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Pyrrha Nikos

Pyrrha Nikos is an elite athlete and a junior at Beacon Academy.  


  Pyrrha is a tall, fair skinned young woman with an athletic, statuesque figure, long red hair that is often pulled back into a ponytail, and vivid green eyes.   Pyrrha is extremely fit and remarkably good looking - a straw poll of Beacon's boys voted her 'best body overall' at the school and Jaune has described her figure as if it were a "masterpiece" that was "carved from marble by one of the greatest sculptors of all time, like a proud Mistrali goddess of victory". While she is more muscular than most of her peers, she retains considerable feminine curves, with the narrator stating "any excess fat in her body had gone straight to her ass and tits." Naturally, she was one of the 12 girls selected for the Beacon School Calendar.


  Pyrrha is a kind, polite and hardworking person. While she excels academically and athletically, being one of Beacon Academy's top students and one of the greatest athletes in the world, she is far less experienced socially, as many of her peers put her on a pedestal and treat her more as an idol than a friend or classmate. Pyrrha is more formal and reserved with her friends than most people her age, and is woefully inexperienced with romance despite being one of Beacon's most desirable girls, as most men won't even approach her.   Pyrrha has a great deal of natural talent but prides herself on pushing herself to her limits, and in non-social spheres she is very confident and has an intensely competitive streak - the thought of another person being able to rival her thrills her, and she encourages her competitors. Her greatest irritant at her success is that so few people bother to challenge her or see her as an equal, and she often becomes awkward and withdrawn when people recognize her as a celebrity. This dissatisfaction was severe enough for Pyrrha to beg her parents to relocate from their home in Argus to Vale in the hopes that foreigners at the elite Beacon Academy wouldn't put her on such a high pedestal. Her relationship with her own parents is stable and fairly healthy, as they have always supported and encouraged their daughter.   Pyrrha places a very high value on the relationships she's made with others her age, especially her friends at the Babe Table, although she's on reasonably good terms with Nora Valkyrie and Ruby Rose as well. Pyrrha lacks romantic experience or an outlet for her sexual desires, which are increasingly focused on Jaune Arc, who she is intensely physically attracted to, although her fascination with Jaune Arc is also augmented by the boy's kindness and relative disinterest in her fame or status. Pyrrha has been uncharacteristically timid in pursuing those desires, especially after learning that Jaune is involved with other women, although she remains interested and fairly distraught that she 'missed her chance.'

Personal History

    Pyrrha was born in Argus at the end of 62 AGW to Alexander Nikos and Calypso Nikos. Pyrrha was a diligent and gifted young woman who early on displayed incredible athletic abilities, specializing in track and field and winning many events at a young age. By her late teens, she had won the gold medal at the World Junior Heptathlon and held the record for fastest 100m sprint, making her arguably the fastest woman alive. Her fame and renown made it increasingly difficult to relate to her peers, however, and after being constantly mobbed by paparazzi and practically worshiped at school, she and her parents left their home town, at Pyrrha's insistence, both for the family's security and privacy, and in the hopes that their daughter would be able to live a somewhat normal life somewhere else. Pyrrha's parents were incredibly proud of her achievements and were willing to relocate across the world to protect their daughter. They also hired a manager for her and began overseeing the financial aspects of her various sponsorships and appearances.   Pyrrha's sterling academic record and outstanding athletic achievements led to Beacon Academy offering her a full scholarship; as a result the Nikos family ultimately settled in Vale. Pyrrha had hoped that at the elite academy her fellow students would consider her more of a peer and less of an unattainable icon, but she was only partly successful- many of her classmates continued to idolize her, although there were fewer rabid fans than in her own kingdom and her home address was successfully kept from paparazzi, allowing her family some measure of privacy. However, unlike in Argus, Pyrrha was able to find a handful of true friends, and by the end of her freshman year had become close friends with Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long, forming the famed Babe Table clique. Pyrrha also developed a friendly rivalry with her teammate Ruby Rose, and began cross-training with Nora Valkyrie. Through these two, Ruby especially, Pyrrha formed a vicarious friendship with Jaune Arc, and quickly developed a crush on him, although she was inexperienced and hesitant to act on it.   By early 81 AGW, Pyrrha reluctantly agreed to appear in the Beacon School Calendar and leverage her fame to raise money for the upcoming junior prom- in exchange her friends encouraged her to make a move on her longtime crush. However, by this point Jaune had begun to accept his nature as a True Arc and began forming a small harem, unbeknownst to all but a few of his peers. Pyrrha's confession was ultimately derailed when she overheard Jaune on the phone with one of his conquests, Cinder Fall and assumed he was off the market. Pyrrha would later learn from her friends that Jaune was sleeping around outside of Beacon Academy, and she was both jealous and dismayed. While she still considers Jaune 'taken', Pyrrha remains hung up on the boy, and she as been singled out by Cinder as a prime potential mate for her master.


Pyrrha is a baseline human, albeit a remarkably fast and strong one. Pyrrha is incredibly agile and very fast for a mundane human- she has won multiple gold medals in world athletic events and is favored to win several events outright in the upcoming Vytal Games, making her one of the most elite humans without an active Blessing.   Pyrrha is also very bright, sitting just behind Weiss Schnee and Lie Ren in Beacon's class rankings, and often competing with them for top marks, while balancing a career as a world famous athlete.   Because of her great beauty, intelligence and phenomenal physique, Cinder Fall has singled out Pyrrha as an excellent potential broodmare for Jaune Arc's harem.
Date of Birth
November 29th, 62 AGW
Current Residence
1300 Aurelian Avenue, City of Vale, Foix Province, Vale
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Medium (III)
5'8 (174cm)
140lbs (63.5kg)
Blood Type
36-24-36 (32D)


Alexander Nikos(father)
Calypso Nikos(mother)

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