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Alric's Adventuring Wares

Alric's Adventuring Wares is a large store run by Alric and several hired hands. Here adventurers can buy and sell most of the gear they need in bulk without needing to visit various smithies and tradesmen. Alric charges a slight markup for the convenience but most are willing to pay it.   In addition, Alric's daughter Skit purchases loot from adventurers to sell in the Merchant's Way for slight profit. Once again, adventurers could likely make more coin off their wares if they spent the time to find a buyer for each item themselves, but Skit's bulk buy is worth the convenience for a lot of people.

Purpose / Function

Alric is a middle aged human who stocks the majority of common wares that any adventurer worth their salt would do well to be well supplied on before heading out on a journey. Welcoming new found adventurers, rift hunters, Odd Jobbers and everything between, anyone's coin is good in Alric's.   Skit on the other side of the business is a young goblin who can identify the cost of goods quickly and add up their worth and profit in a few quick minutes. She buys trophies, recovered relics and various goods from adventurers to offload their loot.


Alric's store was setup originally as a courier service where Alric would take orders to request and collect commissions for adventurers, that grew into a full store once Alric gained enough money to start pre-purchasing the most commonly requested items. From there the shop grew until Alric no longer took requests a nd instead simply bulk buys and sells gear for adventurers and mercenaries.   A few years ago, Alric adopted the goblin girl Skit. She since showed an aptitude with numbers and joined the business. Not long after she started working, Alric found she had a talent and joy in buying rather than selling, so lets her buy items from adventurers to then sell on in the Merchant's Way.   A few years after adopting Skit, the pair took in Bartholomew who Sit named Burf after the deep barking he made. Alric decided to name him "Burf-olomew " instead which evolved to Bartholomew and then Bart.
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