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Nora Valkyrie

Nora Valkyrie is a junior at Beacon Academy. Soon after moving to Vale as a toddler, Nora formed a close childhood friendship with Lie Ren. When the pair reached high school they became good friends with Ruby Rose and Jaune Arc.  


  Nora is a short, voluptuous, fair-skinned young woman with orange hair and turquoise eyes. Nora has a toned, athletic physique but has retained a considerable amount of curves, with wide hips, toned glutes and a prominent bust.   Nora was one of 12 girls selected for the Beacon School Calendar and is widely regarded as one of the most attractive girls in the school. Her small stature and curvaceous figure have led some to describe her as a 'shortstack' (short and stacked).    


  Nora is an eccentric, friendly and mischievous young woman with a boundless energy and a wicked sense of humor. Nora is very talkative and has an active imagination, typically filling silences left by her more reserved friends. Nora often becomes uncomfortable when forced to sit still for long periods of time and has difficulty focusing in class, often distracting herself with tangents that have little to do with her assigned work. That being said Nora is intelligent enough to keep pace with her fellow students at Beacon, even if she isn't one of the higher performing students.   Those who don't know her well often regard her as ditzy, unpredictable and aggressive- Nora is considered to be a 'basketcase' by most of Beacon's population. While Nora can be quixotic and quick to anger, she generally plays this up for her own amusement and is one of the more emotionally mature students in the main cast - being very aware of her feelings for Ren and the reasons why she hesitates to confess them, supportive of Ruby and Pyrrha and their romantic feelings for Jaune Arc and generally very open, loyal and warm with her friends. She's also fairly skilled at reading other people.  

Personal History

  Nora was born out of wedlock to Dahlia Valkyire and an unknown father in the city of Windpath, just outside the Kingdom of Mistral. Dahlia Valkyrie was the second child and was decades younger than her brother, Ben - the Valkyrie's had been trying for a second child for a very long time and regarded the girl as their 'miracle child' after finally succeeding. The Valkyrie family was fairly poor and lived in a rough part of town; Nora's mother, Dahlia, had fallen in with 'the wrong crowd', often fooling around with the local gangsters and troublemakers. Dahlia did not want to have a child and initially intended to terminate the pregnancy, however, her parents, who had supported and even spoiled her as best they could up until that point, threatened to cut her off financially if she did. Dahlia never warmed to her unwanted daughter and resented her for taking away her carefree life. Ultimately, loan sharks tracked down and threatened Nora's mother- Dahlia disappeared to evade them, leaving her young daughter behind to their tender mercies. Fortunately, the goons had no interest in harming a toddler, and turned the girl over to her grandparents. Unfortunately, they also saddled the family with their absent daughter's debts. Unable to care for Nora due to declining health and finances, and quietly resenting the little girl that resembled their fallen 'miracle child' more and more by the day, the decision was made to send Nora to live in Vale with her uncle and his wife, May, who had also suffered from fertility issues and never had a child of their own.   The move was ultimately a positive - Ben and May were loving parents, even if they could hardly keep up with the girl, and as fate would have it, they lived right down the street from the Ren family. Nora would meet Lie Ren at the age of two, and the pair quickly became inseparable. At some point before starting high school, Nora's interest in Ren became romantic, although despite perpetual hints he has yet to take the bait and upgrade the relationship, and she has yet to make her feelings more explicit. Nora was a very successful athlete, although she trailed Ren academically, and she ultimately followed him to the illustrious Beacon Academy on an athletic scholarship as part of the Weightlifting Team.   During freshman year at Beacon Nora and Ren would befriend Jaune Arc and Ruby Rose, often sitting together at the same lunch table. By junior year the group was close enough that Ren and Nora helped Ruby investigate possible issues with Jaune's health, and participated in the interrogation of his family members. Nora was also singled out at this time for inclusion in the Beacon School Calendar as one of the Academy's most beautiful young women.  


  Nora is a baseline human, albeit one abnormally strong for her size - without the aid of a semblance or an active aura Nora is able to bench press nearly twice her weight. Her form and power are considerable enough that she's able to compete on a national level. Because of her superb physique, sexual attractiveness and pre-existing friendship with Jaune, Cinder Fall has singled Nora out as a valuable possible addition to Jaune's harem.
Date of Birth
April 1st, 63 AGW
Current Residence
1066 Floral Lane, Chysanthemum, Foix Province, Vale
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Very Fair (I)
5'0 (153cm)
125lbs (57kg)
Blood Type
35-24-34 (32D)


unknown father
Dahlia Valkyire(mother)
Ben Valkyire(uncle)
May Valkyrie(aunt)
unnamed grandparents

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