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Yang Xiao Long

Yang Xiao Long

Yang Xiao Long is a major character in 'Arcadia:The Golden Era'. She is the older half sister of Ruby Rose and the childhood best friend of Jaune Arc, although the friends have been somewhat estranged as a result of Jaune avoiding while attempting to fight the temptations of his Blessing. This estrangement has hurt Yang very deeply, though she does her best not to show it. Yang is the eldest daughter of Taiyang Xiao Long, and the adoptive daughter of Summer Rose. Her biological mother, Raven Branwen, abandoned her after she was born to take control of The Branwen Tribe.        


  Yang is a tall, fair skinned, voluptuous young woman, with, long, wavy golden blonde hair, lilac eyes that turn red when her aura flares up, and a very pronounced hourglass figure.   Yang is exceptional beauty, even by the standards of Beacon Academy. One of the four members of the fabled Babe Table, Yang was voted 'best chest' at Beacon in a straw poll of the school's boys. Yang was one of 12 girls selected for the Beacon School Calendar.  


  Yang Xiao Long is an extroverted, confident and bright young woman, who is generally cheerful, friendly and irreverent, although she can be quick to anger and is fiercely protective of the people she loves. She also can be mature, nurturing and motherly, often encouraging her close friends and acting as a confident for their fears, anxieties and desires.   In her youth, Yang was often described as a tomboy, although in her teenage years her peers and interests have tilted more stereotypically feminine. Throughout her life, however, Yang has had somewhat of a vain streak, and is especially proud and protective of her hair - something that Jaune often used to irritate her to no end by messing with it throughout their childhood. Yang is well aware of her many admirers and takes considerable pride in her feminine charms, although she won't hesitate to scare off unwanted suitors- even to the point of punching them in the nuts in the case of Cardin Winchester.   Known for her killer rack, horrible puns and fierce temper, Yang is a hot commodity on Beacon's dating scene and a notorious flirt. Despite this, Yang has "never clicked" with any of the boy's she's dated, and never been in a relationship that lasted more than two months.   Despite her cheery and confident outlook, Yang has abandonment issues and deep insecurities stemming from her mother's abandonment of her at birth, and later her estrangement from her close childhood friend, Jaune Arc, feelings that only intensified after she learned the full story of her mother's past and present role in the Branwen Criminal Enterprise.  

Personal History

  Yang was born to Taiyang Xiao Long and Raven Branwen in the summer of 63 AGW. Both her parents were VSS operatives at the time, although Raven ultimately defected from the group to return to a life of crime, and abandoned Yang when she realized her daughter did not inherit her status as a Blessed. Tai's other team members, Summer Rose and her biological uncle Qrow Branwen helped raise her in her early years, with Summer Rose quickly establishing herself as Tai's new romantic partner and Yang's surrogate mother- Summer was such a fixture in her life that Yang believed she was her birth mother until she was 8. Summer would give birth to a daughter of her own, Yang's half-sister Ruby, when Yang was 2, and the pair were raised as full siblings.   Yang attended Oum Elementary, alongside her younger sister, who was promoted two grades to stay with her sibling- the pair were put in their mother's class, to ease the transition. Ruby was the subject of extensive bullying by her older peers, and Yang often got into fights defending her baby sister from the others. On their first day of Kindergarten the pair met Jaune Arc, and the new trio became fast friends- Yang and Jaune were especially close and worked together to protect Ruby, leading many of their peers to tease them as a 'husband and wife' looking after their 'baby'. The girls also got to know Jaune's sisters to some extent, and were on reasonably good terms with most of them, though Yang would later claim that she "never liked" Azora Arc. Yang and Ruby developed a crush on their friend at some point, and occasionally 'fought' over who he'd up with, although both were too embarrassed to do so whenever he was in earshot.   Yang and her friends were frequent enemies of Cardin Winchester and his gang, and fought them on the playground several times throughout their childhood- Cardin's bullying of the group left Yang with a deep dislike for the boy, which did not evaporate once the two hit puberty, despite Cardin's personal enmity towards her being eclipsed by sexual attraction.   Yang discovered that Summer Rose wasn't her real mother at the age of 8, after being told by a drunk Qrow that Raven Branwen was her mother and his sister- the revelation upended Yang's entire world and subsequent feelings of betrayal opened a rift between her and her adoptive mother, which began to mend a few weeks later, after a conversation with Jaune convinced her that her real family consisted of the people who loved her and stood by her no matter what- although it took some time for Yang to fully open up to her mother again.   Yang, Jaune and Ruby remained close friends through elementary and middle school, though the social dynamics with the rest of the school shifted. As an aggressive, tomboyish young girl who was fiercely loyal to her ostracized sister, Yang was fairly unpopular during her early childhood years, while Jaune was the most widely accepted member of the trio due to the popularity of his sisters and the fame of his father. By middle school, as Yang began to develop into a beautiful young woman, boys were much more eager to have her around, and girls became more tolerant of her personality quirks due to her rising status.   After Jaune's exile from the Arc family and the start of high school, the roles switched completely, with Yang having fully come into her figure while Jaune was cloaked in scandal and intrigue, and generally withdrew from his peers. Yang remained extremely concerned with her friend's wellbeing, but was also hurt by his increasing avoidance of her (unaware that as his Blessing kicked in, Jaune could only resist his growing instinct to claim and breed his extremely attractive and flirtatious friend by staying away from her) and by the end of their freshman year Yang and Jaune had largely drifted into different friend groups. Yang remained close with her sister, Ruby, who, due to her age was less developed and received less attention and due to her more introverted personality and conservative style remained comfortably on the school's social sphere and, while Yang was firmly in the center.   Despite their estrangement, Yang still cared greatly for her old friend and her own issues with familial abandonment gave her a deep seated loathing of Jaune's family, especially his father, Mason Arc.   While attending Beacon Academy Yang became close friends with Blake Belladonna, Weiss Schnee and Pyrrha Nikos - sitting together at the so called Babe Table. She also joined the Martial Arts Club, where she formed a friendly rivalry with Arslan Altan.   Over the course of her freshman, sophomore and junior years, Yang dated ' a dozen boys', and gained a reputation for being unusually approachable, violent rejection of Cardin notwithstanding. Her past boyfriends include Neptune Vasilias, Evan Potter, and Simin Magistus. Her fling with Neptune was brief and took place at some point in her freshman year, with her ultimately deciding that she wasn't interested and stepping aside to clear the field for Weiss, who was, an incident that cemented the girls' friendship. Simin was a longer and more recent relationship that was broken off at some point in her junior year.  

Powers and Abilities

Yang is a baseline human, without proper access to her aura or semblance. Despite suffering from the effects of the bloodline curse, her aura, while sealed, is sufficiently powerful that it's able to manifest in the faintest traces of a Blessing: her eyes turn red when sufficiently angry, as a faint echo of her repressed semblance, 'Burn'.   Yang is highly athletic and a skilled martial artist, with training in Muy Thai and Boxing- she is unusually strong for a woman and is generally able to contend with untrained or novice male fighters much larger than herself, although the gap in size and strength eventually overtakes her skill advantage.   Yang is also fairly intelligent, performing comfortably at the elite Beacon Academy, and was able to circumvent the Arc security systems after Jaune was exiled so she could retrieve her friend's belongings from the house.   While Yang is not able to make proper use of her large aura reserves and powerful semblance, she has been noted by several observers as an especially good candidate for bearing Blessed children. For all these reasons, and her personal history with Jaune, Cinder Fall has singled Yang out as a high priority conquest for her master's harem, whenever he's ready to claim her.
Date of Birth
July 28th, 63 AGW
Current Residence
12 Patch Circle, South Belle, Lusitan Province, Vale
Lilac (Red when enraged)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair (II)
5'7 (172cm)
Blood Type
38-24-37 (34DD)


Taiyang Xiao Long (Father)
Raven Branwen (Mother)
Summer Rose (Adoptive Mother)
Ruby Rose (half-sister)
Qrow Branwen (maternal uncle)
Corva Branwen (maternal grandmother)

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