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War of the Oaklands

Nation of Nouvemond vs Hrastgar


"This war is nonsense. You claim we are barbarians, but we tried diplomacy. You claim we attack you, but every siege was against our city. This dead commander was the orchestrator of this war, and now I declare it is over."
— Baard Nordrum, the Peacesinger

When the first communities began to settle in the Oaklands after the Calamity, tension started building between Nouvemond and Hrastgar as they contested territories and resources. A few decades later a direct conflict between them finally broke out, a conflict that marked the future Kingdom of Archana's history: the War of the Oaklands.

The Conflict


After the Calamity, the northern reaches of Europa began to grow colder and colder, forcing many people to reallocate southwards. The Hrastfolk were such people, a group of over three dozens, who arrived in the Oaklands from the sea. Their presence put the locals from Nouvemond under alert, but for a long time, they didn't have any direct conflicts save for a few accidents.

In the year of 41 AE, the Nouvemond military commander began a campaign against the Hrastfolk, claiming that the "barbarians" were responsible for multiple attacks against Nouvemond's caravans. With the support of the people and the community's leader, the war against Hrastgar began.


With the great Hilde Nordrum leading the Hrastfolk, the brave people of Hrastgar managed to resist toe-to-toe against Nouvemond for years, even though they were outnumbered. Their dedicated military was too few, but the people always stepped forward to defend their home with teeth and claw, matching their numbers.

Nouvemond had trouble achieving its objectives every battle, at least only until the next fateful event. With Hilde's death in 62 AE, the Hrastfolk's morale dropped heavily, and their defeat was looming on the horizon. It was Hilde's grandson, Baard, who decided to carry her legacy and try to bring an end to the war, but through a different approach this time.

Until then, Baard was just a music and storytelling teacher, so he decided to use his skills to his advantage. He began traveling south to Nouvemond to spread stories and music, trying to change his enemies' views about his people. Baard was eventually able to capture the hearts of the people of Nouvemond, and the attention of the commander, ending up in a one on one fight between them.

Leaving the duel victorious, Baard was invited to write the terms of peace now that unjust war was exposed, resulting in the Pact of the Oaklands, dawning a new era of unity between both peoples.


There were many battles throughout the entirety of the Oaklands, but most of them happened by the gates of Hrastgar.


Thanks to the efforts of Baard Nordrum, the Peacesinger, the war came to an end with the exposal of the commander who was pulling the strings of the events. The hero then struck the Pact of the Oaklands, a treaty that joined both sides under a single flag, bringing peace to the land.


With Hrastgar and Nouvemond working together, the military strength of the Kingdom raised exponentially. The warriors of the Hrastfolk have proven to be powerful allies a great number of times throughout Archana's history, composing the majority of the numbers of the Steel Wardens, and providing great heroes, such as King Charles.

Historical Significance

The enmity between Hrastfolk and the other Archani has completely faded through the decades, and the story of the War of the Oaklands now serves as one of the many reminders of the bravery of the people of Hrastgar, and what they are capable of when forced to defend their home.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
41 AE
Ending Date
May 3, 68 AE
Conflict Result
The war was cut short and both communities united


Nation of Nouvemond


Around 150~200 soldiers
Around 200 able fighters (soldiers and civillians)


Around 100 soldiers
Around 25 soldiers and civillians


Defeat Hrastgar and take over their territory
Resist the attacks from Nouvemond and survive

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