Careful - you don't want to dip into this pond.  
— Ithekai, Leech-Farmer
  Unique to Khasanganay, Land of Many Pools, Leech-pits are shallow ponds infested with leeches raised by farmer to be used as food. They range in size and magnitude from a few hundred to several thousand leeches, with the most populated pools looking like a churning mass of thick, coagulated slug more than water.  
Leech-pits are fed by bleeding animals (and sometimes people) into the waters, sometimes saturating it to such a point where it becomes a murky deep red pool of gore.   Farmers use the exactly color to determine wether or not their crop requires another meal - overfeeding them mean the blood stagnates in the water, or even that some leeches overeat until they burst.
  When it is time to harvest, the farmers of Khasanganay use large nets to pull squirming masses of leeches from the water and into boiling water to kill them. From there, they are drained and rinsed, before they are carted off to be sold or eaten. The leeches are a staple meal within Tshoggan, and prepared in a staggering number of ways. Roasted on spits, boiled into mush in a drew, diced and sauteed, stuffed with mushrooms, and tossed into the ever-popular Chnagahn. Depending on the leech, even a single one can be either snack or full meal.
Khasanganay   A Inner Shell region dominated by vast expanses of caverns submerged in shallow waters, Leech-Pits are unique to Khasanganay. Unlike much of Araea, there is no lack of water here, and the formers here have learned to use their fetid swamp of a realm to their advantage.   Read More About Khasanganay
Experienced chefs leave the leeches in salt water over a night, drawing out the iron taste and imparting a tang of salt to the flesh. From there, they are cooked and eaten.


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I love the callback to Chnagahn in this article. That one of my favorite articles on the entire platform. I could definitely see farmers brewing an annual leachy pot around harvest time. Perhaps even having a contest over who could drop the juiciest one in the pot.   A seasoned leach chef would always remember to soak the leaches in milk or salt water for at least a day before cooking them, it draws out the iron taste.

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I am both horrified and incredibly curious about how they taste. The concept is truly fascinating, I love it.

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