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Athiris is a former sky city that was landed during the Mortal Era. Upon its landing, its citizens set out to make the lands that became Velenshad their own. Now the city bears little resembelence to what it once looked like upon landing, with sprawling distrcits for citizenry, fields of golden wheat surrounding the city to feed its masses, the high riding towers one of the few marks of the Sky City that it had once been.


Athiris sits on the landed area of the Sky City it had once been. Due to this, there is a large cliff at the north end due to a slight mislanding that caused the city to be on a slant. The buildings have since been adjusted to match this incline. The cliff face known as the Winter Shadow, houses the more noble and weatlhy atop while the poorer live in the cliff's shadow, expecially during the winter months.   The area outside the area is grassy flatlands which have mostly been converted to farm land. The mountains to the north provide several streams and rivers of water that run down towards the city most of the year although the smaller ones often freeze over in the winter.
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