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Coco Adel

Coco Adel is professional model and a senior at Beacon Academy. Coco is the Senior Class President at Beacon and widely regarded as the 'Queen Bee' of the school. She is close friends with fellow student Velvet Scarlatina, who she has unrequited romantic feelings for - that attachment would ultimately lead her into the arms of Jaune Arc, as the newest member of his rapidly growing harem.  


  Coco is a tall, fair skinned young woman/ She has dark brown, neck length hair with a single caramel gradient strand the extends down to her right shoulder, and brown eyes, which are usually concealed by her trademark sunglasses. She has a classic hourglass figure (36-24-36) and a toned, slender build.   Coco is a well known fashionista with a large and intricate wardrobe, which often incorporates shades of brown, and she is rarely seen without her signature black beret. She is considered extremely attractive by her peers and is regarded as one of the best looking women at Beacon Academy.    


  Coco is a bold and confident, take charge young woman with an unusually strong will. Beautiful, vain and very conscious of her appearance, Coco appreciates the finer things in life like wearing beautiful clothes and slipping into the beds of beautiful women. Coco has a manipulative streak and is comfortable outmaneuvering adults and rivals in business and romantic affairs - ordering her manager, Mark around, and soliciting men for threesomes to shamelessly steal their girlfriends away from them.   However, Coco does have a softer side, and has shown loyalty and genuine care for the people close to her- despite being popular having a large number of 'friends' Coco is especially close to Velvet, who she has one-sided romantic feelings for. Coco can be incredibly protective of the few people she lets in to her life, although she isn't above manipulating them either, even if she has their interests in mind as well.  

Personal History

  Coco is the 2nd of 4 children and has 3 brothers, Toma, Mate and Van.   She quickly established herself as the 'Queen Bee' at Beacon and was elected class president every year she was at school. Coco also joined the swim team, in order to stay in shape and free up her evenings for modeling, a career she began at some point while at Beacon. Coco's talents for modeling were obvious early on but her opportunities were limited as her parents insisted she finish school rather than work full time, and partly because of this Coco has mostly worked for comparatively minor or moderately prestigious customers, despite her sex appeal and ambitions. Coco is also fairly sexually experienced, mostly with women, although she has some experience with men and occasionally engages in threesomes, largely to seduce otherwise heterosexual women away from their boyfriends, who were too eager to sample Coco to recognize the risk.

Coco met Velvet through collaboration with the photography club and developed a genuine attachment to the girl, which she contrasts with the more superficial relationships she has with most of her peers. Coco has at various points used her considerable influence within the school to minimize the bullying the bunny Faunus experiences, at one point leaking a classmate's nudes in retaliation for her assault on Velvet.   After Velvet's fizzled encounter with Jaune Arc, Coco consoled her lovesick friend, and came up with a plan to expose Jaune Arc's true reasons for pulling away from the girl, and hopefully create an opportunity to woo her over for herself. This plan backfired spectacularly, when Jaune revealed that he largely returned Velvet's feelings and was afraid of hurting her. Jaune also immediately recognized Coco's less than innocent motives for wanting Velvet to get over him, and the subsequent confrontation between the pair led to the fashionista falling under the Arc's sway.   Coco adjusted to her newfound attraction to Jaune surprisingly easily, seeing the man as a golden opportunity: Jaune's own powers make him irresistibly attractive and a god in bed, so through him Coco could have a stud she'd enjoy sleeping with for his own sake and easy access to a harem of his other girls. While trying to chip away at his reservations with claiming Velvet and the other Calendar Girls, Coco took an unusually submissive posture, though she initially resisted Jaune's instinctive demands for unprotected sex- though hours of edging eventually broke her will, by that point Jaune had an appointment with another girl, and finally let Coco climax before leaving the job unfinished and letting Coco marinate until she came to him on her own.   Running out the clock narrowly prevented Coco from getting pregnant, as her own estimates after the fact suggested that she was extremely fertile on the day of their first encounter. While thoroughly enamored with Jaune at this point, Coco regained enough self control to schedule their next liaison on the closest 'safe day', and also hired the Arc to work on the set of the Calendar photoshoot, exposing him to some of Beacon's sexiest women and piquing their interest in them as well.   After briefly meeting Cinder over the phone, Coco consummated her new relationship with Jaune properly after the photo-shoot. Cinder notes that despite her efforts to avoid impregnation, Jaune's overwhelimg potency and Coco's infatuation with him made it virtually inevitably that he would breed her sooner or later.     Coco eagerly teamed up with Weiss Schnee to organize the Beacon School Calendar, partly in order to advance her own career.   .    


    Coco is a baseline Human. Coco is a member of the swim team and is fairly athletic- she's also fairly shrewd, intelligent, and seductive, good at reading people and leading them where she wants them to go.   Coco, either due to her lesbian preferences or strong will, was able to partially resist the sway of Jaune's Blessing, refusing an order for several hours despite experiencing overwhelming sexual desire and orgasm denial.
Date of Birth
June 11th, 62 AGW(18y/o)
Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair (II)
5'7 (171cm)[6'0 in heels]
136lbs (62kg)
Blood Type
36-24-36 (34C)


Mr. Adel(father)
Mrs. Adel(mother)
Toma Adel(brother)
Mate Adel(brother)
Van Adel(brother)

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