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Ailing Achaicus' Antidote

A Kindly Old Man Needs Your Help!

Achaicus' ailment is indeed a fatal one-- that is, unless a potion is acquired. A potion comprised of various elements found all over Wynsumheord in places far too distant and dangerous for this frail gentleman to reach. In exchange for your help, he promises a share of his immense riches. Are you and the Mundbyrdians willing to trek through dry deserts, face taunting tribals, deal with devious dwarves, climb mighty mountains, and brave boisterous blizzards to save him?

This is my entry for Adventure April!   WARNING: Spoilers ahead!   I had to make everything public for the article to be counted.   If you would like me to run this adventure for you, feel free to ask! (but no peeking!)

You find yourselves questing on horseback through the forests of Dryhtenhaven, right along the edge that meets Lytelcroft, on patrol in a group of Mundbyrdians. Not just any group, in fact. The sons of Havardir (both Magnar and Syndri) are in the party as well. This makes you feel quite grand; important, even. Havardir, the Chief of The Mundbyrdians of Dryhtenhaven, will surely hear a detailed report from his sons about whatever you do.   There isn't very much for you to do, however. As of now, the patrol has been eerily calm and quiet. Syndri seems not to mind at all-- if anything, he seems relieved-- but you can tell that Magnar is aching for that same sort of adventure you desire. If something fantastical were to happen, a brave and gallant act on your behalf could favorably tip the very scales of time and fate. What a story the sons would have to tell their father, then! You may even be promoted in rank. Nothing of that sort would happen, though, if excitement didn't befall you soon.   Just as the group of you begin to reach the limits of your patrol and slowly turn to head back to Heargryd Hall, the lot of you hear a loud and excruciating cry for help up ahead..."  
Regardless of what the party collectively chooses, Magnar will insist on finding the source of the distress signal. He will be determined to go beyond normal patrol limits despite the protests of Syndri and any other of the group who may oppose. Syndri will eventually follow the relentless Magnar, and the rest of the group can be railroaded to as well, although it is probably not a very common choice to avoid this clearly laid out call-to-action.

  "Rushing forth to find the source of the voice, the group of you come upon an elderly man lying on the ground in disheveled blue robes. He appears to be injured... or ill... or both... He is, no doubt, in distress."   Achaicus Dialogue
Achaicus:   ((Loud, wavering, slightly comical, distressed screaming.))

When the party manages to calm him down, he will begin talking more clearly (though still his speech will still be punctuated with much coughing and struggle):  
Achaicus:   Oh! Mundbyrdians?! Are you Mundbyrdians?! How delighted I am to see the likes of you. I am in terrible need of your assistance! You are a nice group of fine strong fellows. My name is Achaicus. I am but an ailing man with hours yet to live. This horrid illness…. it is not contagious. No. But quite deadly even still-- only to me, though. Yes. I was cursed with a curse, and the only cure would be for me to bathe in a very special elixir. I’ve been studying it every of my dying day, and, so far, have collected most of the ingredients… by that, I mean the ones that could be found about my house and in the forest that surrounds it. Doing this, I have come ever so close to completing the concoction… but it, unfortunately, requires four more ingredients to work-- ingredients that simply cannot be found in lowly Lytelcroft. These ingredients demand I travel far beyond to attain, but, I’m afraid my frail and sickly body cannot handle such a journey.   You, on the other hand, brave and mighty warriors, can face absolutely anything. Thank The Shining Lord you heard my cries and came running when you did. Yet a few more days and my soul would have surely been lost. I have lived upon this earth nearly five score and ten. You may say that means it is high time for me to depart. I think not. There are so many things I’d love to do but so little time to do them! That is, unless you fetch the four ingredients I need to complete the antidote. These four ingredients will be found at four different locations in Wynsumheord.
If anyone asks what he means by the fact that he was cursed, he will tell them that a horrible woman came to his home and struck him down. He had been sick ever since.
When the members ask what these ingredients are...  
Achaicus:   The first is three pinches of sacred sand from a Grotig Pyrran's burrow mixed with a sweet drop of cactus dew.   The second is a leaf of Nissi from the Firgenholt Wood… and not just any leaf of Nissi. It has to be one that grows split naturally. Not a leaf that was manually cut by man. If this is done, the potion will not be effective, I assure you. I will know the difference. Trust me, I will. It will be a complete and utter waste of your time and mine, so, I suggest you not do such a thing.   The third is a sliver of crystal-clear purple Ufane. This can only be found deep in the Forest Caverns of Taungoun. I warn you to beware the tricky Dwarves that dwell there.   And the last is a handful of melted snow from Mount Gardinbeauf’s highest peak.

  If Syndri or any of the party offers any Rapha to Achaicus...  
Achaicus:   What about Rapha, you ask? That, I have already tried. It does nothing alone. I need the rest of those four ingredients to add to my brew, and, once I bathe in it, I will be stronger and better than I ever was before! I can feel it in my very bones.

  Though Magnar will be eager and willing to assist right away with little to no further questioning, Syndri will be skeptical. The party may even ask "Why should we help?" or, "What's in it for us?"  
Achaicus:   You may not think it, but I am very rich. Richer than you can imagine. I have no family to leave my fortune to, so, I hid it all away in an undisclosed location that only I can find again. If you fetch these ingredients for me before I perish, I promise to reveal it all to you. And, when my time is eventually come, you may keep the treasures for yourselves as if you were my own sons.

If any seem doubtful of his supposed riches, he will provide an offering to prove that he is not some old poor man lying. He will hand to each member of the party a purse of 25 ufane coins for security.
Syndri fears this man is a wizard and is reluctant to assist him in sorcery, but Magnar longs to help the old man. He craves adventure, and the promise of a few riches doesn't sound too bad either. Before anyone can oppose, Magnar is already shaking Achaicus' hand and promising to return with the ingredients...  
Achaicus:   Thank you, thank you, kindly gentlemen, for gallantly accepting this challenging quest. I have faith in you, lads, to find these four things and bring them back to me. Once you do, I will surely pay you a great reward. Good luck, my brave knights! May The Shining Lord be on your side.

"Where go ye next?"





"You head into the marketplace of Lytelcroft. Before you all stand various merchants with tables and tents..."

"A blacksmith,
"The man smiles and welcomes you into his tent. Inside, you find a variety of things he has forged; crafty weapons, handy torches, fancy shields, plates of armor, axes, shovels, and other neat equipment that could be helpful on your journey..."   You can allow the players to purchase any supplies and weapons at an ideal price. The higher the level, the more expensive it will be. These factors will be determined by materials as defined in EmunaRealm 1.0.   Though Magnar is heavily enthused, Syndri will advise the group not to spend too much-- if anything at all. Whatever the outcome, the crew will proceed on their quest with or without said money or items.
an exotic animal merchant,
"A parrot screeches as you approach. You spy tiny frogs in glass jars, various colorful birds in cages, and a large snake with a very elaborate pattern churning around the merchant’s neck. In vials scattered about the table are all sorts of spiders and insects. There are also a variety of empty jars and containers for those who would rather capture their own critters. Syndri is highly fascinated with this table and stops to talk with its merchant for a while."   You can allow the players to purchase any of the animals or enclosures at an ideal price. The bigger and more elaborate the creature/container, the higher its price will be. Syndri may suggest to the group that vials or bottles should be purchased to contain Achaicus' requests as they are collected if no one else thinks of this on their own.
Some players may suggest that Syndri, since he is so opposed to the idea of seeing the witch, can distract himself with the Animal Merchant while the rest of the party pays the woman a visit. This is acceptable, though he is more likely to part from the group only if at least one other person joins him. If Magnar joins him, he will be completely fine.
a lady selling extravagant linens,
"The maiden's table is adorned with all sorts of fancy fabrics and colorful cloths. There are coats and cloaks for all manner of weather, along with robes, dresses, shirts, and trousers fit for the king and queen."
The woman will ask whoever visits her table where they are headed. For the desert, she will suggest a lightweight, light-colored cloak. For the mountains, she will proffer her finest, warmest coats. Her pricing will be on the expensive side, but, she is able to be bargained down.
a farmer,
"The smell of freshly harvested vegetables hits your nose as you walk up to this station. A smorgasbord of fruits, vegetables, grains, and meat lies before you, along with bottles of exotic juices and some hanging waterskins."   You can allow the players to purchase whatever they would like and be as frugal or as extravagant as they please. The basic foods will naturally cost less, but delicacies will be more expensive. If they do not purchase any food for their journey, they may have to forage or hunt later.
and a mysterious cloaked woman seated at a table."
"The woman beckons you with the curling of a long finger. Syndri warns you not to consult such a person with familiar spirits, but Magnar does not seem opposed to the idea. As you have a seat opposite her, she offers you assistance with your quest..."  
Fyrhta The Lytelcroft Witch:   For fifteen ufane, choose ye this day which one to behold;   the Past
You are shown a vision of Achaicus who seems to be a few years younger and not at all ill. He is furiously rummaging through books and scrolls, throwing them one after the other upon the floor in frustration. Suddenly, he starts up from his seat and runs outside. He doesn't get very far before his face contorts and he collapses into a heap upon the forest floor.
You are shown a vision of current Achaicus sitting down upon his knees sifting through an ornate chest at the foot of his bed. Inside are various parchments and scrolls-- all of which appear to be blank. He takes hold of one and closes the chest. He then walks outside, peering all around expectantly when suddenly, the wind blows the parchment out of his hand. The parchment now has noticeable but illegible writing upon it as it lands against a nearby tree. Achaicus rushes forward but suddenly stops to hold his chest. He heaves a sigh and watches helplessly as the wind continues carrying the parchment away before turning back into the house.
or Future
You are shown a vision of Magnar lying on the ground in a dark forest with a horrifically bloody injury as a terrifying Scussenbeast towers over him laughing maniacally.
concerning your matter?
You excuse yourself away from the table.
  It is acceptable to behold all options, but it will cost 15 ufane per each.  
Magnar will press everyone to consider the journey ahead, the paths they must take, and what might befall them on the way. He will lean towards thinking everything through and deciding step by step what they may need at each leg of their journey.
The party may ask any of the merchants for any items they may think of within reason, but none will be able to supply any of the ingredients from Achaicus' list.
MOOD SHIFT:   Syndri will react differently depending on the witch's foretelling. If the future option is selected (and Syndri is allowed to know of it), he will begin acting more nervous and overly protective of his older brother.   Magnar, however, will continuously brush off the witch as a phony...
Magnar:   ...even if her prophecies are true, now we know what we must do so as not to fall into such a horrible trap. I shall keep my guard up and, with sword and shield at my side, no such nonsense shall befall me.

If the group sees the witch without Magnar, this is allowed, but he will surely ask the group when they reunite what the witch did offer to them. It is acceptable to keep both the brothers in the dark about her sayings, or even to lie to them. It is also possible to tell one or the other and not both.




"Where go ye?"

Grotig Pyrre - Firgenholt Wood - Taungoun - Back to Achaicus  




Grotig Pyrre

"As the lot of you approach the barren land, the heat hits you immediately. Thirst creeps up in your throat after only a few minutes. The sand seems to stretch for miles and miles as the sun beams down upon you..."
It is extremely hard for the group to tell which way is North, South, East, or West. They will also have a hard time figuring out if they've already passed a certain spot before or not. A cactus can conveniently be spotted after some time, but the Grotig Pyrre will not be found easily.
Magnar will suggest to look at the sand for Pyrran prints. When the crew looks to the ground, they will see a seven-foot-long Orange-Ridged Boa. Syndri will advise the crew keep their distance but follow the snake. If one tries to attack, the snake will inevitably bite the player, who will then experience the side effects of an Orange-Ridged Boa Bite.
If followed at a safe distance, the Orange-Ridged Boa will lead the group to a Pyrran's den. The Pyrran will stare at the clan suspiciously, eyes becoming increasingly menacing with every advance of any player.
Someone can attempt to distract the Grotig Pyrran while another pinches a few grains of sand. If inciting a fight, the Grotig Pyrran will essentially maul the character and call for backup using screams and screeches. A clan of five Grotig Pyrrans and three seven-foot-long Orange-Ridged Boas will appear. Syndri will attempt to advocate for peace, but, if the damage has been done, he will assist at least in defending and aiding escape.

"The moon shines down, causing a few of the heavy clouds above to glow in its soft, cool light. Even still, some waning heat of the day seems to linger due to the misty overcast..."
It is extremely hard to tell which way is North, South, East, or West. You also have a hard time figuring out if you've already passed a certain spot before or not. Unless one of the group was smart enough to bring a torch, you will not be able to intentionally find Grotig Pyrre. It is possible to stumble upon a cactus by accident (which can be done painfully or insightfully).
If any of the party has brought a torch with them, they will see a seven-foot-long Orange-Ridged Boa. Syndri will advise the crew keep their distance but follow the snake. If one tries to attack, the snake will inevitably bite the player, who will then experience the side effects of an Orange-Ridged Boa Bite.
If followed at a safe distance, the Orange-Ridged Boa will lead the group to a sleeping Pyrran's den. If one acts quickly and carefully, they may pinch a few grains of sand and be on their way.
If anyone is too loud, the Grotig Pyrran will awaken. If nice and kind, they will allow the crew to be off without much problem. If inciting a fight, the Grotig Pyrran will essentially maul the character and call for backup using screams and screeches. A clan of five Grotig Pyrrans and three seven-foot-long Orange-Ridged Boas will appear. Syndri will attempt to advocate for peace, but, if the damage has been done, he will assist at least in defending and aiding escape.





Firgenholt Wood

"The crisp smell of the forest hits your noses as the sweet song of woodland wildlife surrounds you. The path before you is bathed in stray beams of sunlight/moonlight that leak in through the leafy green canopy above. Suddenly, you spy a beautiful brown fawn taking a drink from a crystal blue pond. Catching the sound of your footfalls, the young deer perks up its ears before dashing away-- quickly disappearing amongst the trees. In a matter of moments, your own footsteps are drowned out by those of a marching army. Your presence is not what scared the gentle creature away... Danuwa are fast aproaching!"  

"What do ye?"

As they hide amongst the bushes, Syndri will notice that the very bush they are hiding behind is a Nissi bush. Players can then take turns rolling for a 2 on a d20 to find a split leaf. After ten rolls in one bush, that bush will be determined not to contain a split-leaf Nissi, and one or more of the crew can risk to venture out and hide behind another bush until one is found.
If a player is caught or seen by any Danuwa at any time, see "Confront The Tribals."
Confront The Tribals
Magnar will suggest or agree with the suggestion that the group or one or two of its members all simply march up to the tribals and ask where a nearby bush of Nissi is, but Syndri will advise against such.
Syndri:   These Danuwa are not at all very friendly, neither are they trusting. They can tell we are not of their people. They see us as threats to be vanquished.
If they ignore Syndri and approach the soldiers anyway to ask them where the Nissi is, the Danuwa will attempt to restrain the group and tie them up.

If successfully constrained, the Mundbyrdians will be held in a tent, bound in wait for a Wise Woodsman to sentence them for being Threats To The Earth using the outline found here.
If they successfully fight and avoid being caught (or escape the clutches of judgement), it will not be long before the group hears more Danuwa on the way. Once again, they will have the option to "Hide" or "Confront The Tribals". This time, even Magnar will surmise that hiding is a more profitable option.
Magnar:   In seeing their fellow soldiers here upon the ground, they will know that we are a definite threat.

Firgenholt Woodsmen cover





Forest Caverns
"As you enter the forest, an odd feeling immediately falls over you as if you are being watched..."
Wandering around aimlessly, the party will happen upon a Dwarven girl leaning against a tree. She will repeatedly ask them what they are looking for and offer to assist them in their endeavors. If the group tries to ignore or avoid her, she will constantly pop up ahead leaning against every other tree the group approaches.
If the crew suggests splitting up, each of the members will still individually encounter the dwarven girl. In actuality, it is a group of sextuplets.
If anyone attempts to cause harm to any of the dwarven sisters, they will summon a clan of eighteen dwaf men, each with a raven sidekick on their shoulder.
If the crew allows the dwarf girl(s) to help, they will quickly show them all to the mouth of a forest cavern.


    The girl(s) will not volunteer to accompany the crew, but they could come along inside if anyone so requests. In allowing a dwarf to guide the party along the caves, they will be lead to each dead end with Flockbats, after which, the dwarf will offer an apologetic rhyme.  
  I've lead you through this, I've lead you through that,   But at the end of our path, all we've found are Flockbats.   I am terribly sorry. Oh yes. Ever so.   I suppose, after all, there are things I don't know.
  The Flockbats will stay asleep if the party remains quiet, but they will awaken at the sound of a loud noise, a startling voice, or the heat of any fire.
When the Mundbyrdians finally locate the gems within the cavern, Syndri will suggest only to attempt to extricate the necessary sliver.
If the party would like to try removing any of the other ufane formations, they can attempt so by rolling a 1 or 2 on a d4. They can do this as many times as they please, but rolling a 3 or 4 once on that d4 will cause the entire canal to shift unstably.
Syndri will advise the person leave the rest of the gems alone, but rolling a 3 or 4 the second time will cause the cavern entrance that the party entered through to cave in and become blocked. The party can then attempt to clear the blockage, or climb up out of the new opening that has been created in the cave ceiling as result of the avalanche. Both of these methods will require strength. Magnar may assist.
Heading back through the cave (avalanche or not), they party will have to retrace their steps. Climbing through the cavern ceiling will avoid the need for this, and the party will find themselves at the foothills of the Gardinbeauf Mountains.
  Gardinbeauf Mountains
The forest grows denser and thicker as the group of you traverse deeper into it. Soon, the mountains begin looming over you. The chill of the northern wind begins brushing by. Magnar inhales the crisp air with an adventurous grin.



"Before journeying off, the old man invites you in for a while to have a look around..."

Achaicus' Forest Cottage
Building / Landmark | Apr 30, 2021



"You return to Achaicus..."

Achaicus:   You have come back to me entirely too early! Collect all four things first before returning to my humble forest cottage. Your presence is but a tease. My heart yearns for the potion ever so much that I’m sure you’ve stolen another hour away from my life showing back up again like this. All that leg work is wasting precious time! Off! Off! Away with you!!!!
After collecting all ingredients
Achaicus:   You're back! Yes! And you have it! You have it all!
  "The old man dances around with much youth."  
Achaicus:   Yess! YESSS!!! You have done it, my brave ones. Hand them to me now!!! If you don’t I will not grant your wishes of riches, for my frail form is fit not to go and retrieve them. Simply allow me to mix these ingredients…. and…..
  He will gleeflully take (or snatch) the ingredients from whomever is holding them and immediately head into the house. Lifting a stone away from the floor by the fireplace, he will retrieve a small couldron of mysterious, goopy liquid. With a somewhat evil laugh, he will draw out a spoon from the pocket of his robe and begins to stir the mixture as he chants...  
Achaicus:   Egg of frog and wart of toad,   Blade of grass and mushroom mold,   Purple ufane, just a shard,   Sacred sand that’s sweet and charred,   Water from the river blue,   Nissi leaf all split in two,   Snow from north-most mount on high,   Let the smoke rise to the sky!   Envelop me in flames so warm,   Thou shalt behold my truest form!!!!
  Before anyone can act, smoke has filled the cottage. If some attempt to find Achaicus or the door, their vision is completely blurred. Soon, there is a rumbling as the steam dies down. A gurgling sound subsides and, standing before the group, in place of Achaicus, is a hideous, towering Scussenbeast. It is so large that it has broken through the roof of the cottage. Its voice, no longer shaky and whimsical, now booms in the ears of all...  
Scussenbeast:   ((((deep maniacal laughter)))))   What? I tricked you!? But, it was not a trick at all! Everything I told you was in truth. I was sick. Sick of being a weak old man. I was dying. Dying to unleash my supreme sorcery for all to see. I was cursed. Cursed by a wretched Palal to stay within yards of my cottage, hence the reason I couldn't travel far and wide to retrieve the remaining ingredient, and the cause for all my beloved spellbooks to lose their glorious words. But, now that you have done all that I could not, I am stronger and mightier than ever before just as I told you I would be. And, as your promised reward, you may now behold my riches, Mundbyrdians! Riches in power!!!
  Achaicus has become a level 12 Scussenbeast boss!!!  
Scussenbeast:   You weaklings can do nothing to stop me! It is too late. I will rise again and take over Lytelcroft. All will bow before me as they once did. All will know my true power. Each one of you is but a stone I shall kick away with my foot-- best you stand aside or be vanquished for good.

Syndri will be too horrified to offer any I-told-you-sos, but he will look like he wants to say it. Magnar will be surprised and a bit hurt by the old man's betrayal, but will quickly regain gusto and attempt to take him down.
Scussenbeast:   It is no use in resisting my immense power! Give in, Mundbyrdians!!!

Syndri will be a bit timid but Magnar will deal his fair share of hearty attacks before earning himself a terrible injury at the hands of the Scussenbeast who towers over him laughing maniacally.
At the sight of this, Syndri will be conflicted; half worried, half angry, He will attempt to get his brother to safety and patch him up before returning to the battle to try some attacks on the Scussenbeast.
After being slain, the Scussenbeast will let out a bloodcurdling howl before falling to the ground.
As the excitement dies down, someone of the group will notice a shiny glint beneath the rubble that lies where Achaicus' Forest Cottage once stood. Under the debris, the chest that was near the foot of Achaicus' bed has burst open and the papers it seemed once to contain are now sloppily strewn about. They are each inscribed with indiscernable golden words that appear to be spells. The hefty tome is also present to be collected, inside of which more spells will be found.

"Magnar will be alright with a bit of Rapha a little medical help from Syndri, and you? You will have quite the story to tell Havardir-- though Magnar begs you to keep mum. This whole escapade for nothing was sort of all his fault... wasn't it?"

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  Sample PCs   NPCs
At twenty years of age, the eldest son of Havardir is brave, gallant, and always up for adventure. Magnar is devoted to being knightly and helping whenever he can, but his eagerness, however, can sometimes lead to foolishness. Though, like his father, Magnar is skillful and cunning in war, he unfortunately is more prone to falling for crafty schemes that don't involve direct combat.
At only seventeen years old, Syndri is young but wise. Refusing to fight unless absolutely necessary and refraining from hunting at all, Havardir's youngest son is seen by many as weak. Because of this, Syndri is highly disappointed in himself for not becoming what his father desired of him to be-- though he tries, he is unable to change. The lad enjoys cooking and studying plant and animal life. He also likes gardening and music. He is known to be scared and timid, but he will quickly inform you that he is only "overly cautious".
Achaicus is an old man who lives alone in his cottage in the forest of Lytelcroft.
Items to Collect

Achaicus' Requests:



Story Summary

At the end of a very uneventful patrol, a group of Mundbyrdians happens upon Achaicus- an old man in Lytelcroft who claims to be fatally ill. The man asks the party to fetch the final four ingredients that will supposedly complete his healing potion. Magnar is eager to help, but Syndri is skeptical. The party is sent to different locations all over Wynsumheord and thrown into challenging situations to acquire each element. When the party returns, Achaicus is overjoyed. He mixes the brew and becomes a menacing beast. Syndri's suspicions are validated; Achaicus was secretly an evil wizard all along. Bound to his quarters in Lytelcroft by a wandering Palal, he played on the goodwill intentions of the Mundbyrdians and convinced them to roam where he could not. The potion breaks his bond, giving him supreme strength and power. The party must take down the beast they helped to create before heading back into Dryhtenhaven.
Runtime: 3-6 Hours   Recommended System: EmunaRealm 1.0 - Homebrew (can be tailored to accommodate other platforms).   Equipment: Standard set of seven RP dice (supplemental dice-roll buttons embedded into the page for convenience).   Players: 2-4 Mundbyrdian characters of any level.

Traveling Paths


180 through Lytelcroft    This land is primarily quiet forest. Most of the journey will be calm...

Land between 1-60   Smooth travels.
Land between 61-65   Level 3 bandit clan attack with knives. (three clan members) These theieves will try to steal something valuable from the crew; ufane coins, supplies, or even one of the ingredients if they have it in their possession.
Land between 66-90   Smooth travels.
Land between 91-119   A troll in the forest appears and tells the group that they cannot cross through his forest unless they are able to guess the answer to his riddle. Violence is futile. The horses will soon begin going haywire and refuse to cooperate with their masters. Magnar will suggest this troll is using some absurd form of magic.   (example riddle: I am full. I am blue. I am old. I am new. In the sky, up I flew. See my face, ever true. (answer: moon))   If the group is completely stuck, Syndri can correctly guess the riddle's answer on a roll of two 2s on d20s.
Land between 120-180   Smooth travels.

60 through Firgenholt Wood   This land is hostile ground due to the strict ways of the Firgenholt Woodsmen and Danuwa Soldiers who enforce their law...

Syndri will warn the group to dismount their horses and take off their shoes. If they listen to him, they can proceed straight into Firgenholt Wood to find the Split-Leaf Nissi.
If they do not heed his warnings, they will be ambushed by five Level 6 Danuwa with spears. After encountering these clan members, Syndri will suggest once again for the group to dismount their horses and remove their shoes in an I-told-you-so type of way before proceeding into the Firgenholt Wood to find the Split-Leaf Nissi.  
If for some reason the clan decides to return to Achaicus' Forest Cottage using this path, they have the option to pass over the 60 through Firgenholt Wood walking on foot beside their horses as not to upset the Firgenholt Woodsmen. Choosing to ride horses anyway will send the Danuwa chasing after and throwing spears at them until they reach Lytelcroft. This 180 will be serene until they arrive back at Achaicus' cottage.

60 through Lytelcroft   This land is primarily quiet forest. Most of the journey will be calm...

Land between 1-20   Smooth travels.
Land between 21-41   Night falls upon the crew. Magnar suggests the group camp until the morning. If the crew agrees to camp, immediately proceed into Hangra after waking.
If the crew does not agree to camp, they will encounter strange and spooky events in the forest for the rest of the journey through Lytelcroft. They will hear sinister laughing and see odd sights but not much will harm them. If they attempt to fight the visions, they will accidentally attack each other. Syndri will be worried-- insisting he is not nervous but rather overly cautious. Magnar will at first seem to ignore the visions, but if the rest of the party brings attention to them, he will try to encourage them to keep their guards up and carry on.
Land between 42-60   Smooth travels.

180 through Hangra   The crew will traverse a populated area...

Land between 1-80   Smooth travels through the villages.
Land between 81-150   Pass through a marketplace. The brothers will both suggest that the crew stop to refill on supplies and rest the horses. If the crew agrees, head straight into Taungoun afterwards. The party is fully aware that there is another village up ahead in Taungoun with taverns and all. They may not want to stop here and instead wait for the next town. This is acceptable. However, this Hangra village will bring an encounter with the Misfits of Taungoun in the town square. These performers will put on an elaborate show for any passersby. Party members can volunteer to be featured in Quade's act. You can cause this to be as exciting or uneventful as you would like.
Land between 151-180   Smooth travels.

120 through Taungoun   Hills, forests, and the peak of Mount Gardinbeauf looming in the distant skyline...

Land between 1-60   Smooth travels through grassy lands and hills.
Land between 61-120   Hillside villages and marketplaces to stock up on supplies. There is also a tavern that Syndri will be opposed to venturing into. If the party chooses to stop inside the tavern anyway, they will happen upon a gang of Gardinbeaufians, one of which Magnar will unintentionally offend, consequently setting off an entire bar fight. A variety of folk will fill the tavern, including Dwarves, Gardinbeaufians, and Humans. You can have fun with a random assortment of levels and abilities in this fight, after which, the party will be free to continue on to the forests of Taungoun where the caverns and the mountains can be found.
If, for some reason, the party passes back through this way, the journey will be a mirroring of this same path until the party arrives back at Achaicus' cottage., though Syndri will be highly hesitant to travel back through the village if the bar fight incident was allowed to occur.

If the party heeds Syndri's caution and takes a detour to avoid the tavern...

The group will encounter a group of five Dwarves sitting in the forest having a meeting with their ravens. Roll 1 on a d20 to avoid disturbing them. If the Dwarves are disturbed, they will summon their ravens to swarm you. During the battle, the ravens may nab one of the ingredients or another valuable item from one of the crew members. The Dwarves will then request a favor of the party if they would like to get their belongings back. This favor will require the Mundbyrdians to head back into the town and visit the very tavern Syndri was attempting to avoid.

Passing back through the village (having encountered the Dwarves or not)...

The party will find that the Gardinbeaufian gang is no longer present, but Syndri will be paranoid that they may return soon.

60 through Lytelcroft/Dryhtenhaven limits   This land is primarily quiet town and villages then giving way into peaceful forest...

Land between 1-20   Tranquil villages.
Land between 21-40   Peaceful forest.
Land between 41-60   Quaint meadows.

180 through Cloddendale before happening upon Grotig Pyrre   Most of this land is low valley and field before coming upon rocky chasms leading into the desert...

Land between 1-60   Grassy fields. Smooth travels.
Land between 61-120   Flowery fields. Smooth travels.
Land between 121-130   Somewhat rough rocky paths heading into chasms.
Land between 131-145   Dangerously rocky chasms, someone drops an item (ingredient or otherwise).
Land between 146-160   Rocky ground smooths out into the sands of Grotig Desert.
If the party decides to return back this way for some reason, they will endure a mirror of the path they just crossed until they arrive back at Achaicus' cottage.


120 through Cloddendale   Most of this land will be plain desert that fades into rocky chasms and then into grassy fields...

Land between 1-40   Somewhat rough rocky paths heading into chasms.
Land between 41-65   Dangerously rocky chasms, someone falls if roll lands in this zone. Roll a 5 on a d20 to retrieve them.
Land between 66-99   Rocky ground smooths out into grass
Land between 100-120   Grassy fields. Smooth travels.

240 through Lytelcroft   This land is primarily quiet forest and grassy hill. Most of the journey will be calm...

Land between 1-90   Smooth travels.
Land between 91-139   A clearing with a pasture full of sheep lies ahead. A little shepherd boy and girl sit by a tree crying. If the group approaches and asks to help, the children will tell you that they have lost their father's favorite sheep and would be grateful for your assistance in the search for it. Roll a 1 then a 20 on a d20 to help them find the sheep. You will then be paid handsomely for your services and alowed to proceed forward the rest of the 101 through Lytelcroft with no more troubles or interruptions.

If you decline or ignore the children, you must carry on as follows:

Land between 120-180   Giant bear territory: Four Level 6 bears. The crew will have better success in attempting to outrun them than trying to fight them, something Syndri will plead for them to consider.
Land between 181-200   The party comes across a large stream that appears too rapid and too deep to attempt clearing on horseback. The crew must walk along the stream until they happen upon a bridge.   Rolling 5 on a d20 brings a weak bridge that only one can cross before it collapses into the rushing water below (rolling a 5 and retrieving a weak bridge can only be done twice).   Rolling a 17 on a d20 will bring a sturdy bridge that all can cross successfully.
Land between 200-240   Wolf pack territory: Eight Level 6 wolves. The crew will have better success in attempting to outrun them than trying to fight them, something Syndri will plead for them to consider.

60 through Firgenholt Wood   This land is hostile ground due to the strict ways of the Firgenholt Woodsmen and Danuwa Soldiers who enforce their law...

Syndri will warn you all to dismount your horses and take off your shoes. If you listen to him, you can go straight into Firgenholt Wood to find the Split-Leaf Nissi.

If you do not heed his warnings, proceed below instead:

Land between 1-30   Smooth travels.
Land between 31-60   Ten Level 6 Danuwa Ambush with spears. After encountering these clan members, Syndri will suggest once again to dismount horses and remove your shoes in an I-told-you-so type of way before proceeding into the Firgenholt Wood to find the Split-Leaf Nissi.
If for some reason the clan decides to return to Cloddendale using this path, they have the option to pass over the 60 through Firgenholt Wood walking on foot beside their horses as not to upset the Firgenholt Woodsmen. Choosing to ride horses away will send the Danuwa chasing after and throwing spears at them until they reach Cloddendale. This 240 will be serene until they arrive back at the Grotig Desert.


60 through Firgenholt Wood   This land will still be hostile ground...

After their run-ins with the Danuwa, the crew has the option to pass over walking on foot beside their horses as not to upset the Firgenholt Woodsmen, something Syndri will highly advise. Doing so will keep the party safe for the entirety of the trek out of Firgenholt.
Choosing to ride horses away will send the Danuwa chasing after and throwing spears at them until they reach Hangra.

360 through Hangra   This land...

Land between 1-60    
Land between 61-120    
Land between 121-180    
Land between 181-240    
Land between 241-300    
Land between 301-360    

120 through Taungoun   This land will be...

Land between 1-60    
Land between 61-120   the forests of Taungoun where the caverns and the mountains can be found.
If the party uses this path to travel back to the Firgenholt Wood for some reason,

150 through Taungoun   This land...

Land between 1-150  

60 through Hangra   This land...

Land between 1-150  

270 through Dryhtenhaven   This land...

Land between 1-150  

120 through Cloddendale   This land...

Land between 1-150  
    the forests of Taungoun where the caverns and the mountains can be found.
If the group uses this path to travel back to Grotig Pyrre


Author's Notes

FOR GMs and other readers who (attempted to) read the full article: Thanks for browsing my page. Unfortunately, this month has not gone at all the way I hoped, so I ended up publishing this WAAAAY later than I intended to. Even now, you will observe it is not complete. It also has a few bugs in the code that I have to try and fix as well. I am going to attempt to finish it all tonight, Lord willing. Thank you for your patience.   For potential players: Go ahead and comment below if you would like me to run this session for you! My schedule is quite hectic, but I should be able to make an appointment.   For those who would like to know more about EmunaRealm 1.0 - Homebrew TTRPG System: Don't hesitate to dm me or comment on that page. Once again, that article is also incomplete and I will be working on completing it in the near future as well. I have more in my brain than on the screen, unfortunately.   Thanks so much, everyone. God bless you all.

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