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Achaicus' Forest Cottage

Achaicus lives in this tiny rustic cottage in a secluded area of the forest in Lytelcroft.

Purpose / Function

The house where Achaicus lives.


The home only has two rooms. The main sitting room contains a fireplace, a comfy chair, a bookshelf in the corner, and a simple wooden table. Achaicus' bedroom is the only other section (separated from the rest by a wooden door). Only a nice-sized window and a modest bed with a large chest at the foot of it can be found in this tiny room. This chest is locked, and Achaicus politely advises you not to go near it.


There is only one door to this house and two windows; one in the sitting room, and one in the bedroom.

Sensory & Appearance

This house is very cozy and warm, especially around the roaring fireplace.

Contents & Furnishings

Achaicus' bookshelf contains many books. Their subject matters range from Plant and Animal Sciences to the History of Wynsumheord and the four surrounding Kingdoms. There are also a few Scripture Scrolls (excerpts from The Testament of The Shining Lord) and a single thick tome with worn, blank pages. Achaicus will tell you that it is a family heirloom and politely request you put it down, though he won't exactly explain to you what it is.   If you ask him why the pages are blank, he will reply that they are faded due to much wear, but you won't be able to get much more information out of him.


Achaicus claims to be rich but you are unsure of the location at which he keeps his fortune. Perhaps the chest at the foot of his bed? If you attempt to examine it when Achaicus is distracted, you will discover that, though bulky, the trunk is quite light. You surmise that it cannot be filled with gold, ufane, or any precious stone. Seeking for the key to said chest will prove frivolous, and it won't take long for Achaicus to chide you and usher you away from his bedroom.   Show Spoiler
upon opening the chest, if one gets the chance, it will be found to contain a large amount of scrolls and parchments- all of which will appear blank


A simple crux home of wood, straw, and mud.

Parent Location


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