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Mundbyrdian Chief

The Chief is the highest of two ranks in the Mundbyrdian Military Clan


Since The Mundbyrdians are a very loose organization of inconsistently trained men, there is no set qualification to become a Chief. The basic obvious states that you must be somewhat of a good fighter, and you most definitely must be able to lead. You must have the ability to hold your ground and set things in order.


It is not specified that there any certain attributes that one must have in order to be a Chief, but, usually, tough and brawny men volunteer for the position.


This is a voluntary rank; these brave brutes have decided to put their lives on the line and lead soldiers into battle for the prosperity of their beloved Wynsumheord. When a man volunteers, the soldiers can agree or disagree. If too many disagree, they will ask for another volunteer. If no one steps forward, the group must vote which one of them shall become the Chief.


The Mundbyrdian Chiefs most importantly lead their men into great battles and assign warriors tasks when wars are not occurring.


The Mundbyrdian Chiefs must hold regular meetings so that the Chiefs of all districts can be abreast of what has been happening. They must also send men out to patrol and scout to make sure ambushes aren't being planned (especially from the Wahstrehite Kingdom). In addition to this, they keep their eyes peeled for jobs that offer bounties and rewards so that the income can flow.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If a Chief is injured or no longer able to continue in the position, they retire and suggest the man of their team they think is fit to be the next Chief.   If they are dishonorably discharged (which rarely happens) the soldiers may all vote for him to be removed from the seat. Together then the crew will come to a consensus on who the new leader shall be.


At the establishment of Wynsumheord, and the violent endeavors of the outside kings to overthrow them, a new military unit was born. Every army needs a leader, so Chiefs were inducted to preside over each district's battalion.

Cultural Significance

The Mundbyrdian Chiefs are held in high regard. They are recognized for their skill, honor, bravery, and devotion to protecting their settlement. The forest tribes hardly recognized them before due to the fact that they each had their own elite team of soldiers to protect themselves. It wasn't until after several requests to join forces that the Sundorwick Tribe finally agreed in secret, then publicly when Anselma and Magnar, Son of Havardir of Dryhtenhaven wed. This somewhat solidified their allyship, and the Mundbyrdians officially announced that Kyustala had been inducted as the honorary Sixth Chief.

Notable Holders

  • Havardir
  • Kyustala (honorary)
Civic, Military, Generic
Form of Address
They are usually simply referred to as Chief, or formally called by their given name, e.g. "Havardir of Dryhtenhaven, a Chief of the Mundbyrdians of Wynsumheord".
Alternative Naming
Mundbyrdian General, Head Mundbyrdian, and Lead Mundbyrdian (or Mundbyrdian Leader) are all additional ways to address the Chief position.
Equates to
This is the equivalent of an army general; the ones of old who physically lead their troops into battle.
Source of Authority
The people of Wynsumheord decided that they needed an army. The first chiefs arose and held the position as they so chose.
Length of Term
There is much freedom with The Mundbyrdians (and Wynsumheord as a whole). Due to their devotion, they usually remain chief until death (or if they are no longer in suitable condition to lead soldiers into combat), but they can resign at any moment.
Current Holders
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