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Blake Belladonna

Blake Belladonna is a junior at Beacon Academy and a member of the Babe Table friend group.A Faunus born in Menagerie, Blake came with her family to Vale on a diplomatic mission several years before the start of the story: she is the daughter of High Cheiftain Ghira Belladonna and Kali Belladonna.  


Blake is a fair-skinned young woman with a toned, slender figure, wavy black hair and amber eyes. Her Faunus trait is a pair of black cat ears on top of her head. Blake's cat ears have a tendency to fold down or otherwise move in sync with her emotional state, much like the ears of an actual cat.   Described as a 'mysterious,exotic yet classical beauty', Blake is widely considered to be one of the most attractive young women at Beacon Academy, and was 1 of 12 girls selected for the Beacon School Calendar. Special attention is generally given to her ass, the famed 'Bellabooty': in an informal vote by her male peers, Blake won 'Best Ass' in the school.  


  Blake is comparatively introverted, standoffish and aloof, often taking some time to warm up to people and generally keeping to herself. She does enjoy spending time with her friends, though she is just as comfortable reading by herself or even with them in the background. Blake has a wry, sardonic sense of humor, but beneath her cynicism is a romantic and political idealist who longs for a better world and cares deeply for her people and her loved ones.   When she was younger, Blake was heavily influenced by the militant wing of The White Fang and adopted hardline pro-Faunus, anti-Human views. After relocating to Vale, Blake's worldview moderated considerably- while still a staunch advocate for Faunus Equality, she rejected any notions of Faunus Supremacy and forged close friendships with several of her Human peers (notably Yang Xiao Long, Pyrrha Nikos and Weiss Schnee . That being said, Blake retains a romantic disinterest in Human males, which disqualified most of her classmates at Beacon Academy. Blake is still capable of feeling attraction to Human males, though she only dates Faunus; Blake has been noted by friends and family alike to have a strong preference for 'bad boys'. Blake also regularly reads smut and has an intense interest in sex, though she is frequently embarrassed whenever any of her friends point her proclivities out.   Blake is also something of a people watcher- while she rarely speaks she's a very astute listener, and her sharpened senses allow her to pick up on cues most of her peers have missed- her enhanced sense of smell allows her to pick up on sexual arousal under the right circumstances, for example, something she is often vexed and fascinated by. Blake is also a bit of a gossip, enjoys sharing choice tidbits of information with her friends, such as Jaune's sexual exploits outside the school. That being said, she has also demonstrated restraint in some circumstances, refusing to divulge Velvet's feelings for the young Arc out of respect for her privacy.    

Personal History

Blake Belladonna was born in early 63 AGW to the then High Leader of the White Fang, Ghira Belladonna, and his wife, Kali, who had recently eloped from clan Moksha to be with Ghira. The pair were veterans of The Faunus Rights Revolution and helped found and guide the Fang in its early years to promote peace and nonviolent protest for Faunus rights, causes that Blake was immersed in from an early age.   Blake practically grew up in The White Fang and during her pre-teen years she drifted into its more militant and chauvinistic wing, and developed a fair number of prejudices against Humans. Her comparatively moderate parents were horrified at the direction the Fang and their daughter were drifting towards, and especially disapproved of Blake's budding relationship with the older and extremely militant Adam Taurus; after several heated arguments and a failed attempt to runaway from her family, Blake was forcibly separated from the Fang after Ghira took on a diplomatic posting in Vale , the most prominent of the majority Human Kingdoms, dragging his daughter, kicking and screaming, away from her friends in the budding terrorist group.   While in Vale, Blake's views moderated considerably, and she forged close friendships with several human girls , and rejected the notion of Faunus Supremacy. She even became personal friends with the heiress of the hated Schnee Dust Company, although she remained disinterested in interracial romance with Human males.   Blake has maintained an on/off relationship with Sun Wukong while at Beacon, typically following the cyclical pattern of dumping him after her gets too comfortable and lovey dovey with her only to fall back into a relationship after he pulls away- the pattern is so predictable that her friends are able to predict when the couple will be 'on' and make long term plans around it.   She is a member of Beacon's Tennis Team.  

Powers and Abilities

  Blake is an athletic young woman who is highly intelligent and agile. Her Faunus ears greatly enhance her sense of hearing; her sense of smell and sight generally exceed that of a baseline Human- Blake is able to smell and identify pheromones and also has fairly sharp night vision.   Due to the bloodline curse, Blake does not have access to her aura or her semblance. Due to her beauty and family political connections, Cinder Fall has highlighted Blake as a prime candidate for Jaune's harem.
Date of Birth
January 19th, 63 AGW
Current Residence
1227 Amity Avenue, City of Vale, Lutetia Province, Vale
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Medium (III)
5'5 (165cm)
128lbs (58kg)
Blood Type
35-23-36 (32C)


Ghira Belladonna (father)
Kali Belladonna (mother)

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