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Nissi is a leafy herb-like plant of the Jeho family that grows primarily in the Firgenholt Wood. It is rare, but can also be found seldomly in the Sundorwick Forests. This plant is known for its ability to strengthen any who consume of it. Warriors will often use some in their food or tea, though the taste is quite pungent, and consuming too much of the plant at once could cause terrible headaches, stomach aches, and dizzy spells. Over time, one can grow somewhat immune to its ill side-effects by frequently including bits of it in your daily diet and slowly increasing intake to desensitize yourself. The problem here, though, is that your body may grow overly dependant upon it and, when it is unable to consume it any longer, may become incredibly weak; even weaker than you once were before incorporating the plant into your diet.   The best way to enjoy the strength effects of Nissi without very many ill-effects is to seldomly partake in it only when necessary.
Scientific Name
Jeho Nissi
Geographic Distribution


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