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WorldEmber Pledge

I, thechangeling, pledge to write a minimum of 10k for WorldEmber

So. WorldEmber huh. Been hearing about it since SummerCamp, and now its finally arrived. I gotta say, I'm pretty excited! Anyway, lets jump into this!
— me, lowkey very worried I will not make the goal


My base goal is to write at least 10k. During SummerCamp, I wrote over 20k, but that was in summer when classes and exams weren't something I had to worry about. Ideally I can get myself to write 25k, we'll see how that goes- but enough about word counts and all that stuff! Lets talk about worldbuilding :D

My current goal right now is to build a setting in which to run my DnD 5e campaign. As such, I will be focusing mostly on building up whatever it is my players might bump into next, as well as working on their backstories.
My campaign currently includes three players:

  • Gaelar, an Earth Genasi Druid (Circle of Stars)
  • Aldrick Hviteik, a Dwarf Fighter / Artificer
  • Amira, a Fighter (Echo Knight)
They are currently working some small jobs so they can get the money they need to travel, and accomplish their various goals (which all include finding items of some kind).


Gods and Religion

I have been working on the theological system of the Saohri Religion for some time now, and I'm hoping to finally wrap it up this December. Additionally, I am also planning on writing myths and developing key concepts of the religion.


I've mentioned a few organisations in my world which I never truly took the time to develop after. My goal here is to at least finish the stubs I have laying around, and then create a few more to have the tools to create conflict when I'll need them.

Species and Materials

I find my world to be really lacking in term of original species, be it flora or fauna. Often this is because I'll then have to stat them for my campaign, and god I feel way too lazy to do that. I'm also looking to expand on materials, especially those magical in nature.


Another gap in my worldbuilding is history. I'd like to develop the history of the various cultures and regions prominent in my campaign: how they arrived and conquered the lands they live in, who was there before them, what conflicts might've happened. I'll also take this as an opportunity to work on historical / ancient buildings and structures.

Cultures and Mysteries

In a similar spirit to the History section, I'd also like to develop the main cultures of my country. So far I've only worked on smaller specific groups, and I'd like to flesh out my main cultural groups (as well as older civilisations that might've existed, and what mysterious artefacts and buildings they might've left behind.)


I've written very little about the geography of the Danatelian Lands, and its probably about time I fix that. I'll be trying to outline the main features of the country and surrounding areas, just so I have an idea whats up.


Magic is a huge part of my world, and yet I've written very little about it. Magical items are especially important, as the most powerful ones are gifts and boons that come directly from the gods.


The last aspect I'd like to specifically touch on, is the characters I need to make for my campaign. Be it background characters, BBEG, future friendly NPC's- I want to have them ready for when my party meets them.

Articles and Ideas

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Gods and Religion


  • Council of Cities, an assembly of elected officials representing each of the seven major cities of the Danatelian Lands
  • Court of Masks, a mysterious organisation of powerful fae houses that rule over the Echo Woods
  • Order of Knife and Fork, a guild of cooks and adventurers who seek out to make the best food across the lands
  • The Well, a bureaucratic institution that watches over the actions of the Council of Cities, ratting out corruption wherever it can.

Species and Materials

  • Rust Fungus, a magical plant that rusts metal and releases dangerous spores.
  • Red Teeth Rabbits, dangerous predators that live in the Echo Woods
  • Magic Crystals (to be renamed), crystals found in a unique location that serve as powerful conductors for magic
  • Magical Flower who can be used to make magical ink by the Muhaket'in


  • The conflict of the 7 Cities - a war that lead to the unification of the cities and the creation of the danatelian country
  • Arrival of the Danatelians on the lands they now occupy / expulsion of the dwarves from their homes
  • Old Statue of an unnamed old cultures from the north of the country
  • History of the Danatelian Lands, a general article that I will use to establish the main events of the Danatelian lands

Cultures and Mysteries

  • Old Culture who lived in the danatelian lands long long time ago
  • Dwarven culture who know lives in the city of Sjöberg
  • Dwarven culture who lives in the rest of the Thunder Chains
  • Danatelian culture in general
  • possible minority culture who might've immigrated from nearby lands


  • Thunder Chains, a chain of mountains that cuts the Danatelian Lands for part of the continent
  • The Astral Plane, a plane of existence thats kind of like space
  • Ignares, the capital city of the Danatelian Lands
  • Sabaar, a small settlement in which the party currently is
  • Sjöberg, the city in which my entry for the Alliance Challenge took place
  • A general geographical look at the world
  • Northern Plains, the vast savannah north of the Danatelian Lands in which many nomadic tribes live
  • Craters of the Thunder Chains, where the moon Lykan came crashing from the sky.


  • Ancient Artefact: this old magical item is somewhere, something, made by someone, and Aldrick is looking for it (as well as Ismael)
  • more ancient artefacts


  • Ismael of the Stars, a mysterious but benevolent (to be) patron of the party. Who knows what it is he truly wants with them...
  • Barry the Lich (name subject to change), a powerful lich who will soon gain a growing interest of the party (by my design, of course)
  • A variety of NPC's pertaining to the various character's background


  • star touched - a possible condition that has to do with receiving a blessing from the stars? we'll see what that gives
  • Explaining Interarcanum, an article that gives an explanation of a few less evident aspects of the world.
  • plot: maybe make a plothook for my main campaign idea?


You will be able to find a progress of the articles I've written for WorldEmber here:

WorldEmber 2020 Progress
Generic article | Jan 6, 2021

A record of my participation in WorldEmber 2020!


Author's Notes

And week one of homework- kinda done! I still need to think of more article ideas, and then overthink every subject so I know exactly what I want to write about. Man I'm gonna be doing A Lot. If you read all the themes, congrats- but also (and I say this kindly): why?

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Nov 10, 2020 00:19 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Good luck! I'm particularly excited by the gods, because I love all the deities I've read about so far. Also very interested by the rust fungus, but that's because I love all things fungi. :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Nov 10, 2020 09:10 by TC

Thank you!! I'm looking forward to finally writing about the last of them too :), and same, love fungi, its great! Good luck to you too!

Creator of Arda Almayed
Nov 10, 2020 06:28 by Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)

I love your layout for this article. And I see you got a ton of interesting articles in store for us! :) Good luck!

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Nov 10, 2020 09:11 by TC

Thank you! I spent way too much time on it but at least it was worth it :), good luck to you too!

Creator of Arda Almayed
Nov 10, 2020 07:06

Yaaay! Another WorldEmber focused in a ttrpg campaign. I am really interested in your goals, particularly the "original species" one. It's always fun and interesting to check out the weird stuff that other people can make. I remember fondly your article on Spotted Hyenas from SC, so I'm sure the animals you create will be nice and cool.

Nov 10, 2020 09:13 by TC

Wooo! I was actually inspired by your own pledge document. And oh you still remember it, that means a lot :'), I hope I manage to deliver with the species I make up!

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Nov 13, 2020 10:05 by TJ Trewin

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your articles :D

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Nov 13, 2020 10:08 by TC

Thank you! And thank you for the follow too, means a lot :'), good luck to you too!

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