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The Continent of Ithirion is one of the smaller continents of Athoria. Due to its smaller size, its impact on the world war during the mortal Era was lesser. In addition, only a single sky city fell upon the continent, leaving it mostly untouched from the greater destructive events of the past.   In the current era, the continent id divided into 3 Nations. The kingdom of Velinshad, the Nation of Yalverway and the lands of the Frostwind Clans in the north west. Velinshad is the majour power of the continent, taking up most of its land mass after conquering other city states during the world war and spreading its influence.   Peace is mostly held in the region now with Velinshad and Yalverway having an aimiable relationship with each other. The Frostwind Clans hold the frozen lands in the north west and Velinshad seems content to leave them to their buisiness although always watch the borders for invasion or raiding parties from the Barabarian clans.

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