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Heargryd Hall

Heargryd Hall is the meeting place of the Mundbyrdians. The chiefs often assemble there for meetings and briefings. They also gather there to pray a lot.     The hideout is buried away out of sight in the side of a hill in a forest where Dryhtenhaven, Hangra, and Taungoun meet. It is surrounded by grass, trees, and forest animals. To stop people from finding the secret hideaway, Havardir took lots of time and intricate detail to dig tunnels and burrows to throw people off.   Inside, there are walls of stone, tables of stone, and torches to provide light. The Mundbyrdians often feast there when discussing plans.

Purpose / Function

Heargryd Hall is the secret place Mundbyrdians meet to discuss important issues and to work out covert strategies to take down enemies and the like.


The walls of stone are lined with torches and there are several different chambers and sections. There is a weapon room, a library, a feasting room, and many more.


Havardir constantly updates this hideout as he pleases. He would love for the rest of his crew to give him recognition for it, but they barely even claim to notice.


The Hall is actually hidden inside of a cave like structure covered over with moss and twigs.


Havardir takes responsibility for its creation and prides himself in its upkeep. He constantly makes sure to give it a homey feel


No one knows about this place so no one comes to visit accept the Mundbyrdians.


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