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Fulmana is a settlement where the primary focus is research and development of advance magical theories and practicalities. The bulk of the town consists of the Academy of Fulmana, Officially known as The Fulmana Arcaneum of Paranatural Knowledge and Research. The town used to have another name but was soon forgotten when the main draw of the region became the Academy and its works.   Due to its remote location and focus on progress, the town has a way of looking at certain races in lower standard. Typically goblins and their kin are used for menial service in the Town and Academy, being given pittance in payment.

Guilds and Factions

There are currently three different research departments at Fulmana each focused on studying differing forms of magical manipulation.  

School of Dunamancy

This school focuses on ways different types of magic can effect more nebulous things such as fate and luck. The study of Dunamancy is currently almost exclusive on Ithirion to Fulamana due to its less understood nature.  

School of Graviturgy

Graviturgy was the newest form of magic until Dunamancy was discovered. This school is now somewhat less popular due to the excitment around experimentation in Dunamancy, but still has its staunce defenders and researchers into discovering this form of magic to a greater degree.  

School of Enhanced Defence

  While outwardly presenting as working on magical defences, some have become worried the name has become more ironic with the school working on magical weapons as deterints more than actually working on magical defences. This school has been responsibile for producing the research needed for many arcane defences however, so trust from the nation still heavily flows in.
Large town
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