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Burnished Hearth

Burnished Hearth is a well traveled town that borders North Initiron from the rest of the Continent due to the mountain range that divides the northern range of the continent. This makes it a busy trade route, popular tourist destination, and gathering place for adventuring sorts. The multitudes of people passing through has led to the city that grew becoming a place with various buisinesses, unique produce and a busy region for trade.


Burnished Hearth has a mixed population that represents the standard population divide of the continent. There are a higher amount of adventurers and magical traders in this location due to the large amount of traffic that travels through the city.


Lord Braxton rules the city of Burnished Hearth with his family having been in charge for several generations. His rule is generally considered tough but fair, with slightly higher tax than most of the continent, but traded off with well trained and run security and guarding run in the city. The Hearth Guard keep the city in line despite the travelling population which pass through.


The city is separated into 4 districts. Each one caters to a certain aspect of the passing travelers who are likely to pass through with the exception of the High District which is for the High ranking permanent citizens to live in.   The Hero's Rise   A popular travel spot for adventurers and members of mercenary groups or Rift Hunters, this raised area of the city caters to these travelers. This district features multiple taverns (including the Crooked Pot, Blackheart's Gambit and Soldier's Rest) , blacksmiths, leather workers and other traders who specialist in gear for the adventurous types.   High District   This district is where many of the permanent well to do citizens of the city dwell, featuring well maintained parks, avenues and large stately houses. Rich merchants (such as those who trade in the Enchanted Ward) often set up their homes here, along with nobility. There are several holiday homes that other nobles use when travelling to and from Northern Ithirion. There are no taverns here, but a guest house for travelling nobles known as The Elegant Rest.   Merchant's Way   Many merchants and traders come together here to buy and sell wares. This district features many business that deal in loans, contracts, exchange of goods and the like. Lots of trade between the north and south happens here, rather than merchants from the north needing to travel all the way south and vice versa. There are plenty of small taverns to rest at here for wandering merchants.   A notable service offered here is from Derger and Morris's Contractors. This law firm offer magical binding contracts with breaches being enforced by enchanted means. Due to their high profile clients, Derger and Morris have strict NDAs and anonymity in all of their dealings.   Enchanted Ward   The final ward is where magical trade and development are managed. This area is the most secure due to the rarity of the items that are often trades and brought and sold here. Several shops are set up here that work in the trade of buying and selling magical knowledge and reagents from adventurers and Odd Jobbers. If something of a magical nature is sought after, Burnished Hearth and the Enchanted Ward are often the first place to look.

Points of interest

Visiting Adventurers have a few points of interests that make Burnished Hearth an appealing place to visit.   The Crooked Pot   Run by The Witch Magna, this popular tavern is a well loved and a great place to catch up on current news and potential jobs. Located in the Hero's Rise, this tavern offers drinks, meals, warm beds and even potions for those in need.   Forge of Crystal   This smithy is known for working with magical goods, either repairing broken ones or forging new ones. While they typically work on weapons and armour, the skilled workers have been known to try their hand at other magical projects although these usually end up being commissioned to other practitioners of magic in the Enchanted Ward.   Skikle's Scrollwork   In the Enchanted ward, one library is well known for transcribing tomes and spell scrolls. A library of spells are able here to be learnt and brought if needed for the right price. Owned by a reclusive old wizard, his apprentices run the shop front to take orders for scrolls, spell books and mundane books to be copied when requested.   Alric's Adventuring Wares   A prominent store in the Hero's Rise, this large store stocks most items adventurers and mercenaries may need while out in the world. Alric also is happy to buy spoils from adventurers as his adopted daughter Skit deals with the traders in Merchant's way. This convenience of Alric's store means he can charge a little more and buy for a little less, but it saves time wandering the city to find someone to buy and sell from.   Beatrix's Magical Boutique   Run by a retired adventurer, this store buys and sells magical items. Most are common items such as enchanted clothing for nobles or enchanted items such as bottomless flasks, ever-burning lights and enchanted instruments. Due to most people having access the enchanters in the Enchanted wards however, the business usually only stocks more common items that are often requested without the need for commissions. Sometimes however, some rare goods will make their way to Beatrix who will sell them at a premium.   Malric's Bestiary   Malric runs a Taxidermist and Museum of odd Creatures in the Enchanted Ward. He purchases rare and unusual trophies from beasts to display in his museum to curious travelers. Due to this, he is often a popular place to visit for those wishing to sell on rare remains such as Dragon Teeth or Aberration Tentacles.


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