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Weiss Schnee

Weiss Schnee is the current heiress of the Schnee Dust Company and a junior at Beacon Academy, as well as a member of the Babe Table friend group. She is the second daughter of Jacques Schnee and Willow Schnee.  


  Weiss is a petite, pale-skinned young woman with pale blue eyes and long white hair that is often pulled back into an off-center ponytail or braid on the right side and pinned with a silver, icicle-shaped tiara. She has a slight frame and a slender hourglass figure.   Described as a delicate, aristocratic beauty, Weiss is widely considered to be one of the most attractive women at Beacon Academy, and she was one of 12 chosen for the Beacon School Calendar. In a straw poll of the school's boys, Weiss was voted to have the 'prettiest face' out of all the Beacon girls.  


  Weiss is a proud and prissy young woman who is highly competitive, very ambitious, and amusingly easy to aggravate. Despite her high strung attitude, Weiss has lofty ambitions of reforming her family's company to curb its worst abuses, and generally sticks up for looks after her friends, although she is sometimes oblivious to their true feelings. Weiss can very often by irritated by behavior she considers crass, vulgar, childish or immature, but she is usually tolerant of her peers' quirks, though she will sometimes complain about such things. Weiss tends to be attracted to suave, stylish and popular men, leading to her very prominent crush on Neptune Vasilias and her initial rejection of Jaune Arc when her first pursued her back in middle school. Weiss is also a romantic, putting her own financial future to ensure every girl in the school gets an opportunity to spend the night at a ritzy hotel rather than ending up 'in the back of some car', but she can also have a bit of a vindictive streak, as she in the same breath that if any girl refused to go and take advantage of that opportunity, she'd 'make their life hell.'   Weiss is highly protective of her personal freedom and has fought to maintain it in the face of her father's strict expectations. Weiss thinks extremely highly of her older sister Winter Schnee, idolizing her, and has a fairly low opinion of her mother, Willow, as well as a tense relationship with her brother, Whitley. She fears her father's power on some level but isn't afraid to go against him when she thinks he's gone too far- she outright refuses his order to stop associating with Blake Belladonna simply because of her family's history. Weiss has shown a willingness to manipulate her friends for her own gain, such as using Pyrrha Nikos's fame to help fundraise for her prom, but she also has been shown to value her friend's comfort and wellbeing, telling Pyrrha that while she would be of immense help she wasn't obligated to do so, and trying to ensure that Pyrrha herself asked someone out and enjoyed the prom she worked so hard for. She has also shown considerable courage, by standing up to Cardin Winchester when he made an unwanted pass at Yang Xiao Long, and while she isn't above the occasional verbal barb herself she was outright disgusted at the way Sky Lark harassed Lavender Arc in the cafeteria.   Weiss is fairly charismatic, often acting as the high strung leader of the Babe Table while her friends calm her down and follow her lead. She was voted Junior Class President by her fellow students and is meant to act as a de facto leader/administrator for the entire class. Weiss is also highly intelligent and hardworking, being in contention with Lie Ren for the top of the class. Weiss is also very interested in the goings on of the school, being affectionately described by Blake as a 'gossipy bitch' (Blake uses the same language to describe herself). Generally Weiss is proud, cold, but intensely loyal to her loved ones and more or less motivated by benevolent goals.  

Personal History

Weiss was born in Atlas as the 2nd of 3 children, 7 years after the birth of her elder sister Winter Schnee and 4 years before the birth of her younger brother, Whitley Schnee. Her early childhood was comparatively stable, although her parents never had a particularly stable marriage. Weiss had a good relationship with her grandfather, the legendary Nicholas Schnee, but he passed away when she was very young. Since Nicholas acted as the peacemaker in her parent's relationship, Weiss's childhood deteriorated considerably in the years following his death. Her father, Jacques, was constantly occupied with running the SDC, and her mother, Willow Schnee increasingly fell into a pattern of depression and alcholism while neglecting her parental duties and leaving most of the childcare to servants (feeding her, putting her to bed, taking her to tutors and music lessons, etc).   Her butler, Klein Seben, became an important confidant and surrogate father figure to Weiss from an early age. Weiss was fairly close to her sister, Winter, during much of her childhood, and after Winter left the family and renounced her birthright as heiress, Weiss did all she could to keep in contact with her- although she was not so close to Whitley, who she viewed as a suck up constantly trying to upstage her in a bid to win father's attention and eventually her role as the family heir. Jacques' tenure as head of the SDC led to a loosening of safety requirements and increasingly tense relations with the SDC's labor force, particularly its Faunus labor force. As abuse allegations mounted, the SDC became a target of political violence by militants, like a radicalized wing of The White Fang. The conflict killed several acquintances and distant relatives and further strained her relationship with her father, who was constantly stressed and angry during this period.   Things would come to a head in Weiss's early teens, which saw the start of The Atlesian Civil War and the exile of the Schnee Family to the relative safety of Vale. While adjusting to her new home, Weiss met Jaune Arc, Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long at her middle school. Jaune was instantly attracted to the newcomer, and Jacques quickly learned that the boy's father, Mason Arc was a major power player behind the scenes, so he began to push the pair together, seating them at parties and hoping to forge an alliance between the two families. Weiss resented being pressured into a relationship with a boy she hardly knew and avoided having to actually date him when Jaune was exiled from his family and became politically useless; despite feeling sorry for him Weiss was somewhat relieved.   Weiss grew closer to Yang Xiao Long during their freshman year, after the other girl dropped a casual fling with Neptune Vasilias to give Weiss a chance at pursuing him. At some point she also became friends with Pyrrha Nikos and Blake Belladonna, often debating political issues such as the Atlesian Civil War and the proper way the SDC should be run with the latter girl. Weiss also quickly established herself as a power player within the school's social hierarchy and became President of her class for several years running. Weiss would also form an acerbic 'friendly' rivalry with Ruby Rose, competing for top grades in math and science- Weiss had a growing respect for Ruby's abilities but found her perceived immaturity annoying, although she herself would often be riled up after scoring below the younger girl. Weiss has been in a long running relationship with Neptune Vasilias for some time now, and also has a fairly successful career as a pop singer. She also practices ballet at Beacon.   Weiss has been planning the 'ultimate prom' for her junior year since she arrived at Beacon, and negotiated a loan from her father to reserve her desired location, the Emerald Castle, upfront. With the help of her friends, (and convoluted schemes such as the Beacon School Calendar) she has a few months to pay him back.


Weiss is a baseline human, with no access to her aura, her semblance or any 'super' abilities although she is very physically fit and unusually attractive. Weiss is coordinated and agile, and has a background as a ballerina dancer.   Weiss is also a talented singer and a minor pop idol.   Her keen intelligent, exceptional good looks, ties to the powerful Schnee fortune and Jaune Arc's previous infatuation with her has led Cinder Fall to highlight her as a prime candidate for Jaune's growing harem.
Date of Birth
May 15th, 63 AGW
Current Residence
235 Golden Crescent, City of Vale, Lutetia Province, Vale
Ice Blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Very Fair (I)
4'11 (150cm) [5'3 in heels]
98lbs (44.5kg)
Blood Type
30-19-30 (30A)


Jacques Schnee (father)
Willow Schnee (mother)
Winter Schnee(sister)
Whitley Schnee(brother)

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