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Beacon School Calendar

The Beacon School Calendar is an in universe peace of merchandise currently in production.   Beacon is well known for its attractive student body, and after Weiss Schnee borrowed money from her father to rent out the Emerald Castle for the school's '81 Prom Yang Xiao Long proposed capitalizing on that with a 'racy calendar shoot' to raise money. Coco Adel used her contacts in the fashion industry to secure a crew, equipment and sponsors to provide clothing and cover costs. As of now, the calendar is only part way through production. The Calendar is being managed and overseen by Mark Ehr.    


  All girls featured in the calendar are current students of Beacon Academy, and all except Coco are amateurs with no professional modeling experience. The girls were selected solely based on physical attractiveness, and since Beacon is famous for its attractive students, the 12 most beautiful out of that bunch are stunning as a rule.   Because of this, Cinder Fall has marked all of them as prime broodmares for her lover, Jaune Arc. Every member of the 'Beacon 12' has recieved an aura sensing scroll which can monitor their location and physical condition - the fact that Jaune has close emotional ties so several of them and inhibitions about 'breaking' them has made their eventual seduction even more important to Cinder, who wants her 'master' to give in to temptation and take his rightful place, and sees his claiming of every girl on the list as a vital stepping stone to a full embrace of his powers.   Coco Adel, already one of Jaune's girls, has also independently tried to tempt Jaune into seducing the others by hiring him as a crew member for the shoot and teasing him like mad with their beautiful, half-naked bodies. Unlike Cinder, however, Coco is motivated principally by her own sexual gratification and not some grandiose scheme- Coco is herself attracted to the other girls and wants to use Jaune's irrestible charms to 'share' them.

Potential Models

  During the selection phase, Lavender Arc, Nebula Violette, Dew Gayl, Gwen Darcy and Octavia Ember were considered as candidates out of 400 potential Beacon Girls. Lavender declined, while Nebula, Dew, Gwen and Darcy were ultimately dropped for being too 'basic'.

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