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Orange-Ridged Boa

A crepuscular desert snake that can sniff out water. These reptiles are helpful to those residents of Grotig Pyrre. If one can make friends with an Orange-Ridged Boa, finding water, food, and shelter is guaranteed, so that is what most Grotig Pyrrans do.   Though not very deadly, the Orange-Ridged boa is indeed venomous and its bite is very painful. The strong clamping of the jaws alone can send one into shock. A bite victim will also notice swelling around the area, light-headedness, and trouble breathing. These effects usually wear off in about an hour. Panicking will intensify the symptoms which is not the best thing to do in a desert.   If bitten by an Orange-Ridged Boa, lie still on the ground and focus on your breathing. This will help you to calm down, and it will send the message to the snake that the threat that you once posed to them has been disarmed. Doing this will also provide ample circulation throughout your body and speed up the process of your natural defenses neutralizing the venom.   In actuality, the effects are caused by alergy to the venom. Some beings are more sensitive than others, but most who are bitten for the first time will experience severely intense symptoms.

Basic Information


The snake can be identified by its orange-ridged body and the signature navy-blue stripe that spans its length. These boas can vary in length anywhere from one to five feet depending on diet and living conditions. These snakes can also be trained or contained to be bred in even smaller forms.

Growth Rate & Stages

Most Orange-Ridged Boas are between one and five feet in length, but on some occasions, they can grow over eight feet long.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

These snakes have the ability to sniff out water and detect food sources from far distances; a tool most handy when living in the desert.
Average Length
Geographic Distribution


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