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The Black Brother

The sun was low on the horizon cresting the top of the Shield sending swaths of pinks and oranges across their peaks. It was warm, but it was almost always warm in the evening at the The First Citadel as the whole of sprawling metropolis that was The Pinnacle rested below it. The only structure more impressive being The Devouring Mothers which was directly behind and to the north of the view that Hemris The Black currently enjoyed.
"So much prosperity and so many Citizens generated so much heat," she thought. Her hands rested lightly on the railing of the balcony, and she watched and waited. The balcony was attached directly to the private quarters of the NgaMunaFadr. These quarters were on the highest occupied level of the Citadel. Above this level, only security, infrastructure, supplies, and secrets. The quarter were the level.
The balcony was sparsely furnished, but sylistically so. A small conference table made from the single disc of wood from a great tree of Nur-ymir with chairs of carved glass stone from Aut'tep'ko occupied the main space of the blacony. Screening the entrance was a woven grass tapestry from Gle'lanèrino depicting the Iron Sea. On the table was a setting for three people carved in Israkumke wood. All of these items a statement of the authority and power of the NgaMunaFadr, as all were manufactured from materials currently proscribed by the Lwa-Saþykktir - Tekau.
But, when your guests were those who wrote such documents, the temporary nature of such things was obvious when contrasted to the timelessness of Her Intent and Will. She and the Paragons were Her Will and the NgaMunaFadr and the Brotherhood were Her Intent.


In order for a person to be considered to be elevated to the rank of NgaMunaFadr they must:
Be of the Black.
Have expert knowledge in the Realm's history, Statutes and the detailed workings of the Medicament Brotherhood.
Have close and good relations with the Paragons
Have achieved significant personal and community prosperity.
Have met the Devouring Mother.


In order for a person to be considered to be elevated to the rank of NgaMunaFadr they must:
Be one of the four uplifted races.
Be at least two centuries old.


In order for a person to be elevated to the rank of NgaMunaFadr they must be voted into the position by a unanimous vote of the Blacks. This person is then brought before the Devouring Mother for approval. 
The vote commences on the 13th day after the death of the previous NgaMunaFadr, and continues until a unanimous vote is achieved. The longest vote was 53 days.


To demonstrate the intentions of Her Heart to the Realm.
This is a complicated duty as the Devouring Mother is often not explicit with what Her Heart intends. The NgaMunaFadr must skillfully understand Her intentions and translate that into policy for the Medicament Brotherhood that best meets those goals while abiding within Her Glory and Will.
The NgaMunaFadr provides guidance for the Brotherhood and by extension Citizen's of the realm around such issues related to:
The dangers of Charity.
Concerns of Compassion.
Best practices for Prosperity.
Recognizing the Divergent.

And any number of other topics of the heart.


The only public responsibilities of NgaMunaFadr are that they:
Provide materials available to the Realm regarding citizenship and Her Heart's intention.
and to host the yearly anniversary celebration/ceremony of the Realm's creations at the First Citadel.

NgaMunaFadr also ensures that the Medicament Brotherhood does the right thing and continues to do the right thing.


In reality what ever benefits the control of a world dominating organization would accord such a leader.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Only the Devouring Mother can remove or dismiss the NgaMunaFadr.
It has never happened. NgMunaFadrs are so throughly vetted that all are exceptional and long lived. The majority died due to accidental death or illness. A small few have died of old age.

Cultural Significance

For many Citizens of the Realm the NgaMunaFadr emobodies the qualities of compassion and mercy. As the leader of the Medicaments, they are tasked with the heavy duty of caring for the Her Citizens. This is understood by many to be a more onerous task then that of the Paragons as the NgaMunaFadr must not only consider Her Will as manifest in the EdèksVísutan, but also Her Heart which no Citizen has attempted to codify. And, She has not deemed fit to do such Herself. Rather, that is the duty of the NgaMunaFadr. Between the two they must find the balance that best serves Her Glory and the mitigates Citizen's of the Realm's suffering and hardship.

Notable Holders

Anster The Black: Was the first and lead the Medicament Brotherhood for several centuries until the completion of the Six. She removed the participle from her title thus linguistically designating the NgaMunaFadr as uniquely elevated amongst the Brotherhood. While there are many 'of the Black' and while there are many 'of' other ranks, there is only one 'The Black' who is the NgaMunaFadr.

Talick The Black: The first NgaMunaFadr to fall in the fight against Abomination. Talick was the third NgaMunaFadr during the earlier Millenniums Of Prosperity, and the first to lead a division of Medicaments in a military action against the Realm's enemies. This enabled Her armies to reduce the number of deaths during engagements and facilitated better recovery of illness and injury in the area of engagement.

Emilaan The Black: The first NgaMunaFadr to have Faith in a God while serving as Her Heart. It was a profoundly powerful statement of the nature of Faith,and how such Faith in both the spiritual world and Her Glory can be powerful agents of prosperity.

Relis The Black: The first NgaMunaFar to reach such a level of compassion and enlightenment that they had no need to eat or sleep. A rare few have achieved such a feat since the time of Relis The Black.

The First Formation 356Rs
Form of Address
Her Great Heart
Source of Authority
Length of Term
Life time.
Related Locations
Related Organizations


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