'm not a fan of the eyestrain. I'm glad I tried but don’t expect many maps from me in the near future (unless I get a monitor for Christmas).
Unofficial MapVember Challenge!
Generic article | Feb 4, 2024


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Nov 18, 2023 23:09

It looks dome like. You were looking for something practical and fast, but my first thought was "technical" :P   The pet marker, is also the marker for her house (or micro-apartment, I suppose)?