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Cinder Fall

Cinder Fall is a powerful Blessed and a junior majoring in psychology at Magenta University. She was also the first full member of Jaune Arc's harem and is his de facto lieutenant and confidant as he enters the shadowy world of hidden Blessings and super-humans.    


  Cinder is a tall, fair skinned young woman with ash black hair, gold eyes and a trim, classic hourglass figure. Cinder's hair is often tucked over her left shoulder and her bangs sometimes obscure her left eye.   Cinder is described as a 'ravishing beauty' and 'one of the best looking women Jaune has ever met' (which is notable considering he attends Beacon Academy, a school world renowned for its attractive student body.)  


    Cinder is a ruthless, ambitious and cynical young woman whose basic survival strategy is to seek out as much power as she can get her hands on at any and all costs. Hardened by an abusive childhood and the harsh realities of the criminal underground and the Blessed clans that rule it from the shadows, Cinder is perfectly willing to get her hands dirty and has lied, stolen, cheated and killed in order to protect herself and advance her goals. Superficially charming, warm, and playfully flirtatious, Cinder hides behind a carefully crafted mask in interactions with most people, sizing them up as threats or assets. Seeing knowledge as a crucial source of power, Cinder reflexively picks people's psyches apart and aims to control them, seeking power as a means to hurt rather than being hurt, and she above all loathes being placed in a position of vulnerability.   The greatest exception to this is Jaune Arc, who she initially saw as a valuable tool before being exposed to the potent effects of his Family Blessing. Cinder, being an astute observer of aura and semblances, is fully aware of the aphrodisiac properties the young Arc's body, aura and pheromones possess, as well as the psychological conditioning brought about by repeated intercourse with a True Arc, and while initially she was unnerved by its she's fully embraced its hold- the natural infatuation it induces as a side effect of the extreme arousal and submission is the closest thing she's ever had to a genuine connection with another person, and Cinder has rapidly gone from seeing her new lover as a potential means to an end to an end in himself, at least as important as herself, if not moreso. Rather than wielding power over Jaune, Cinder wants to wield power through him, ruling by his side as the Queen of a Kingdom she could never build herself.   More exceptionally, Jaune is the only person she trusts enough to show any kind of vulnerability towards, as her submitting to him has not only brought her euphoric pleasure, but Jaune has seen her at her weakest and treated her with compassion and affection, something that Cinder has very little personal experience. Seeing a small interaction between them, Emerald Sustrai noted that for once her 'friend' seemed genuinely happy.   This happiness comes with a darker side, as her ability to love other people does not extend far beyond her master and she is more than willing to sacrifice any and everyone else for his benefit the same way she'd sacrifice them for hers, and while she is increasingly attached to Jaune's more caring, sensitive side she is also actively scheming to encourage his most aggressive and domineering tendencies, whatever the consequences his other conquests might face.  

Personal History



    Cinder is a powerful Blessed with a very large aura pool and very fine control over that aura. Her semblance, Scorching Caress, allows her to heat her hands to extremely high temperatures without taking damage from it, and gives her the ability to incinerate unshielded targets on contact and cut through metal effortlessly. Cinder has the usual suite of aura abilities, including a shield that prevents her from taking physical damage until it is exhausted, enhanced strength, speed and endurance, moderate perception boosts and a healing factor that allows her to recover from exhaustion and injury far more quickly than a baseline human.   Cinder is also a 'sensor' who has developed the ability to 'feel' the aura of the people around her, getting a rough sense of its amount and properties, although she is less adept at this skill than Raven Branwen. Cinder is also skilled in hand to hand combat.   Cinder excels at manipulating people, and extrapolating information from a limited dataset- she is able to very quickly discern the nature of Jaune, Raven, Qrow and Clover's semblances after a brief interaction with the former and reading an after action report compiled by her subordinates with the latter three. She was also able to deduce that Mason Arc was probably a Blessed, and simultaneously too dangerous to confront directly, although she did not understand why he was so powerful until she made contact with his son.   Cinder has noted that she herself is probably Jaune's best possible mate for the purposes of bearing True Arc offspring, although her plans mean that she would like to delay getting pregnant and foist broodmare duties onto other girls in the short term, as she is a more valuable asset on the field, although once the 'family' is more secure she's much more amenable to the idea.
Date of Birth
December 20th, 59 AGW
Current Residence
921 Otoño street (#314), City of Vale, Lutetia Province, Vale
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair (II)
131lbs (59.4kg)
Blood Type
35-24-36 (32C)