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Forge of Crystal

The Forge of  Crystal is a large scale blacksmith in Burnished Hearth that is fueled by enchanted crystals rather than conventional fuel and fire. The smiths here are often trained in the art of imbueing their creations with magical properties, making is a popular, if expencive, place to get arms and armour.


The crystal forge used to be a regular forge until a group of adventurers found a new form of crystalised fire in a rift to the fire plan. The owner at the time purchased the crystals as a more stable means of heat he intended to stabalise some parts of the forging process. They turned out to be so effective however, he was soon commisioning more. As his wares improved in quality due to the stability of the heat provided, his buisiness grew and so he could afford more crystals.   It took two generations in his family but eventually the forge stopped using regular flame and had switched soley to using the crystalised fire. As Burnished Hearth was growing into a place more popular for the adventerous sort, the buisiness continued to grow, and when one member of the family took some time away to study enchanting she brought back a new avenue for the buisiness to focus on.   Eventually the forge grew too big for just one family to care for so was split and sold access to it to other well respected smiths and craftsmen. Now it is still owned by the Bretman family but the buisiness is largely run by a variety of apprentices and master smiths.
Craftsman, Blacksmith / Smithy
Parent Location

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