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The Witch Magna

The Many Armed Witch Magna Evewillow

Magna Evewillow known as The Many Armed Witch due to her six arms and sorcerers abilities is a well known and core figure of the Burnished Hearth Community. She runs The Crooked Pot tavern after starting up in an old tower upon the hill as an Apothecary and soon expanded into over areas of hospitality.   Magna is a rare Riftborne where her birth was influenced by two rift sources, the Fae Lands and the Realms of Magic. This gave her a mix of Fae traits as well as strong magical powers in her blood. This also caused the unique mutation of having two extra pairs of arms. These traits made her un-trusted growing up, and once she came of age she left her birth town to travel to try and find somewhere more accepting of her.

Physical Description

Body Features

Magna's most notable  trait is of course the multiple limbs by which her title came to be. Instead of two arms, she had six. In addition to the regular two, another pair extend just below the shoulder and the third pair from her shoulder blades.

Special abilities

Due to her additional Limbs and affinity to the realm of magic, Magna has the ability to cast multiple spells at once, providing they only require somantic components. She can also summon multiple Mage Hands rather than the regular focus required for just one, giving her even more hands to make light work of her brewing and tavern keeping occupations.   Her fae influence has granted her longer life than her human heritage should allow, still appearing as a young woman despite being over a century old. She is also resistant to charm effects as elven and fae kin are, and inherited an ability to taste magical potential in objects.

Mental characteristics


Magna studied under traveling witches and wizards who would pass through her town to help control her innate magical gifts. Once she left home, she sought out more of these individuals to further her studies. Under one particular alchemist she met, she found a knack for mixing potions, able to identify possible magical properties of ingredients via taste due to her Fae influence.   From there she practiced more on potion brewing and developing more elixirs  and tonics she could sell to make a living. Since setting up The Crooked Pot, she has been furthering her recipes via her own experimentation.
Lawful Good
Current Location
Icey Blue
Ruled Locations

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