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A largely uncivilized world, featuring one major, sprawling and multi-tiered settlement that goes by the name of Neo Ellyana. Problems are all around in the megacity, from simple scuffles on the street to corporate espionage. Law enforcement, while strict and dangerous in most cases, doesn't mobilize over every little felony, and so creates a vacuum for a specialized brand of 'problem-solvers', those of a less than legal nature, to step in and carve a living out of helping the needs of the people and/or megacorporations. That said, only the most elite of them manage to claim a credstick or a dozen.

Players of the criminal persuasion, presuming they have made something of a name for themselves, will be sent a strange message from one Dirge, an individual that would be later discovered to be a Blood Liaison(often just a Liaison), a sort of go-between from the Mr/Mrs. Smith(anonymous corporate/personal interests) and the criminal elite themselves to undertake the more dirty jobs. One might ask why they don't opt for above-board mercenaries for the jobs in question, and the answer is plausible deniability offered, as well as the security of knowing that, regardless of how extreme the necessary measures, the job will get done.

Despite the hands-off approach the law tends to take, their clerical work is absolutely on point, especially with regards to updating PIN(Personal Identification Number) entries. A PIN is issued to most citizens of inner cities, while those in the outskirts of a town are often PINless before registering with authorities.

Red Zone, Green Zone, what does it mean?

In Neo Ellyana, there exists a concept known as Zoning, designated Green, Yellow, and Red, for safe, hazard, and danger, respectively. Green zones see a strict enforcement presence, with Ghost agents patrolling regularly, yellow zones often lie in the areas between green and red, while red zones are a weapons-free region, usually the territory of one of the prominent Takuvian gangs. Opening fire in a green zone is, at best, going to leave you bruised and jailed, or at worst, leave you dead; the Ghosts do not play around with maintaining the peace in green zones.

Eye in the Sky

Soranomi, the moon of Takuvia, is an important fixture in the sky, even when it can't be seen through the world's unusually high precipitation problem.

Meta Information

A lot of this world's elements are inspired heavily by Shadowrun.


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Type: Standard Terrestrial(iron/silicate)
Radius: 5547.63 km (0.86 x earth)
Surface Area: 3.87 x 10^8 km2
Land Area: 1.78 x 10^8
Mass: 4.20 x 10^24 kg (0.70 x earth)
Density: 5.87 g/cm3 (1.06 x earth)
Composition: 46.3% iron, 24.4% oxygen, 15.9% silicon, 9.7% aluminum, 3.8% other metals, trace other elements
Gravity: 9.06 m/s^2 (0.93 x earth)
Escape Velocity: 10.03 km/s
Period: 24 hours
Axis Tilt: 37.18°
Water: 50%
Ice: 15%
Type: Standard breathable
Pressure: 86.87 kPa (0.86 x earth)
Composition: 73.9% argon, 23.5% oxygen, 2.6% nitrogen, 0.0% sulfur dioxide, trace other gases
Type: Standard
Min Temp: 284 K / (11°C/ 51.8°F)
Avg Temp: 296 K / (23°C/ 73.4°F)
Max Temp: 340 K / (67°C/ 152.6°F)
Chemistry: Carbon
Lifeforms: Microbes, algae
Features: 1 natural satellite
Government: Totalitarian Dictatorship
Law Level: 1(Poison gas, explosives, undetectable weapons, WMD are prohibited)
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