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Velvet Scarlatina

Velvet Scarlatina is a senior Beacon Academy.    


  Velvet is a fair skinned Faunus girl with long brown hair, brown eyes, and a slim, slender build. Her Faunus trait is a pair of rabbit ears the same color as her hair that at full extension stand nearly a foot above her head. Velvet's ears often reflect her emotional state, perking up when she's happy, excited or otherwise experiencing positive emotions and drooping down when she's sad, anxious, disappointed or otherwise experiencing negative emotions.   Velvet is an extremely attractive young woman with modest breasts, long, toned legs and a pert rear. Considered one of the two most attractive women in her year at Beacon (alongside her best friend, Coco Adel, Velvet was one of 12 girls chosen for the Beacon School Calendar.      


  Velvet is a kind, friendly and shy young woman. She's largely pacifistic in nature, choosing not to engage with bullies or aggressors whenever possible, and she has sometimes gotten between friends trying to 'stick up for her' by harming them, although she does appreciate the gesture when it isn't taken to the extreme. Velvet is shown to be highly enthusiastic about topics that interest her, having spirited discussions about history, photography, theoretical dust science, etc, although she can be timid and awkward in novel social situations. Velvet has also admitted to being very lonely, having difficulty relating to most of her peers because of racial discrimination, differences in interest and her own introverted nature - when she does form a meaningful bond with another person she becomes extremely attached to them. Velvet is generally courteous to other people and tries to help them when possible.    

Personal History

  Velvet was born in Atlas early in the year 62 AGW, to William Scarlatina and Megan Scarlatina née : her father was a graduate student studying engineering and her mother was a foreign undergrad from The Kingdom of Vale who was in one of his sections. Velvet was an unplanned pregnancy and her conception led to a shotgun wedding between her two parents - the minor scandal led to her father transferring schools and taking a contract position with the Atlesian Military to support his new family, while her mother finished school via night classes and put her ambitions on hold to raise her infant daughter.   Relations in the Scarlatina household were strained but stable - both Will and Meg drifted apart after their initial passion faded away, though each was devoted to their daughter's well being. Will was a mild mannered man who rarely raised his voice and worked long hours, and often let tensions with his wife simmer rather than confronting her directly. There were fracture points that Velvet was aware of even at a young age- Will wanted more children while Meg quietly resented being relegated to the home and refused, wanting to rejoin the work force was Velvet was old enough to be sent to school. Furthermore, Will came from a comfortable middle class background in Atlas, while Meg was and foreigner and she and her daughter Faunus to boot, in the years after The Faunus Rights Revolution when racial tensions were very high. Will was largely sympathetic to the Atlesian regime, while Meg was highly critical of it. Ultimately, as domestic tensions within the Kingdom ratcheted up, the Scarlatina's marriage deteriorated and the couple ultimately filed for divorce in Velvet's early teens.   Meg ultimately returned to Vale and tried to take Velvet with her, setting the stage for a very nasty custody battle that was ultimately averted with the outbreak of the Atlesian Civil War. With chaos in their homeland, Will had every incentive to get his only child to sanctuary in another Kingdom, and ultimately ceded full custody to his ex-wife. Velvet would rarely see her father, due to spotty communications and infrastructure damage caused by the war, but he would encourage her intellectual pursuits, and helped her enroll at the prestigious Beacon Academy, where she would quickly distinguish herself as one of its top students.   Moving to a new Kingdom came with a profound sense of isolation and loneliness as well - Velvet as bullied relentlessly by other students at Beacon, due to her fairly timid demeanor, status as a 'teacher's pet' and because of her racial heritage- even many of the other Faunus students rejected her as a sell out and a mutt due to her mixed ancestry and affinity for human culture- the fact that her beloved father was a 'Blue' and thus a sworn enemy of militant Faunus groups such as the White Fang made matters worse. Velvet's mother Meg also drifted away from her daughter at this time, as the girl remained close to her father and increasingly became a reminder of her failed relationship and 'wasted time' in Atlas, a rift that was widened by Megan's tacit support of the 'Reds', the rebel coalition in the Civil War.   During this period Velvet would forge two particularly meaningful friendships- in her own class she became close with Coco Adel- while outgoing and popular, the other girl was also an aspiring model and Velvet was a skilled photographer. Coco would use her position in Beacon's social hierarchy to shield Velvet from the worst abuses and came to trust and care for Velvet deeply - while Coco was Velvet's only friend, in the superficial and shifting network of cliques and alliances Velvet became Coco's only 'real' friend. Coco also developed romantic feelings for Velvet at some point, although unlike her usual flings Coco was far less open about them and Velvet remains unaware of her friend's crush.   While at Beacon Academy, Velvet volunteered as a tutor for underforming students, and at some point she began working very regularly with an underclassman named Jaune Arc. Because of the mental energy required to suppress the superhuman libido and other side effects of his Arc Family Blessing, Jaune's grades suffered. Despite finding Velvet incredibly attractive and thus incredibly distracting, he continued to work with her, often cracking jokes and making small talk between assignments. Velvet grew to know Jaune as a sweet, funny, intelligent if somewhat scatterbrained young man and developed a serious crush of her own on the Arc, although she would only admit this to Coco, who regularly teased her for being a 'cradle robber'.   All this would come to a head when Sky Lark locked Velvet and her crush in a small room together as part of a prank. Jaune's powers were increasing at an ever growing rate and his self control was nearing its limits, and being forced into close contact with the beautiful bunny girl was too much for him to take. When Jaune came onto her, Velvet was momentarily shocked, but a number of factors, including increased sensitivity to his powerful pheromones, an intense pre-existing sexual/romantic attraction and submissive sexual tendencies quickly brought her under his sway and she became an enthusiastic, if inexperienced, partner. Before the pair could lose their virginities properly, however, Sky Lark interrupted, catching a half naked Velvet in the act performing oral sex on Jaune and snapping several photos of her. Sky intended to blackmail the girl for sexual favors, however, with Jaune's powers awakened and his aggressive impulses as uninhibited as his sexual ones he would respond by destroying Sky's phone and effortlessly beating the other boy within an inch of his life- only stopping short of killing him because a horrified Velvet begged him to stop.   Terrified by his loss of control, Jaune would distance himself from Beacon for over a week and cease all contact with Velvet and his fellow Beacon students. During this time Velvet would struggle with her own intensified attraction to the Arc, deeply regretting that they had been interrupted and wishing that she had been able to confess the full extent of her feelings - multiple failed attempts to craft an icebreaker text led to Velvet subconsciously writing out 'I love you', although she didn't feel brave enough to tell him that.


  Velvet is a Faunus with enhanced sensory capabilities compared to a baseline humans- specifically, her rabbit ears give her a more powerful sense of hearing, and she also has an enhanced sense of smell, being especially susceptible to pheromones.   Velvet is also highly intelligent and possesses a photographic memory, and is top of her class at Beacon Academy. She's also athletic, very flexible and limber, and is a skilled gymnast. Velvet is technically savvy and is able to work with dust and advanced electronic equipment, though her special expertise is with cameras and visual processing.   Because of her good looks, intellectual talents, and intimate relationship with Jaune Arc, Cinder Fall has highlighted Velvet as an excellent candidate broodmare for the young Arc's growing harem.
Date of Birth
February 14th, 62 AGW
Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair (II)
5'5 (166cm) [6'4/194cm with Rabbit Ears]
34-22-34 (32B)
Blood Type


William Scarlatina(father)
Megan Scarlatina(mother)

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