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Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is a major character in Arcadia: The Golden Era'. She is the daughter of Taiyang Xiao Long and Summer Rose and the younger half sister of Yang Xiao Long and the best friend of Jaune Arc.      


Ruby is a short, fair skinned young woman with silver eyes and neck length black hair with a reddish tint at the tips. She has a slender and petite figure hourglass figure, with a modest bust and a more prominent rear, and comparatively long, toned legs. Ruby tends to dress fairly conservatively, typically favoring black jeans and a red hoodie, which hides some of her assets, although she dons more standard Beacon athletic wear regularly for Track practice.   Two years younger than most of her classmates, Ruby spent most of her life as the 'baby' of the class; with the end of puberty putting her on the same developmental level as her peers, Ruby is now widely acknowledged as a 'babe', on par with the best at Beacon, a perceptual shift she was largely unaware of until recently due to her exceptionally close relationship with Jaune, which scared off most potential suitors. Ruby was one of 12 girls selected for the Beacon School Calendar.  


  Ruby is fairly introverted and often shy and uncomfortable around unfamiliar people, although among her circle of close friends she is much more assertive, outgoing and lively, often acting as the de facto leader of her friend group, especially in Jaune's absence. Ruby's interests tend towards her long term goal of engineering and weapons design, although she also enjoys video games, action and horror movies, alternative rock music and sweets. While occasionally coming off as childish- regularly pouting or using 'puppy dog eyes' to get her way, especially with her older sister, Ruby has demonstrated a considerably strong will and strength of character- when being picked on as a small child, she regularly fought back against larger and more numerous attackers, and was especially fierce whenever her friends were involved. As a teenager, Ruby unhesitatingly stood between two much larger boys to break up a fight between them, and was willing to call out a teacher when she felt what she was saying was factually and morally wrong- whatever shyness or timidity Ruby may display in novel social interactions is overridden by her sense of right and wrong and her loyalty to her friends.   Ruby has some insecurities about being younger, weaker and less developed than many of her friends, especially her older sister and especially during her childhood - when she was convinced that she had no chance of winning over their mutual crush, Jaune, Ruby essentially gave up on all interest in romance and did her best to repress whatever feelings she had. Ruby also tends to prioritize other people's feelings above her own, trying to hide her own emotional pain at Jaune's post exile withdrawal from his friends in order to support him as best as she could after he essentially lost his entire family. Ruby is also fairly easy to fluster and is teased frustratingly often by her friends and family.

Personal History

  Ruby was born to Taiyang Xiao Long and Summer Rose in the fall of 65 AGW, and quickly formed a close attachment to her elder half-sister Yang Xiao Long. Due to her advanced intellect and her refusal to be separated from her older sister, Ruby was allowed to begin Kindergarten two years early and track in the same class as Yang.   Noticeably smaller and weaker than all of her peers, Ruby was relentlessly teased as the 'baby' of the class and subject to intense bullying, although she also forged a close friendship with one of her classmates, Jaune Arc Jaune and Yang were fierce protectors of Ruby throughout their early childhood and the group remained incredibly tight knit throughout elementary and middle school. Ruby cared for them both dearly but felt inadequate as the weak link of the group that had to be defended, and regularly pushed herself to keep up with the older children- she also felt somewhat jealous of the natural camaraderie between Yang and Jaune and especially jealous as both sisters developed romantic feelings for the boy- when the concept of marriage was first properly explained to her a young Ruby broke down in tears because if Yang and Jaune paired off their would be no one left for her. Mutual romantic jealousy was the cause of virtually all the serious fights between the sisters throughout the childhood, which they did their damndest to keep Jaune in the dark about and which exasperated their father Tai to no end.   By the time the older children hit puberty, Ruby had more or less resigned herself to losing the inevitable romantic battle and did her best to come to terms with it, although that expectation would be thrown at the window after Jaune was exiled from his family on his 15th birthday. Ruby would do what she could to comfort her friend and watch in shock and pain as the close friendship between Jaune and Yang evaporated. Ruby became relatively closer to Jaune as he and her sister drifted apart, although the casual physical intimacy of early childhood had dissipated by that point- while Yang was deeply hurt by Jaune's increasingly withdrawn and disinterested behavior Ruby did her best to accommodate the new status quo, although she too felt the strain and after two years of no real contact a simple hug from her friend was enough to cause her to break down into tears.   Ruby remained Jaune's closest friend throughout their years at Beacon Academy and continued to nurse/repress what she thought was an unrequited crush on the boy - unaware that physical changes brought on by the Arc Family Blessing supercharged his libido, and not only did her find her increasingly attractive but his attempt to create distance between them was mostly to prevent him from losing control and breeding her. Ruby remained on good terms with her older sister, although different social circles and increasingly different schedules naturally led the two to drift apart a bit - something that would also weigh on Ruby's mind (Ruby would even chide herself for 'missing' Yang when she was right down the hall and hypothetically available whenever her little sister needed her). Ruby would cling closely to her friends, trying to maintain a bond with the increasingly distant Jaune and eagerly accepting any opportunity for prolonged contact with her sister.   During their freshman year Ruby and Jaune became good friends with Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren, with Nora essentially becoming her closest female friend during this period. Ruby also joined the track team at some point, and formed a friendly athletic rivalry with Pyrrha Nikos and a mostly friendly academic rivalry with Weiss Schnee.   When Jaune's powers came to a head and his self control was pushed to its limits, Ruby was the first person to notice, and spearheaded the effort to diagnose his 'condition' and help him recover. After Jaune outright stopped coming to school, a confrontation with Ruby was the only thing that prevented him from renouncing his old life at Beacon entirely, and her refusal to leave him even after being partly informed of his 'aggressive impulses' led to the pair reconciling. Ruby is unaware of the sexual nature of Jaune's 'urges' or the girls he's enthralled to satisfy them, and Jaune is presently intent on keeping it that way. After their reconciliation the two became much closer, often hugging, casually touching one another, etc, and Jaune has noticeably become more possessive of and flirtatious with her, despite his internal insistence that Ruby and his friends ought to be left out of his growing harem. The increased physical and emotional intimacy and signs of sexual interest in her have only rekindled Ruby's long dormant romantic feelings for her best friend- as of chapter 28 Ruby has admitted to herself that she loves him and wants to be with him, even if she's unsure of how to make that happen. The open interest of other attractive women such as Velvet, Pyrrha and Yang has given the inexperienced girl plenty of reason to figure something out fast. Cinder Fall's interest in growing her master's harem to create a powerful new generation of Arcs has led her to single out Ruby as an incredibly high value mate for Jaune as well.

Powers and Abilities

  Ruby is a baseline human subject to the limitations of The Bloodline Curse, although her latent aura has powerful and unusual properties.   She and her mother, Summer possess the extraordinarily rare trait of Silver Eyes, which imbues powerful anti-Grimm magic into their aura. With the millennia long absence of the Creatures of Grimm, her powers are unlikely to activate, and she and most of the world remain unaware of their potential significance.   Ruby is highly intelligent and has shown considerable abilities with the creation of novel software and hardware, and limited abilities as a hacker, although her personal passion is weapons design.   Ruby is also a talented distance runner, notably able to press Pyrrha Nikos in longer distances.   Her exceptional attractiveness, emotional connection with Jaune and unusual aura have led Cinder to single her out as a key potential mate for Jaune, perhaps the most important conquest of all.
Date of Birth
October 31st, 65 AGW
Current Residence
12 Patch Circle, South Belle, Lusitan Province, Vale
Black (Red)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Very Fair (I)
5'1 (156cm)
Blood Type
33-20-33 (32B)


Taiyang Xiao Long (father)
Summer Rose (mother)
Yang Xiao Long (half-sister)
Qrow Branwen (adoptive uncle)

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