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Beatrix's Magical Boutique

This Magical Boutique sells various magical items its owner Beatirx can get her hands on. It's stock is often weird and wonderful, tempting adventurers, nobles, mechants and everything in between. She is also happy to buy magical items she thinks she can sell on for some profit.   The store's stock is always changing, many people and travelers stopping by Burnished Hearth due to its mercantile district.


Beatrix used to be an adventurer, a famed archer who worked with the Odd Jobbers to venture into rifts and retrieve magical artifacts and reagents. However on one venture into a rift she was drastically wounded in a fight which severed her left arm and blinded her right eye. With the money she had from her work and knowledge of magical items, she decided to set up a shop for her retirement due to her injuries.   With her contacts with the former employers, she is able to acquire magical items they gather in excess from their other jobs for a fee. Her stock is rather random and fluctuates, but in a busy City like Burnished Hearth, she has never struggled to find a buyer for most items.
Shop, Magic
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